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Full Tilt Fever: MiniFTOPS Gets Underway December 9

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The Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) is the ever-popular tournament series that runs several times per year on Full Tilt Poker. But realizing that many players, despite satellite opportunities, could not afford the buy-ins of FTOPS tournaments, the site organized something called MiniFTOPS, which hosts the same exact events but at only one-tenth of the price. The MiniFTOPS has become so popular that it is now held on separate dates from the FTOPS, and the next installment of it is scheduled to start on December 9.

Beginning with a $20 + $2 six-handed no-limit hold’em tournament hosted by Jeremiah Smith and boasting of a $250K guarantee, the tournaments will run from December 9 through Sunday, December 20. The last of the events will be the $50 + $5 NLHE Main Event with a massive $600K guaranteed prize pool. All together, the 25 events will award a minimum of $4 million in prize money!

Every player who makes a MiniFTOPS final table will receive a limited-edition MiniFTOPS jacket, and winners of the events will receive the jacket, silver MiniFTOPS jersey, and that first place prize money. And those who do well in a number of tournaments and finish in first place on the MiniFTOPS Leaderboard will collect the rewards of a special prize package including entries to every FTOPS event in the next running of the series, which is worth approximately $7,500…and much more by making it into the money in or winning any of those events.

But there are more ways to win! There are a number of challenges established by Full Tilt to make the series even more exciting. First, the MiniFTOPS Satellite Seat Challenge awards entries into any of four $1K freerolls for those players who are able to satellite into two or more events, i.e. two satellite wins equals one freeroll entry, three wins garners entry into two freerolls, etc. Second, the MiniFTOPS Hold’em Challenge consists of five tasks to complete in each event to gain entries into the aforementioned freerolls. The tasks are to win a pot worth at least 20 big blinds with A-A or K-K, bluff with ace high or less on the river to win the pot, win 30 hands without a showdown, steal the same player’s big blind three times, and reraise all-in preflop with a pocket pair. Third, the MiniFTOPS Survivor Challenge awards freeroll entries for those able to make it to Level 10 in at least two MiniFTOPS events. And finally, the MiniFTOPS Double Up Challenge awards freeroll entries for doubling one’s starting stack in at least two events.

To automatically participate in the challenges and allow Full Tilt Poker to tally the results, simply click on the “My Promotions” box on the Cashier page and click the “MiniFTOPS Challenges” link. Registration will be completed there, and Full Tilt will inform players as they meet various challenges and win entries to the four $1K freerolls.

Getting started and ready for the MiniFTOPS is easy. Simply download Full Tilt Poker here. By using the bonus code “FTRAKEBACK27” players will receive 27 percent of the rake during hands played in return.

Next, head to the tournament lobby and look for MiniFTOPS tournaments and satellites. Players can register now for any of the tournaments on the schedule or begin to take advantage of the round-the-clock satellites for the events that start with buy-ins as low as $.50 or 50 Full Tilt Points. Those satellites and qualifiers are running now.

Speaking of MiniFTOPS, take a look at the full schedule:

Event 1 - 12/9:
$20+2 NLHE 6-max, $250K guar.
Event 2 - 12/10:
$20+2 7-game, 6-max, $30K guar.
Event 3 - 12/10:
$50+5 NLHE, 3x shootout, $30K guar.
Event 4 - 12/11: 
$20+2 NLHE, 1 rebuy, $200K guar.
Event 5 - 12/11: 
$20+2 Stud-8, $30K guar.
Event 6 - 12/12:
$50+5 PLO, 6-max, $200K guar.
Event 7 - 12/12: 
$10+1 NLHE w/rebuys, $250K guar.
Event 8 - 12/13: 
$24+2 NLHE knockout, 6-max, $200K guar.
Event 9 - 12/13:
$50+5 NLHE heads-up, $150K guar.
Event 10 - 12/13:
$30+3 NLHE, $400K guar.
Event 11 - 12/14:
$20+2 PLO-8, $30K guar.
Event 12 - 12/14:
$100+9 NLHE, 6-max, $300K guar.
Event 13 - 12/15:
$30+3 NLHE, 4x shootout, 6-max, $30K guar.
Event 14 - 12/15: 
$50+5 HORSE, $60K guar.
Event 15 - 12/15:
$20+2 NLHE turbo, $150K guar.
Event 16 - 12/16: 
$24+2 PLO knockout, $50K guar.
Event 17 - 12/16:
$30+3 NLHE w/rebuys, 6-max, $250K guar.
Event 18 - 12/17:
$20+2 NLHE cashout, $30K guar.
Event 19 - 12/17: 
$20+2 LHE, 6-max, $60K guar.
Event 20 - 12/18:
$20+2 NLHE, $150K guar.
Event 21 - 12/18:
$30+3 Razz, 6-max, $30K guar.
Event 22 - 12/19:
$250+16 NLHE, ante from start, 2-day, $400K guar.
Event 23 - 12/19:
$10+1 PLO w/rebuys, $75K guar.
Event 24 - 12/20:
$12+1 NLHE knockout, $150K guar.
Event 25 - 12/20:
$50+5 NLHE Main Event, $600K guar.

Oh, and one more thing. There is a MiniFTOPS Turbo Warm Up to be held at 12:05ET on Sunday, December 6 to help players prepare for the series. The buy-in is only $1 + $.10, though satellites for this tournament are currently running for as little as $.10 or 10 Full Tilt Points, and the top nine players not only win a seat at the final table and the prize money that goes with it but they will win free $55 seats to the MiniFTOPS Main Event.

The time is now to get acquainted with Full Tilt Poker and get ready for the exciting MiniFTOPS!

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