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The Poker View – Poker is Highly Underrated

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On the surface it appears to be a game played with cards.  In delving into the big picture, taking all the small bits and pieces and allowing them to be digested as they constitute the whole, another idea forms and requires contemplation.  

Poker reporting has become monumentally overran with the same information, rewritten to put a new spin on it, but still the same old rehashed news.  How many times can one say, “Chris Moneymaker started the online poker boom!”  Or that Rounders was ‘the poker movie.”

Poker has been around for a very, very long time.  Poker isn’t leaving any time soon and the world played poker long before they watched it on TV.  TV did bring poker into the face of millions of people and made them realize they didn’t have to hide in a basement or a dimly lit room behind locked doors to participate in a pastime they enjoyed.  The world did wake up to the fact that everyone else is doing it, and it’s on TV, so it must be OK.  

What are people trying to accomplish when they play poker?  

A fun answer would be ‘out luck everyone else.’  There is a huge adrenaline rush in cracking off Aces when you take an inferior hand that you pay a lot to get to the river, and catch runner-runner perfect to S-N-A-P those Pocket Rockets.  Not you?  No rush?  Or you don’t play like that?  Don’t pretend that most of the poker playing world doesn’t play that way because a huge percentage of them do and are the prototype of fish or donkey.

Another answer would be ‘earning income.’  A lot of people have watched, studied, listened, discussed, and played to improve their game.  Some have managed to step up the ladder and make a living playing online poker and live casino poker.  Others have managed to add to their monthly income playing as time permits.

More answers might include ‘the social factor and entertainment.’ Poker satisfies entertainment needs quite well when you are looking at cards, making rapid decisions on how to trap your new found friends to get the most value from your hand - or how you’re going to bluff them when you miss on the river - and chatting away with them and discovering that you really have a lot in common or you find them to be quite offensive and you want to own all of their chips by the end of your session.  Socially - you can enter and leave whenever you want, without feeling an obligation to explain either.  You are accepted at the table, online or live, any time of day and in any manner of dress.

Don’t forget the answer ‘competition.’  Never underestimate the competition that is going on at the table.  It is normally over the chip wars but it could be bragging rights, competing for some hottie’s attention that you just met, or any number of things like the competition with yourself to play better each session.

There are a number of answers left unmentioned that tap into psychology and what makes each of us tick.  Start searching each time you play; you may discover hidden reasons in others that are the catalyst for their actions and behavior - and in that search, poker provides you with an in depth look at you.  You might be surprised to find that you are exhibiting some of the same tendencies.  Once you are able to study others and yourself, you know how valuable a poker table education really is.  Aggression is another part of the tick, a great player is aggressive; try being aggressive when you walk into an office or go to the grocery store - save it for the poker table.

One of most important answers is ‘freedom.’  Playing poker is not a crime.  Playing poker harms no one.  Poker is a contest of skill and wit, and any sensible adult knows the consequences of playing a session of poker.  No one is led to the table with a black bag over their head, expected to jump into a battleground unarmed, and face bodily harm or life or death situations.  For a person that has a gambling problem, any form of gambling is a problem, including poker, but this person hasn’t faced their own issues in order to conquer a demon and that shouldn’t affect the rest of the world’s choice to play poker.  Freedom is also part of choosing the hand you want to play, which game to play in, how much you want to venture when taking a seat, and the freedom to choose to play or not to play.

Another answer is Poker is a great sport with no boundaries. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to beat a rocket scientist in a game or be able to run a mile in five minutes. Poker brings us all together, where we might not have ever met otherwise, and forges a permanent bond that never dissolves.  

Are you a poker player or someone that wants to learn to play?  If you are, you’ll love the helpful strategy tips, poker site reviews, download bonuses, freeroll tournaments, and Poker News at PokerWorks; promote the great game of poker by bookmarking the site and sending a link to all of your friends.  If you aren’t a poker player…that is really sad.

*Image from Sugarliciousonline*

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