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2009 WCOOP: EVENTS 11-20 - PokerStars Pro George Danzer Takes Event 19

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As the 2009 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) moved forward into the latter part of the first week of action, expectations of incredible prize pools and impressive fields proved true. And while numerous well-known online pros made it deep in tournaments and shone at final tables, Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer of Germany took the spotlight by winning Event 19 after cashing in three previous WCOOP events this year. The nine tournaments that took place over the course of only a few days were certainly exciting, so let’s get to the results.

Event 11:  $530 No-Limit Hold’em (2-Day)

One of the tournaments that began on Sunday, September 6, didn’t finish on that day or even the next morning, thus it finds its way in the next ten tournaments on the WCOOP schedule. The first of several two-day events in the series ended on Monday night, after two days of intense play that began with 6,219 players and a $3,109,500 prize pool, which surpassed the original $3 million guarantee. As it played down on Day 1, the money bubble burst and found the last 900 players competing for payouts. But on Day 2, the final table eventually arrived with aaaaaaaa in the chip lead. That player would eventually fall in fourth place, and the last three players made a deal for the rest of the money at stake, though $60K was set aside for the winner. After colonelkosta finished in third, hustla16 held a massive chip lead over Juancesan and finished the job in eight hands, when hustla16’s {A-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} made ace-high on the {5-Clubs}{Q-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{J-Spades} board against the {K-Hearts}{7-Hearts} of Juancesan. hustla16 took home nearly $450K for the victory.

1st place:    hustla16 ($446,533.73)
2nd place:    Juancesan ($270.000.00)
3rd place:    colonelkosta ($355,000.00)
4th place:    aaaaaaaa ($171,022.51)
5th place:    fabstinho ($130,599.01)
6th place:    CONOW ($99,504.01)
7th place:    GypsieChris ($68,409.01)
8th place:    kidwhowon ($33,314.01)
9th place:    Shazmeister ($24,098.63)

Event 12:  $215 No-Limit Hold’em, 4-max

In the first four-handed table event of the WCOOP, the $500K guarantee brought 3,864 players to the table for short-handed NLHE action. The prize pool soared to $770,800, which was reserved for the final 560 players left standing. But it was the final four that garnered the most attention, and as SebbyGI fell in fourth and pejcao in third, lebordelaii and Catafract80 entered into heads-up action with the former in the lead. And it didn’t take long for lebordelaii to extend the lead and take it to the last board of {K-Hearts}{K-}{9-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. Catafract80’s {A-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} made nothing to compare to the pocket queens of lebordellai, who won the match and the tournament.

1st place:    lebordelaii ($111,457.69)
2nd place:    Catafract80 ($63,822.25)
3rd place:    pejcao ($40,467.01)
4th place:    SebbyGI ($29,675.81)

Event 13:  $320 7-Card Stud

The first stud event of the series brought 668 players to the virtual felt with its $150K guarantee that was easily pushed aside for the bigger prize pool of $200,400. That was reserved for the last 96 players in the event, but it was down to the final table where barrosa 50 was in the chip lead and looking for victory. However, barrosa 50 finished in third, and Ronja211 and yhcaep went into heads-up and eventually made an even chip-chop deal with $3K left aside for the winner. yhcaep then pushed ahead and took the final hand with ({2-Diamonds})({6-Diamonds}) {3-Hearts}{K-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{10-Hearts} ({K-Spades}) over the ({10-Diamonds})({7-Diamonds}) {8-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{A-Diamonds} ({5-Hearts}) of Ronja211, giving yhcaep the win.

