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Full Tilt Fever: September 9 Kicks Off Biggest MiniFTOPS Ever

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It is just around the corner. MiniFTOPS is one of the most popular tournament series in the online poker community because of its affordability for the majority of players. While the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS ), the most recent installment of which just ended in August, is extremely popular, it offers buy-ins in the hundreds and thousands of dollars range. Though satellites offer opportunities for everyone to play, MiniFTOPS has buy-ins that most bankrolls can sustain easily.

MiniFTOPS is a replica of the most recent FTOPS, only with buy-ins at 1/10th of the price. The same variety of games is offered, but they have buy-ins that range from $11 for the rebuy events to $266 for the largest of the bunch, but the vast majority of the buy-ins are $20, $30, or $50. And satellites are available for as little as $.50 or 50 Full Tilt Points, which offers players at every bankroll level the opportunity to win some of the $3 million-plus in prize pool guarantees.

And it all starts on Wednesday, September 9. Satellites, by the way, are running now!

A MiniFTOPS title holds prestige in the online poker world, but a victory also comes with a limited edition MiniFTOPS jacket and silver jersey in addition to the prize money, which has the ability to completely transform a bankroll. There is also a prize for finishing at the top of the series leaderboard, which consists of an entry into all but one of the tournaments in the late-fall FTOPS XIV series, a prize package worth $7,500.

An excellent way to play a highly competitive series of poker tournaments, MiniFTOPS also provides the opportunity to play with some of the biggest names in the Full Tilt Poker roster of pro players. The vast majority of them take part in the events, with one of them hosting each and every tournament. Names like Berry Johnston, Brian Hastings, Chau Giang, Perry Friedman, Marco Traniello, David Chiu, and Gavin Smith are already assigned tournaments, and one of the most well-known players in the world - Eli Elezra - has signed on to host the September 20th Main Event.

Don’t miss your chance to play with the pros and take your shot at a MiniFTOPS title…or two…or more. Download Full Tilt Poker now, and when making the first deposit, take advantage of the 100% bonus by typing in “PKRWORKS” as the bonus code. Not only can you work on that bonus through satellites and MiniFTOPS events, but the use of that code allows players the opportunity to compete in weekly $500 PokerWorks freerolls.

In order to best plan your September tournament schedule, here is a list of the MiniFTOPS events:

Event 1: 
Sept.9$20 + $2 NLHE w/$200K guar.
Event 2: 
Sept. 10
$30 + $3 NLHE 4x shootout, 6-max w/$30K guar.
Event 3: 
Sept. 10
$20 + $2 Omaha-8 w/$30K guar.
Event 4: 
Sept. 11
$20 + $2 NLHE 1 rebuy/1 add-on w/$150K guar.
Event 5:
Sept. 11
$20 + $2 Stud w/$25K guar.
Event 6:
Sept. 12
$50 + $5 PLO 6-max w/$75K guar.
Event 7:
Sept. 12
$10 + $1 NLHE rebuy w/$150K guar.
Event 8:
Sept. 13
$24 + $2 NLHE knockout, 6-max w/$100K guar.
Event 9:
Sept. 13
$50 + $5 NLHE heads-up w/$75K guar.
Event 10:
Sept. 13
$30 + $3 NLHE w/$300K guar.
Event 11:
Sept. 14
$20 + $2 HA (PLHE/PLO) w/$30K guar.
Event 12:
Sept. 14
$100 + $9 NLHE antes from start w/$250K guar.
Event 13:
Sept. 15
$50 + $5 NLHE 3x shootout w/$30K guar.
Event 14:
Sept. 15
$50 + $5 HORSE w/$50K guar.
Event 15:
Sept. 16
$20 + $2 NLHE turbo, 6-max w/$100K guar.
Event 16:
Sept. 16
$24 + $2 PLO-9 knockout w/$50K guar.
Event 17:
Sept. 17
$30 + $3 NLHE rebuy, 6-max w/$200K guar.
Event 18:
Sept. 17
$20 + $2 PLO heads-up w/$30K guar.
Event 19:
Sept. 17
$20 + $2 LHE 6-max w/$50K guar.
Event 20:
Sept. 18
$20 + $2 NLHE 6-max w/$100K guar.
Event 21:
Sept. 18
$30 + $3 Razz w/$25K guar.
Event 22: 
Sept. 19
$250 + $16 NLHE two-day, 6-max w/$400K guar.
Event 23:
Sept. 19
$10 + $1 PLO rebuy w/$50K guar.
Event 24:
Sept. 20
$12 + $1 NLHE knockout w/$100K guar.
Event 25:
Sept. 20
$50 + $5 NLHE Main Event w/$500K guar.

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