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Bloggery With Intent To Chronicle Poker – Fade

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Everyone has a story to tell, especially poker players.  All stories are not bad beats and all do not have happy endings - but in reality, when you follow poker as your given path, there is no ending, it’s one long game.

I flew home on Friday. I'm not exactly a svelte dude. I don't need a seat belt extension, but it's close. Why is it that I always get seated next to the one guy on the plane bigger than me? Why is it that this one person thinks that they are entitled to ½ of the space in front of me? I much prefer driving to flying, but time and money dictate that sometimes there isn't a choice.

I had a connecting flight in Atlanta. As we land, the guy next to me starts going through his cell phone and deleting Las Vegas phone numbers from his contact list. The two names I managed to catch (yes, I'm a closet snoop) were Candy and Chantelle. Hmmmm. I was amused but managed to not laugh out loud.

I've flown a lot in my 40 years but have never been stranded at an airport. That changed on Friday when Delta decided to cancel the majority of their flights on the East Coast. The first flight I could get would not be for another 16 hours, so I picked up the phone to see if anyone could make the 3 ½ drive to Atlanta to come and get me rather than me having to fork out $100 for a hotel room. Fortunately, an angel came to my rescue and I was in the comfort of my bed by 2 a.m. It was needless to say, a very long day.

The weekend was spent hanging out with the family, and watching some movies and football. Poker was an afterthought until everyone went to work on Monday. Of course, the kids are all off from school but I figured I'd be able to lock myself in my room and get some playing in. Silly me.

Game of the day was four $1+.10 - 90 person turbo sit and go's at PokerStars. Winner would take home a staggering $23.72 in profit while 12th place would profit the amount of the buy in. My goal was to get at least one 4th place finish or better which would mean a profit of $4.15. As I type this, I can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of that statement. I know I should be playing the micro limit cash games but I was in the mood for tournament poker.

I was out of one of the tournaments quickly when I lost with set over set. C'est la vie. The other three I am cruising along in – half the field has been eliminated in each of them and I am above average stack in all. The phone rings and I answer, paying half attention to the phone call and my computer. The person calling asks me if I will check on her son to make sure he is up and has taken his medication. “I'm busy,” I say.

“Please,” she pleads, “I normally do it when I come home for lunch but I figured with you there I could go out with some friends.”

I sigh, and hurry to his room to wake him up. He's 15 and doesn't want to get up. I'm a nice guy so I try to be patient. I stand there for a minute and he doesn't move an inch. I playfully pull at his blanket but it's as if he has been frozen in place by the stare of Medusa. “Don't make me get the spray bottle,” I say, only half kidding. Still nothing. I walk into the bathroom and grab the spray bottle that people use to wet their hair (a problem I wished I had). I walk in and pull the trigger twice.

He jumps up. “OK, ok,” he says, “I'm up.”

I smile and pat him on the back. “Take your pills,” I say and head back to my room.

Time elapsed: 10 to 15 minutes

Stack sizes in the three events prior to getting the phone call: 3600, 4250, and 3900.

Blinds in the three events prior to getting the phone call: 75/150

Stack sizes in the three events when returning to my room: 2700, 3250, and 3000.

Blinds in the three events after returning to my room: 150/300

From relative comfort with 20-30 big blinds to below the poverty level with approximately 10 big blinds. It didn't get any better after that as my short stack moves were picked off each time by better hands.

At least it was only $4.40. I think I'll take the rest of the week off and wait until I get back to Vegas to resume playing.

Current Bankroll - $106.80 (up $6.80)

Song Of The Day -  Fade by Crazy Anglos

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