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Full Tilt Fever: MiniFTOPS Starts With Stellar Fields

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Players asked for another MiniFTOPS and it was delivered by Full Tilt Poker. The first event began on December 9 with a short-handed NLHE tournament, and the pace picked up from there to finish ten events in only five days.

Each one of the first ten tournaments brought stellar fields and surpassed the guarantees with impressive prize pools. But it was the amateurs who stood out more than the prizes, as they dominated the final tables and the victories thus far. Only one of the tournaments in the MiniFTOPS thus far found itself without a Full Tilt Pro at its final table when Christian Kruel finished fourth in Event 1. It only goes to prove that the MiniFTOPS is created and run for the everyday players, not high-limit pros that tend to do well in the FTOPS installments.

With so much riding on each tournament, including a MiniFTOPS jacket for final table finishers and silver MiniFTOPS jerseys for winners, there were some sizable first place prizes at stake. For example, the winner of Event 10 banked more than $80K for the accomplishment. Over the course of the first ten events, there was a total of $2,272,410 awarded to in-the-money finishers, which is nothing to dismiss considering the low buy-ins of the tournaments.

A recap of the results thus far:

Event 1: $20 + $2 No-Limit Hold’em, 6-max
Date: December 9
Host: Jeremiah Smith
Guarantee: $250,000
Actual prize pool: $334,220
Registration: 16,711
Winner: dbfla ($40,560.69)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Christian Kruel (4th place)

Event 2: $20 + $2 7-Game, 6-max
Date: December 10
Host: Cyndy Violette
Guarantee: $30,000
Actual prize pool: $56,720
Registration: 2,836
Winner: djcarib1984 ($11,171.57)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Esther Rossi (44th place)

Event 3: $50 + $5 No-Limit Hold’em, 3x Shootout
Date: December 10
Host: Ryan Dreyer
Guarantee: $30,000
Actual prize pool: $36,450
Registration: 729
Winner: donkos187 ($7,654.50)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Scott Fischman (19th place)

Event 4: $20 + $2 No-Limit Hold’em w/1 rebuy
Date: December 11
Host: Alexander Schwab
Guarantee: $200,000
Actual prize pool: $281,160
Registration: 6,523
Winner: anarstetch ($54,691.24)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Yongsuk Chang (109th place)

Event 5: $20 + $2 Stud-8
Date: December 11
Host: Artie Cobb
Guarantee: $30,000
Actual prize pool: $41,840
Registration: 2,092
Winner: vmendi123 ($7,949.60)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Berry Johnston (12th place)

Event 6: $50 + $5 Pot-Limit Omaha, 6-max
Date: December 12
Host: Roberto Romanello
Guarantee: $200,000
Actual prize pool: $132,450
Registration: 2,649
Winner: rickv17 ($26,087.35)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Chip Jett (26th place)

Event 7: $10 + $1 No-Limit Hold’em w/rebuys
Date: December 12
Host: Christiane Klecz
Guarantee: $250,000
Actual prize pool: $337,210
Registration: 11,025
Winner: paulgees81 ($57,546.72)
No Full Tilt Pro cashed in this tournament.

Event 8: $24 + $2 No-Limit Hold’em Knockout, 6-max
Date: December 13
Host: Adam Schoenfeld
Guarantee: $200,000
Actual prize pool: $315,240
Registration: 15,762
Winner: R3IAAxx ($28,524.15)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Claudio Rinaldi (69th place)

Event 9: $50 + $5 No-Limit Hold’em Heads-Up
Date: December 13
Host: Ross Boatman
Guarantee $150,000
Actual prize pool: $200,750
Registration: 4,015
Winner: JMac227 ($30,714.75)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Somyung Sim (215th place)

Event 10: $30 + $3 No-Limit Hold’em
Date: December 13
Host: Chip Jett
Guarantee: $400,000
Actual prize pool: $536,370
Registration: 17,879
Winner: ToM RoX 420 ($80,455.50)
Last finishing Full Tilt Pro: Paul Sexton (391st place)

Event 11 - 12/14:  $20+2 PLO-8, $30K guar.
Event 12 - 12/14:  $100+9 NLHE, 6-max, $300K guar.
Event 13 - 12/15:  $30+3 NLHE, 4x shootout, 6-max, $30K guar.
Event 14 - 12/15:  $50+5 HORSE, $60K guar.
Event 15 - 12/15:  $20+2 NLHE turbo, $150K guar.
Event 16 - 12/16:  $24+2 PLO knockout, $50K guar.
Event 17 - 12/16:  $30+3 NLHE w/rebuys, 6-max, $250K guar.
Event 18 - 12/17:  $20+2 NLHE cashout, $30K guar.
Event 19 - 12/17:  $20+2 LHE, 6-max, $60K guar.
Event 20 - 12/18:  $20+2 NLHE, $150K guar.
Event 21 - 12/18:  $30+3 Razz, 6-max, $30K guar.
Event 22 - 12/19:  $250+16 NLHE, ante from start, 2-day, $400K guar.
Event 23 - 12/19:  $10+1 PLO w/rebuys, $75K guar.
Event 24 - 12/20:  $12+1 NLHE knockout, $150K guar.
Event 25 - 12/20: $50+5 NLHE Main Event, $600K guar.

There are many more MiniFTOPS events on the schedule, and they run through December 20 when the series concludes with the Main Event. And players can take their shots at hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize pools for as little as $.50 or 50 Full Tilt Points via satellites that are running around the clock. Online poker titles, MiniFTOPS jackets and jerseys, and holiday-changing prize money are available for those who take their skills to the final tables of these events.

Simply download Full Tilt Poker now and use the bonus code “FTRAKEBACK27” to also receive 27 percent of your rake in return from tournaments and cash game tables.

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