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7 Deuce Tables to Debut Soon on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Poker

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On August 18th the game of Texas Holdem poker as we know it is in for a big change. While there has been a rash of new games introduced recently into the online poker rooms like Badugi and Deuce to 7, there has been nothing like this new game.

Absolute Poker and Ultimate bet Poker have come up with a new twist on our old favorite Hold’em. And with this new version, players will no longer complain about getting the worst hand, the ‘hammer’ also known as seven deuce (7-2) because very soon, the worst hand will be the best hand!

Hang onto your stack because this new Hold’em game is sure to be wild and wooly with chips flying all over the new 7 Deuce tables. The game is played out similar to regular No Limit Hold'em ring games except for the addition of a side bet called the prop bet. How the prop bet/side pot works is the same principle as when playing at a Jackpot Table, except in this case, any player who gets a 7-2 as their hole cards wins the side bet pot! Players taking a seat at the 7 Deuce tables will pay an extra fee that will make up the side bet pot. This extra pot to be won will almost guarantee the betting will be heavy and the main pots grow like mad as players try to win with their hammer!

And just how do you win the prop bet pot once you look down and see the ‘hammer’ in your hand? First the hammer can strike a crushing blow by making the best hand, or you can bluff your way to winning the pot, by nailing your opponents with your bluffing skills. But watch your step, because playing those 7-2 monster hands can be tricky if you are called down by a better hand. So watch for the action to be fast and furious in this new twist on an old game - when players try to win the side bet pot with the worst hand in Holdem!

And just to rub it in and show the other players how well you played your hammer, to win the side bet pot – you need to show it down so they can all turn green at being bluffed out of their green cash! After a prop bet/side pot is won, all players will be required to put in a new prop bet and any player leaving the game before the side pot is won will have their prop bet returned.

Get ready to play this exciting new action packed game starting Tuesday August 18th but be sure to fasten your seat belt, because you are destined for one wild ride at the 7 Deuce tables. But that’s not all because you can win piles of extra cash with the 7 Deuce Leaderboards!

Watch pros like Phil Hellmuth try to bluff to glory and rise to the top of the Leaderboards and give it a shot yourself! When you play at the 7 Deuce tables you will be on a Leaderboard of either the Low stakes ($0.10/$0.25 to $1/$2 limit tables), or High Stakes ($2/$4 and above limit tables) where colossal cash awaits you! Just rack up those 7-2 winning hands and win an extra cash bonus when you make it to the top 10 of your Leaderboard!

Get ready for ‘hammer-time’ only at Absolute and Ultimate Bet Poker - and nail that extra cash!

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