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Poker Pundit - Jeremy “Chipsteela” Menard - No Fear, Just Loathing in Vegas Part III

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It was finally time for the 5k 6- max, a tournament that I had been looking forward to the entire trip. When I found out that the blinds were going to start at 50-100, instead of the 25-50 level that the 5k full ring event had, I was pretty upset. This effectively would give us less chips to start off with then we got in the 3k event which is just absurd. Since the action is much more fast paced in 6- max tournaments, this stack size was bound to lead to a lot more gambling. I immediately was able to spot a few fish at my table that were playing virtually every hand, and since I had position on both these players I was very happy with my table draw.

After the first break I was still around the starting stack, but I soon found myself in a major confrontation with one of the aforementioned fish. With the blinds at 100-200 the action folded around to him in the cutoff, and he put in a large raise to around 850. He had been doing this a lot, and when I looked down at K-Qo on the button I was happy to see a flop with him in position with a hand that flops well. The flop rolled out 9-T-J with two spades, talk about flopping well. He led into me with around a pot sized bet, and for a second I considered slow playing as I am not going to get much action from him if he didn’t get a large piece of the flop, but with the texture of the board there are a lot of cards that could kill my action on the turn so I decided to just reraise and try to get it in right then and there.  It didn’t take long for him to say that he was all-in, and it took even less time for me to call. He turned over one of the hands that I didn’t really want to see, T-T. So what if he still had outs, I was due to finally win a big hand, right? Well, the turn was a blank… the river however was quite the contrary. The J spiked on the river, and the 150 big blind pot shipped its way over to the fish. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, fuck my life!

It would be impossible for me to explain how over poker I was at this point. It was a good thing that I had already decided I was going to leave Vegas the next day skipping the Main Event entirely. Yea, that’s right I didn’t even play the WSOP Main Event. I did however decide to go out for one last night on the town with the boys. We decided to hit up O’Sheas, a pretty small casino well known for the fact that it provides beer pong tables in the back. I admittedly am not very good at this game until I have quite a few in me, and my partner and I got pretty owned by Wretchy and his friend Drew (Iseeyoursoul on some sites). The next game we played against the one and only CKingUSC winner of the WCOOP main event last year on Stars and his friend USCSwimmer, another online regular. We proceeded to lose again, though this time it got down to the final cup before our dreams were crushed.

I was over the beer pong, and I met up with Herdgolf, another guy I had played with numerous times online but never met in real life. We owned the single deck black jack tables, except for the fact that the floor person had to come over to explain to me not to bend the cards when I’m looking at them. I mistakenly said thank you sir when they walked away, and my friend quickly let me know that that was in fact a woman. All I have to say is wow, she had me completely fooled. Next, I decided to try my hand at casino war, possibly the greatest game of all time. I sat with around $100 and within minutes was up to around $500. The game plays just like the regular card game, except you are playing against the dealer and have to double down when you go to war. Once everyone else tapped out, it was just me and the dealer and that’s when it got ugly. I quickly decided I was done with the game, and we decided to head back to the place Wretchy was staying at for the summer to chill and keep the night going.
There’s not much I can say about the rest of the evening except that it involved some rowdy activities and a 5 foot bong that mysteriously shattered. At the time I remember thinking there is no way this is real. It ended up being like 5 AM when I realized I still needed to get back to my room at the Rio to pack and check out to get to my flight that left at around 7. It was a race to the finish, but luckily I was able to get out of that god forsaken place and back to a place where I could regain my sanity. Thanks for reading, and next time look for a full FTOPS recap. Peace

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