1st place:    yhcaep ($33,814.50)
2nd place:    Ronja211 ($30,814.50)
3rd place:    barrosa 50 ($20,040.00)
4th place:    DAVIDOXXX ($15,030.00)
5th place:    sonajero ($10,020.00)
6th place:    ez money ($7,014.00)
7th place:    BIGtittitilt ($4,509.00)
8th place:    dolphin4 ($3,006.00)

Event 14:  $320 Mixed Hold’em, 6-max

Players came out in force for the first mixed hold’em event of the series, and the short-handed aspect of it made it even more appealing for the 1,563 players. The $300K guarantee was surpassed for a $468,900 prize pool, and the final 228 players were paid, among them Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater who finished in 23rd place. But it was at the final table that drgonzo10978 led the pack of six finalists, though that players finished in fourth. yadio and dangdokodang made it to heads-up action, the latter in the chip lead. The two came to a chip-chop deal, though $6K extra was left aside for the winner. dangdokodang never let up in the battle and finally got yadio to push all-in with {J-Spades}{5-Hearts} when dangdokodang had pocket kings. The board came {10-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{7-Spades}{A-Spades}, and dangdokodang took the title.

1st place:    dangdokodang ($70,727.38)
2nd place:    yadio ($60,564.64)
3rd place:    DonkCommited ($42,201.01)
4th place:    drgonzo10978 ($28,134.01)
5th place:    viti45 ($18,756.01)
6th place:    SBRounder ($11,066.05)

Event 15:  $320 Limit Badugi

Adding badugi to the WCOOP mix was appealing to 376 players, which put the prize pool at $112,800, just over the $100K guarantee. The game that many players are still learning but is popular among the seasoned pros found a field full of pros. Only 56 players were paid - Vicky Coren, Katja Thater, and Daniel Negreanu among them - but the final table itself had a few stars, including Billy “crocky” Argyros, Danny “THE__D__RY” Ryan, and Raymond “raydavis77” Davis. Davis made it to heads-up play with bobsmith166, and the two agreed to a chip-chop deal for the prize money with $2K left aside for the winner. But play resumed for about an hour and a half before Davis finally won with a 5-2-A over his opponent’s 6-4-3, which gave him his first WCOOP title.

1st place:    raydavis77 ($19,912)
2nd place:    bobsmith166 ($17,312)
3rd place:    goleafsgo41 ($11,844)
4th place:    Cordelia ($8,460)
5th place:    THE__D__RY ($5,640)
6th place:    JP_OSU ($3,948)
7th place:    crocky ($2,820)
8th place:    MadisonAce29 ($2,256)

Event 16:  $1,050 No-Limit Hold’em

PokerStars wasn’t sure how many people would pony up the high buy-in for the NLHE event, so it put up a $500K guarantee, but when 1,558 people registered, it more than tripled that guarantee with a $1,558,000 prize pool. That was distributed among the final 234 players, one of them being Ylon Schwartz who finished in 64th place, but it was at the final table where the biggest money was at play. The two chip leaders going into it - skilled_sox and XTheDecanoX - were the two who made it to heads-up play, and the battle didn’t last long as the {K-Diamonds}{J-Hearts} of skilled_sox went into battle with the {5-Clubs}{2-Clubs} of XTheDecanoX after the board showed {Q-Clubs}{J-Spades}{7-Hearts}{2-Spades}{2-Diamonds}, and the trip deuces of the latter won the tournament. XTheDecanoX took home nearly $250K to Brazil.

1st place:    XTheDecanoX ($249,280.00)
2nd place:    skilled_sox ($186,960.00)
3rd place:    DuckU ($140,220.00)
4th place:    pedmend ($102,438.50)
5th place:    hoodini10 ($74,005.00)
6th place:    O0Brian0O ($57,646.00)
7th place:    Holla10 ($42,066.00)
8th place:    cabbie182 ($27,265.00)
9th place:    amrasaralond ($15,580.00)

Event 17:  $530 No-Limit Hold’em Triple Shootout

The tournament was capped at 1,000 players and had no trouble reaching that mark, which met the guarantee of $500,000 for the prize pool. Players faced three rounds; the 100 winners of Round 1 made the money and were guaranteed $1,925, while the winners of Round 2 made the 10-handed final table. All started that last table with 7,500 in chips, but iCeVeNoM quickly came out aggressively and ended up making it to heads-up action with dynamoM. The former had the chip lead, and after 35 minutes and a fight to the finish, iCeVeNoM took pocket fours into the final hand against the pocket eights of dynamoM, and the board came {3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{9-Hearts} to end it and give iCeVeNoM the win.

