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Poker Pundit Jeremy “Chipsteela” Menard- Brawlin’

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A blog of sorts, a story to be told, the true depth of poker is about to unfold:

When I left off I was basically down to the felt in the Sunday Brawl tournament on Full Tilt after suffering a bad beat delivered by a good friend who goes by Hixx online. With this few chips many players would just give up and put the rest of their chips in the next hand regardless of their holdings, but this is an area where I tend to excel in. I very rarely just give up even when the chips are down, and with this attitude I was able to get my money in ahead a few times and have my hands hold to get right back into it. From this point on I went on a tear, winning every race I got into, and more importantly sucking out whenever I really needed it. I’m not gonna say that I  didn’t play well because I feel like I did, but it’s hard to lose when you get there every hand regardless of how far you are behind preflop. Really, I like to consider it me being reimbursed for all the shitty luck I’ve had in the past deep in big tournaments. I kept the pressure on and before I even realized it I was at the final table playing for $105k.
I would have to say that the final table went as smoothly as possible. People were busting at a quick pace, and the pay jumps were getting bigger. I didn’t have many hands to play in the early stages of the final table, so when I picked up K-9s on the button with 12bbs it was a pretty easy shove given the amount of respect I was getting due to the tighter image I was portraying. Unfortunately I was snap called by a player in the small blind with A-Ko, but fortunately I flopped like six 9s so I didn’t have much to worry much.  I won another big race with J-J against A-Q after that, which put me into serious contention for the win. The chip leader was a French player that was playing as spewy as possible, and at one point they even called my all-in after opening the button w 7-8. I was making a play w J-9s and was amazed to see that I had the best hand which unbelievably managed to hold. We both knocked out a few more players and were heads up in no time with him having a respectable 4-1 chip lead on me.

Normally a 4-1 chip lead isn’t very easy to overcome heads up, but since I’m pretty sure my opponent was in fact a chimpanzee with a beret on just randomly pressing buttons, I was fairly confident I could come away with a win. I did manage to scoop a few pots early to close the gap a little, but I made a huge error when I misclicked while typing in a bet making it much larger then I had wanted. It didn’t help that I had absolutely air, and he got me off my hand by raising. I did double up through him twice after this crucial misstep and probably would have won if not for that error, sadly this wasn’t what happened. Since the difference between 1st and 2nd was around 40k I thought this was a good time to try to strike up a deal since we were practically even in chips. I got no reply in the chat box from my opponent however, even after consulting a friend who spoke French and told me how to ask in the villain’s native tongue. Guess it’s hard to type coherently if you’re a chimpanzee. It sucks that we had to play for this difference in full, but there are worse problems a man can have I suppose.

So we go back to the match. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually not a fan of chopping but when we’re playing for enough money to buy a nice luxury automobile it changes things. Things started to go sour when I began to get some big hands. The problem was that this particular opponent never folded even if he was 3 bet, so it was hard to tell where I was at in the hand, especially when I kept missing the board completely.  Usually with most opponents you have a good idea of what hands are in their range when they call a 3 bet preflop, and hands like A-Q and A-K are often still  ahead of this range on really dry boards. He was raising every hand preflop post flop as well, so after awhile I just got tired of this and decided to take a stand. I 3 bet his button open with A-Qo, and then I led into him on a super dry 2-6-7 board. He quickly raised as I expected, and  I decided that since I still have fold equity and my hand is often still good here regardless that I was just going to see if he actually had a hand. I shoved on him only to have him snap call me with the K-6 that he had flatted with preflop. After this hand I was down 3-1 in chips, and had a very similar hand come up not to long after when I was dealt A-Ks and 3 bet him again. We got all the chips in on another dry board, but he again had flatted with me with a super marginal hand that managed to connect with the board. I had to settle for 2nd place, and a 65k score, which by the way is my largest score in online poker so far so I couldn’t be too upset. Still I’m plagued with the personality trait of being incredibly competitive, and if I don’t get first I usually am not very happy, especially in this situation where I knew that I had a pretty decent edge in the heads up match. Plus it kind of hurts your pride to lose to someone that isn’t part of the human race.

The other tourneys that Sunday went pretty well also, and I ended up profiting around 75k in total for the day. Not a bad Sunday considering I’m usually stoked to break even. So I bet you guys are dying to know what happened with the house, well we decided to make an offer on it and after playing some hardball we managed to come to an agreement with the sellers. That’s right we bought the house! It’s rare to have both poker run good and life run good at the same time, but that is exactly what I was experiencing on this particular week.

 Not long after this I decided to enter a team PLB contest with some of the best players online poker has to offer including Djk123, Moorman1, and Gboro780. With the players that were involved in this battle it was sure to be legend… wait for it………………………………

Study poker with Jeremy “Chipsteela” Menard at

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