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Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Poker Get Synchronized

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Tournaments are by far the most popular form of poker play online and many players play more than one tournament at a time. This preference of Multi-tabling by players has not gone un-noticed by the Absolute and Ultimate Bet Poker sites and over the years, they have continuously implemented features to accommodate the Multi-table player.

Unlike the infancy of online poker, now the special features geared especially for the Multi-table player, make playing several games at once easy – even for beginners. When you play more than one tournament at a time, with the Mini-table view option, it is easy to play more than one table at a time. When the full table view is open, it takes up a most of your computer screen, but with the MiniView option you'll be able to see up to three tables at a time. And to make it even more convenient, you can switch back and forth between MiniView and the full table view as often as you want while either watching or playing at a table.

And while playing more than one table at once has been supported for quite awhile at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Poker, the problem for players has been break time.

Common practice at online poker rooms is to give players a break for five minutes every hour. The problem was - that breaks were scheduled for five minutes on the hour, one hour after the tournament started. So if you were playing in more than one tournament with different start times, you got a break at different times on each table. That meant that to run and get a snack, stretch or grab a cup of coffee, meant you had to sit out at one or more of the tournaments you were playing in.

But now, Absolute and Ultimate Bet has solved that dilemma for multi-table tournament players with the new synchronized breaks feature! Now, no matter how many tournament tables you play at once, you can enjoy a five minute break at the same time – on all tables!  

When players talk, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Poker listen and to prove it, they have just introduced Synchronized Breaks for their Multi-Table Tournaments. Now when you play in Multi-Table Tournaments, you will get a five minute break at the 55th minute of every hour. What a welcome change for players who need to step away from the tables but don’t want to miss any hands! Never again will you have to sit-out to run grab a beer only to come back just in time to see your first pocket aces being folded!

Here is how it works: Synchronized breaks for multi-table tournaments will take place at the 55th minute of every hour. For example, if a tournament starts at 12:30 and has the Synchronized Breaks feature enabled, the tournament will go on break at 12:55 after all hands at all tables have been completed. But since current hands will be played out before the break begins, some tournaments might resume a few seconds sooner than others.

There are a few exceptions to the new Synchronized Breaks feature which are:

•    Multi-Table Sit n’ Gos.
•    Tournaments that are still within the first blind level.
•    Tournaments still open for late registration.
•    Turbo and Ultra-Turbo Tournaments during the first two blind levels.

For tournaments with Re-buys and Add-ons, there will also be a three minute break when the re-buy period has ended to allow players to take advantage of the add-on. While at this time the synchronized breaks feature is not available for all tournaments, players can easily determine which tournaments have the new feature enabled in the tournament lobby.

Get your game on and enjoy your break time without missing any of the action – now available at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet Poker!

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