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Where Are They Now – Ron Rose

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Where are They Now is a series of an in depth look at all poker players - not just the pros - as they travel through one long game. Some of the players profiled are deceased but not forgotten.

I have a feeling that Ron Rose would appreciate the “Where Are They Now” series.  Not only does he know a good poker player when he sees one (he only needs to look in the mirror) but he also has an appreciation of all the great tournament poker players that have come before him.  In 2004 he published “Poker Aces: The Stars of Tournament Poker,” which gives a short biography on many great champions, and is a must read for poker fans if you are looking to know more about the players.  After a long, successful career in the business world, Rose moved to the poker world.  Despite a relatively short career Rose accomplished more in the poker world than 99 percent of the people who will ever play the game.  As you will see, his accomplishments in poker were just one small part of a very interesting life Rose has led in his 65 years.

Ron Rose was born September 4, 1944 in Vancouver, Washington.  For the majority of our “Where Are They Now” stories we have a brief summary of their childhood, maybe some of their college and early adult career choices, and then switch over to the bulk of their life, which is their poker career.  In Rose’s case, the majority of his life was spent doing a number of things in his life, with poker making up just the more recent years of his life.  That’s not to say what he hasn’t done hasn’t been equally as interesting.

A lot of the timeline regarding when Rose did exactly what is up for debate, but through pieces of interviews, and back story when he was on televised poker events, you can see he has done quite a lot.  Rose graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Mathematics.  After graduating, Rose joined the Air Force, and worked his way all the way up to Captain.  While in the Air Force, Rose taught mathematics and was also an engineer.
After his career in the Air Force Rose started a number of internet businesses.  His success in his businesses allowed him a seat on the American Stock Exchange.  He also started his own commodities firm, which is a business that sells things that are the same, despite who makes it (i.e. steel, paper, salt).  Two of his internet businesses were sold for an undisclosed amount, but it was enough where he felt he didn’t need to work as much as he previously had.  He decided he wanted to look for something else he could do that was enjoyable, because he felt business and poker had a lot in common, it was a natural attraction.

The only mention of cards previous to his poker career was the game of Bridge, and he excelled in that as well.  He has worked up to Life Master, which is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed in the game of Bridge.  However, by switching over to poker, he started playing a game that had a little more money involved in it.  Like everything else Rose had done in his life, when he started something, he jumped in with both feet.

Rose started playing lower buy-in tournaments in 2000, and to the year 2006, played a very busy schedule, one that would match players 30 to 40 years his junior, not to mention he traveled to many different countries to do so.  Rose had his first five-figure win in June of 2001 in France for $11,979.  Amazingly it was only six days later he had his second, winning $22,461.  However, it didn’t stop there, as two days later he had another five figure score, winning $22,395.  About $55,000 dollars in a week’s work was more than enough to give Rose the confidence to realize his hobby in retirement could be just as profitable as his work was.

A number of five figure scores followed for Rose, but Rose jumped onto the big poker stage when he finished first at the World Poker Tour’s World Poker Challenge in Reno, winning $168,298 in the $5,000 championship event.  In March he went on to win the World Series of Poker Seniors Event, a WSOP bracelet, and $130,060.  Because of his WPT win, he was granted an entry to their battle of champions, which he took full advantage of, winning first and $125,000 in December of 2003.
From 2004 to 2006 Rose had a few more five figure scores, and cashed in two more WSOP events, but since then he has seemingly retired for the most part from the tournament circuit. For his career he has cashed in four WSOP events (including his bracelet) and has made three final tables, winning two of them.  His poker career may go down in history as only lasting a decade or less, but what he accomplished in those years (about a million dollars in winnings) is comparable to nearly all the other players chronicled in this series, but in his case in a third to fourth of the time.  One can only wonder what he could have possibly accomplished had he played the game for most of his life.  However, I would doubt Mr. Rose has any regrets, as he has lived quite the interesting life.

 He has made some appearances as a guest speaker at poker conventions, where he shares his secrets to success in both the business world and the poker world.
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