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Guinness World Record Set in Midst of PokerStars Sunday Majors

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With the 2009 World Series of Poker wrapped up until the November final table and the World Poker Tour wrapping up its first stop of the season at Bellagio, the poker players of the world were ready to unite for a Sunday filled with major tournaments and big guarantees on PokerStars. With much of the poker world relaxing at home at the end of a long summer and before other tournaments kicked up in the coming months, there was no more ideal time than Sunday, July 19, to log on and play for millions of dollars online.

The day began with the Sunday Warm-Up and a guarantee of $750K on the line. When 4,209 players came to the virtual felt, each ponying up the $215 buy-in, they kicked the prize pool up to $841,800, which was to be distributed among the final 630 players in the event. And when it came down to the final nine at the last table of the tournament, it was starchiebear in the lead with close to 10 million in chips.

Play started with Scarer jumping into the chip lead, but others weren’t so lucky in their endeavors, like USCphildo, who exited in ninth place at the hands of starchiebear. Purr of Aces was next to go in eighth, ole6 in seventh, and Scarer was back to eliminate gummmmi in sixth. Mr.Ingenious could only fight the perils of a short stack so long and finally succumbed in fifth place, followed by bigboybunk in fourth. When starchiebear got involved with leclash in a monster pot, the former lost and was forced out in third.

The final two players headed into action with leclash holding a serious lead over Scarer, though the latter doubled up soon into play and took a massive lead. Another double was in order, though, as leclash did it to take the lead, and the two finally tangled for the last hand of the night. Scarer pushed preflop with {K-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} and found himself up against the pocket nines of leclash. The board ran out {Q-Spades}{4-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{4-Spades}, and though Scarer made the straight, the rivered full house gave the pot and the tournament to leclash, who claimed more than $132K for the win.

1st place:    leclash ($132,061.59)
2nd place:    Scarer ($98,069.71)
3rd place:    starchiebear ($69,448.51)
4th place:    bigboybunk ($47,561.71)
5th place:    Mr.Ingenious ($35,776.51)
6th place:    gummmmi ($27,358.51)
7th place:    ole6 ($18,940.51)
8th place:    Purr of Aces ($10,522.51)
9th place:    USCphildo ($6,734.41)

Next up was a special treat for all online poker players. PokerStars held the previous world record via Guinness for the most poker players ever in an online tournament with 35,000, but with a competing site looking to beat that record, PokerStars stepped up and held its own Guinness World Record tournament and found itself with a tremendous amount of support. The site finally capped the tournament at 65,000 players, all of whom bought in for $1 each. That put the prize pool up to $130K, and the last 16,250 players standing took home a cash prize. But it was 004 license who beat I_SCORPIO_I in the heads-up match to win $13,000 for the victory. And PokerStars won its way into the Guinness record books for the largest online poker tournament.

Next up was the newest of the regular Sunday tournaments, as the Daily Eighty Grand Sunday Special kicked in. A total of 5,191 players paid the $55 buy-in to play, which pushed the prize pool past the guarantee and up to $259,550. The last 765 players in the tournament were paid, but it was “88k” who defeated deoxyribo to win the $33,222.41 first place prize.

Attendance for the Sunday 1/4 Million tournament was up this week, as 27,570 players paid the $11 buy-in to get their chance at part of the $250K guarantee. The prize pool went slightly over to $275,700 as a result of registration, which was divvied up amongst the final 4,500 players. Ultimately, it was Mindgame330 who defeated SLSEVY to win the $24,813.01 first place honors.

The Sunday Million numbers were down a bit from the previous week, partially due to the overlap with the aforementioned Guinness World Record event, but the registration still hit 8,027 players. That pushed the prize pool past the $1.5 million guarantee to $1.6 million for the final 1,170 players in the tournament.

When the event reached its final table, it was Dusnumbri in the chip lead but Hanamichi23 on the chase. On the lower end of the chip totem pole was Lenny_1964 and was the first to go in ninth place, and demistocles took his short stack right into eighth place. Hanamichi23 finally took a dive and ended up on the rail in seventh place, followed by cardlo69 in sixth and Dusnumbri in fifth. With the two original chip leaders gone, it was aprilsfool at the helm, and aprilsfool ended up eliminating kartalli in fourth to soar even further.

But danilov153 was not-so-secretly catching up, and when he ousted morbo1 in third, it was danilov153 who took the 3-to-1 chip lead into heads-up action. It didn’t take long before aprilsfool pushed all-in with pocket sevens, only to find that danilov153 had pocket queens. The board ran out {K-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{6-Hearts}, and danilov153 soared right into the winner’s circle and took more than $240K for it.

1st place:    danilov153 ($240,810.01)
2nd place:    aprilsfool ($176,594.01)
3rd place:    morbo1 ($120,405.01)
4th place:    kartalli ($80,912.17)
5th place:    Dusnumbri ($64,216.01)
6th place:    cardlo69 ($48,162.01)
7th place:    Hanamichi23 ($32,108.01)
8th place:    demistocles ($18,462.11)
9th place:    Lenny_1964 ($12,441.86)

Finally, the Sunday 500 rounded out the action with its high-stakes $530 buy-in tournament with a $500K guarantee. When 1,087 players signed up, though, it pushed the prize pool a bit higher, to $543,500, for the final 162 players. When it was all said and done, vishnu24 took on Dardan0s heads-up and won to claim the $92,395 first place prize.

Satellites abound all week long for the Sunday tournaments, so the best idea is to get started now! Download PokerStars now. By simply using the bonus code “Stars50” and marketing code “POKERWORKS” when creating that first account, you’ll qualify for a cash bonus as well as entries into the weekly $2,000 freerolls.

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