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The UBOC Tournament Series Recap

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One of the biggest events of the year in online poker has been in full swing – the UBOC at UB and it has been breaking records right and left! Thousands of players from across the globe have been lining up to take their seats, to compete for the millions of dollars up for grabs in this huge, online, 18 event, poker series that runs until January 31st.  Helping to make these events so popular is the convenience players have of participating either on UB or on Absolute Poker (AP) which is UB’s sister site.

The UBOC 2010 online tournament series started on January 20th with Event #1 the $250K GTD Sniper NLH that was hosted by Annie Duke. A total of 1,103 players bought in for $300+20 to vie for the $297,810 prize pool. The winners of this event were:

1.    KEEFKING420 (UB)     $65,488.41
2.    PEENAR7 (UB)         $38,625.95
3.    SCHUEY995 (AP)         $26,653.99
4.    AUTOBOT7 (AP)        $19,208.74
5.    SCOTTYTHEFISH (UB)     $15,932.83
6.    DOUBLEDAVE22 (UB)    $12,954.73
7.    ANTONFS (AP)         $9,976.63
8.    COOKIELULU2 (UB)     $7,147.44
9.    DEGORD2 (UB)         $5,062.77

Event #2 was the UBOC 2 $50K GTD 8-GAME Mix that was hosted by Michael Binger. A total of 386 players put up a buy-in of $150+12 to play for their share of the $57,900.00 prize pool with these players making it to the final table:

1.    CYBERCOW (AP)         $15,633.00
2.    JUSTIN SCOTT (UB)     $9,814.05
3.    CHETSTEADMAN(AP)    $6,369.00
4.    WORTHLESNUTS (AP)    $4,632.00
5.    JEFFGRESSARD (UB)    $3,474.00
6.    CROLL103 (UB)        $2,460.75
7.    TWOLIP69 (AP)        $1,881.75
8.    ZESTFULYCLEAN (UB)     $1,302.75    

Day Two, January 21st, started with Event #3, the $100K GTD 4-Max NLH hosted by DEBO34. A total of 476 players paid the $300+20 buy-in which created the $142,800.00 prize pool that easily exceeded $100K Guarantee.
The top four winners for this event were:

1.    KUNKLES27 (UB)          $37,845.00    
2.    PURPLEPILS99 (UB)     $22,491.00    
3.    BRBLONDE2020 (AP)     $14,637.00    
4.    DONKMAGNET55 (AP)     $11,067.00    

The second event on Day Two was the $120+10 buy-in Event #4, the $30K GTD Sniper NLH that was hosted by Lacey Jones and Trishelle Cannatella.  Out of the 721 players who entered, these nine made it to the final table:
1.    SUPERPROP123 (UB)    $16,763.25    
2.    ILUVBECKYARF (UB)    $10,274.25    
3.    LOLA2425 (UB)        $6,849.50    
4.    HOYAZO (UB)        $4,758.60    
5.    BEATDOWNCOMIN (UB)    $3,965.50    
6.    THISTLE66 (AP)        $3,244.50    
7.    JOEUGLY (UB)        $2,523.50    
8.    DONKIMAN (AP)        $1,802.50    
9.    J_HASTHENUTS (UB)    $1,261.75    

On Day Four, Eric Baldwin hosted Event #5 which was the $1,050+50 buy-in $128K GTD Heads Up NLH that attracted 171 players playing for a $171,000 prize pool.
The two players who won the Saturday event were:

1.    MIGUEL_PRADO (UB)    $46,170    
2.    ADVANCED (AP)         $25,650    

Event #6 was held the same day as Event #5 and featured the $100K GTD Triple Chance event with a maximum of 3 Re-buys. A total of 459 players paid the $150+12 to buy-in with these nine players making it to the final table:

1.    SCOTTYDOG25 (AP)    $24,950    
2.    PHATCHOY888 (UB)    $15,000    
3.    DCOOP4506 (UB)        $10,250    
4.    DAVIDPERKINS (UB)    $7,000    
5.    WAMMERMOUTH (AP)    $6,000    
6.    RJK1027 (UB)        $5,000    
7.    WILLIEHOLD (UB)        $4,000    
8.    IHAVEAPLAN (UB)        $3,000    
9.    DUBIVEY (UB)        $2,000    