1st place:    iCeVeNoM ($91,250)
2nd place:    dynamoM ($63,500)
3rd place:    TabberNackle ($47,250)
4th place:    Mumtum23 ($35,250)
5th place:    6060606060 ($24,750)
6th place:    Vandiesel ($20,000)
7th place:    Bambeklis ($15,750)
8th place:    twin-caracas ($12,500)
9th place:    blanconegro ($9,000)
10th place:    bestwoman127 ($7,000)

Event 18:  $320 8-Game Mixed

The second 8-game event of the series brought 999 players (on 9-9-09, coincidentally), which made it one player short of reaching the guarantee, so PokerStars kicked in its promise of $300K for the prize pool. The last 144 players standing were paid, and at the final table, it was g0lfa in the chip lead and gunning for the top prize. He took it all the way to heads-up with vui-qua-di, and though the latter made an effort to catch up, g0lfa stayed aggressive all the way to the final hand, which was limit hold’em. vui-qua-di put his short stack at risk with {A-Clubs}{5-Hearts} against the {9-Clubs}{8-Spades} of g0lfa, and the board came down in the latter’s favor with {8-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{10-Spades}. g0lfa won more than $50K and the WCOOP bracelet.

1st place:    g0lfa ($50,250)
2nd place:    vui-qua-di ($37,500)
3rd place:    JohnSmith ($28,500)
4th place:    Aguskb ($19,500)
5th place:    The Omahalic ($12,870)
6th place:    johnny1430 ($9,000)

Event 19:  $320 Pot-Limit Omaha w/1 Rebuy, 6-max

The PLO was limited to only one rebuy and one add-on, but that didn’t stop 976 players from coming to the tables and rebuying 575 times, not to mention purchasing 629 add-ons. The $400K guarantee was swept away by the eventual $654,000 prize pool, and 144 players saw a piece of that, including several PokerStars Pros who made it into the money - Andre Akkari, Humberto Brenes, and Chris Moneymaker. But Team Pro George Danzer made it all the way to the final table and into heads-up play versus kunkku, where Danzer led all the way to the final hand, where his {Q-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{Q-Spades} made a set of queens on the {8-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}{A-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} board, which beat the set of eights kunkku held. The Team PokerStars Pro won the WCOOP title and more than $109K to go with it.

1st place:    GeorgeDanzer ($109,545.00)
2nd place:    kunkku ($81,750.00)
3rd place:    buck21 ($62,130.00)
4th place:    TheTaker ($42,510.00)
5th place:    badbanker70 ($28,056.60)
6th place:    parksy1066 ($19,620.00)

Event 20:  $320 Fixed-limit Triple Draw 2-7

The first triple draw event of the series offered a $100K guarantee for the limit deuce-to-seven action, but when 468 players signed up, the prize pool was boosted to $140,400. The top 72 players were paid, and included in that number were Team PokerStars Pros Ivan Demidov finishing 51st and Gavin Griffin coming in 35th. But at the final table, it was Iteopepe88 and Timmy K in the run for the chip lead, though the latter was the one who made it to heads-up where he faced Roc23rb. In a quick match, Timmy K used his massive chip lead to take it to the last hand, where Timmy K drew to the wheel and won the tournament.

1st place:    Timmy K ($26,676.00)
2nd place:    Roc23rb ($19,656.00)
3rd place:    lteopepe88 ($13,391.00)
4th place:    TurnRiva ($9,828.00)
5th place:    Donkaroo22 ($7,020.00)
6th place:    GambleAB ($4,492.80)

The 2009 WCOOP is less than half over, and there are millions of dollars still to be won in the 25 tournaments still on the schedule. And satellites are running around the clock to give players the opportunity to play for a fraction of the buy-ins. Download PokerStars now to get started, and don’t forget to use the marketing code “POKERWORKS” and bonus code “STARS600” to qualify for a 100% bonus on your deposit and weekly $2,000 freerolls.

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