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Poker Pundit - Jeremy “Chipsteela” Menard - Mini Heater

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A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold.

Last time you guys heard from me I had run into quite a bit of back luck, but as you guys know in poker things can turn around very quickly, and over the next week they did just that. Like I said in the last entry, after getting hacked I had to create a new account on Full Tilt Poker. Apparently this account came with some magical run good powers, because over the first few weeks I just couldn’t seem to lose.

The tear began after I spent a day house hunting with the fiancé. We have been living together the past few years in apartments, and finally we decided that it was time to step up our game and buy a house. After the 724th person told me that it was a great time to buy a home with the economy as it is and the interest rates being so low, I finally decided that maybe it was. I’m easy to convince. The 8k tax credit provided by the government for new home buyers didn’t hurt either. At this point we had seen some great houses, but none that really suited us perfectly. A lot of the houses were more designed for a family, which I guess you could say we have since we have 2 dogs, but still we had something else in mind. Plus we aren’t exactly looking to just start popping out babies once we’re married, though my fiancé is Catholic. After much searching we did happen upon a house that we fell in love with, but we’ll get to that later.

Once we got done it was late in the afternoon, so I decided to register for almost every decent tournament running since I had already missed half of the day. I also decided to play the $200 turbo 6-max tournament, a tournament that I have had some success in in the past but never actually claimed a Win. I had basically stopped playing this tournament due to the fact that I had been running absolutely horrendous in it for months, and I couldn’t remember the last time I won a race in it. It’s probably a good thing I made it home just in time to late register for this, because I had some serious luck stored up and it came through in a major way. Since it was a turbo tournament I stuck with a more tight strategy to begin with, letting other people make mistakes and move in with mediocre hands as the blinds increased very quickly. I was also able to put a lot of pressure on the smaller stacks as we approached the money bubbled, including a pretty kamikaze cold 4 bet with the J-9 sooted in a spot where theoretically there was little fold equity. I had a feeling that based on table dynamics both these players were trying to make steals, so I just went with my gut and stuck it in. I Guess I was in the zone, then again maybe I was just lucky. Either way it worked out. I ended up winning this tournament for decent sum of $21k. That wouldn’t have been too bad for a day’s work, but I was only getting started.
I continued to grind throughout the evening tournaments with a little more confidence from the earlier win. Before I knew it I was starting to build stacks in several tournaments, but the $80k guaranteed Sniper tournament on Ultimate Bet was going especially well. Every time I got into a pot in this tourney I flopped the nuts or something close to it. Don’t get me wrong I played those hands well in order to extract maximum value, but still it’s hard to lose when you’re getting smashed in the face by the deck. I was beginning to feel like a logger from rural Maryland (obscure Darvin Moon reference if you didn’t get it). In this tournament you get $20 for each person you knock out, and I’m pretty sure I made my buy-in back several times just from busting players. I had been making it deep in this tournament almost every week, only to fall short right around the final table bubble, I wasn’t going to let that happen this time though.

I continued to play well, and run well deep in the tournament, including flopping a flush against a player that had flopped a straight, which always helps. This allowed me to enter the final table with a nice stack to work with. Unfortunately I did lose a big race early once we got there when a player with 21bbs shoved all his chips in from middle position and I looked down at A-Ko in the cutoff. I can’t really fathom folding there since he could easily be making this move w A-Q, but he had 9-9, and though I did make trips I still lost the hand to his boat. I didn’t really get much going at the final table until we got short-handed and I managed to win a few 60-40 type scenarios when I shoved all in w A-x type hands.

Once we got heads up I would definitely say that I was outplaying my opponent in nearly every hand. The last hand was quite a clear example of this, as I was dealt A-A on the button and made a standard open. My opponent had around 30bbs and decided to 3 bet me. From his previous history I could see that he was capable of 3 betting light and I didn’t want to just shove here and hope that he had a hand he could call with which he very often wouldn’t, so I decided to try and trap and just call in position. The flop was T-T-2 with 2 clubs, a pretty dry board that was great for my hand. Strangely my opponent checked, I decided that if he had nothing and I bet here he would probably just fold and I would lose all value from my hand, so I checked behind to see if I could let him catch up a little. The turn was the 6 of spades, another blank, and this time he leads out for around 1/3rd of the pot. I’m basically certain my hand is good here, if he does happen to have a ten that sucks but he very rarely will. There definitely is a chance that he is bluffing here. If I just call he is left with a pot sized bet which I’m hoping he will jam on any river, so I call. The river is a meaningless 4 of spades, and now I’m doing my please shove dance. He thinks for a moment and indeed ships in the remainder of his chips, I snap call, and he shows down the very weak K-K. I simply can’t teach that kind of trapping boys and girls, it comes after years of practice and studying the game. All I can say is you got owned sir, gg.

After that win I added another $20k to my profits for the day. I was feeling very confident, though I also realized that I had ran like Husein Bolt that day. I could only hope that this heater would continue on Sunday when the real money was up for grabs. Find out about this and the end of the house hunt in my next entry.

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