The showcase event of the UBOC championship tournament series so far was without a doubt the 6-Max Deepstack Event #8. It came with a $1 million guarantee, which was totally smashed after 628 players signed up for the $2,500+100 buy-in event. Hosted by Team UB’s big guns Phil Hellmuth and Joe Sebok, the prize pool was a whopping $1,570,000 and the top four finishers were assured six figure paydays.
The six players who battled it out and made the final table for the big paycheck were:

1.    Sebastian “SEBBAU” Bauer -     $330,900
2.    Philipp “PHILBORT” Gruissem -     $250,000
3.    GROENGRAS -             $146,010
4.    GIT PAPER -             $102,050
5.    DOOSHDOTCOM1 -             $86,350
6.    UPAY4RHINOS -             $70,650

Day Six Event #9 was held Monday, January 25th and was a $100+9 buy-in $30K Guaranteed 6-Max Limit Hold’em event, hosted by Tiffany Michelle.
The final six came down to:

1.    COLDFISH219 (AP)     $9,075.00    
2.    ALLRGCTONUTS (AP)    $5,535.75    
3.    SPEAR01 (UB)         $3,993.00    
4.    RJMGRACE (UB)         $3,085.50    
5.    HARVRDGENIUS (UB)    $2,450.25    
6.    FROSTEY (UB)         $1,815.00    

That same day was Event #10 of the UBOC, the $150K GTD Pot Limit Championship hosted by Bryan Devonshire with a $300+20 buy-in. There were 422 players registered and the final table ended up being:

1.    011POKERDR (AP)     $40,500.00    
2.    KANYEKWELI (UB)     $23,625.00    
3.    ALL_DAY_DHI3(UB)     $16,125.00    
4.    SAILORLOBELL (UB)     $11,625.00    
5.    SCOTTYTHEFISH (UB)     $8,625.00    
6.    JOES2828 (UB)         $6,150.00    
7.    TRUESYALOSE (UB)     $4,650.00    
8.    ROCKRAINES (UB)     $3,150.00    
9.    TOOHOTTOTROT (UB)     $1,875.00    

On Tuesday, January 26th the $200+15 buy-in $100K GTD Pot Limit Omaha event hosted by Matt Graham attracted a field of 305, all playing for a total prize pool of $134,200.00. The top nine ended up being:

1.    ROLLOVER2K (UB)        $33,550.00    
2.    CITROEN_VISA (AP)    $20,331.30    
3.    ACECALZONE (AP)        $14,091.00    
4.    POCKETSET444 (UB)    $10,400.50    
5.    TREADINDANK (UB)    $8,723.00    
6.    KOSTENKIS (UB)        $7,045.50    
7.    BENBA LAMB (UB)        $5,703.50    
8.    DORSAL FIN 7 (UB)    $4,361.50    
9.    AMANDAW111 (UB)        $3,019.50    

Then the same day, Team UB’s Hollywood Dave hosted the $50K GTD HORSE event where 305 players ponied up the $200+15 buy-in to play for $61,000. When the smoke cleared the winners were:

1.    POKERDEVL (UB)        $16,714.00    
2.    5557CHEVY (UB)        $10,980.00    
3.    JOHNNYBAX (UB)        $7,015.00    
4.    POKERNUBZ (UB)        $4,880.00    
5.    POLAR_BEARS (UB)     $3,660.00    
6.    THEWILLIES (UB)     $2,745.00    
7.    D0NK0PH0BIC (UB)     $2,135.00    
8.    MAXXSCAM (UB)         $1,525.00    
And if all of this excites you like it should, there is still time for you to grab your huge pile of cash in these events:

•    January 28th at10 20:05EST: UBOC #15 Pot Limit Omaha 8 $300+20 buy-in $100K GTD with host. Billy Kopp
•    January 29th at10 20:05: UBOC #16 is the $100K GTD Deepstack Pot Limit Hold’em 6 Max with a $500+30 buy-in hosted by Liv Boeree.
•    January 30th at 14:00 the UBOC #17- NLH Turbo Unlimited Rebuys $100K GTD with a $100+9 buy-in hosted by P0kerH0.

Then at 16:00 EST on January 31st it will be kick off time for the grand finale, the Two Day UBOC #18 NLH Championship $1 Million Guaranteed event with a $1,000+$50 buy-in hosted by Phil Hellmuth.

And the best news is - you still have time to satellite into the remaining events! Check-out the satellite qualifier schedule at UB and Absolute Poker today and get your UBOC seat!

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