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Full Tilt Fever: Need to Know Info for FTOPS XV

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Another Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) is on the horizon, and the 15th installment of the popular series of tournaments brings with it the chance for players of all skill levels and bankrolls to compete for some of the most prestigious online poker titles in the world. Everyone from Team Full Tilt pros to amateurs who satellited in to an FTOPS event on a few dollars has walked away with wins and life-changing money, and that opportunity is again upon the poker world.

What do you need to know about FTOPS to begin?

It starts with an online poker account at Full Tilt Poker. In the process of downloading the site and setting up the account, use the bonus code “FTRAKEBACK27” to allow the accumulation of 27 percent rakeback on your play throughout the FTOPS process and beyond.

As far as the details of FTOPS XV, there will be 27 tournaments with a cumulative minimum guarantee of $17 million up for grabs. Each tournament will be hosted by a Full Tilt pro, and each will result in final table players receiving an FTOPS jacket, while event winners will also take home a gold FTOPS jersey and gold jersey Full Tilt avatar.

Once logged in, sign up for the FTOPS Turbo Warm Up tournament, which is a chance to get prepared for the intense competition that awaits players in the series. The February 7th tournament requires a buy-in of only $5.50, but players can satellite in for as little as $.50 or 50 Full Tilt Points to compete for a $250K guaranteed prize pool. It’s the perfect way to warm up those poker chops.

From there, the fun continues by getting involved in the many challenges set up to make the FTOPS more interesting for players. The Satellite Challenge is one of the most popular and allows players to compete for the most satellite wins into each tournament. After winning the entry into an event, further satellite wins garner that entry amount in tournament dollars to be awarded into your Full Tilt account to be used in any tournament down the road. And win the satellite challenge for any particular event to receive tournament dollars equal to two additional buy-ins.

There are six other challenges for players, some of which offer entries into $10K freerolls to be held at the end of FTOPS. Prizes are given for accomplishing tasks in the Hold’em Challenge, such as stealing the same player’s big blind three times, or in the Survivor Challenge for being the player who most often makes it to Level 10 in events. Others like the Zero to Hero Challenge offer cash bonuses for turning satellite entries into in-the-money finishes. And the biggest one of all is the Million Dollar Challenge, which will give $1 million to any player who makes it into the money in at least 17 of the events.

By simply registering on the “promotions” page of your account before engaging in FTOPS tournaments, you will automatically be registered for the challenges, and the site will keep track of your progress.

At this point, take a look at the FTOPS XV schedule, and we’ll leave you to your planning!

With that, let us present you with the FTOPS XV schedule:

Event 1 (Feb 10):
$200+16 NLHE, $1 million guar.
Event 2 (Feb 11): 
$240+16 PLO-8 Knockout, $250K guar.
Event 3 (Feb 11):
 $500+35 NLHE 3x Shootout, $350K guar.
Event 4 (Feb 12):
$200+16 NLHE Cubed, $600K guar.
Event 5 (Feb 12):
$200+16 NLHE 6-max, $150K guar.
Event 6 (Feb 13):
$500+35 PLO 6-max, $350K guar.
Event 7 (Feb 13):
$100+9 NLHE w/Rebuys, $600K guar.
Event 8 (Feb 14): 
$120+9 NLHE Knockout, $800K guar.
Event 9 (Feb 14):
$500+35 NLHE Heads-Up, $400K guar.
Event 10 (Feb 14):
$300+22 NLHE, $1.5 million guar.
Event 11 (Feb 15):
$200+16 Omaha Hi-Lo Split-8, $200K guar.
Event 12 (Feb 15):
$1000+60 NLHE, $1.5 million guar.
Event 13 (Feb 16):
$300+22 NLHE 4x Shootout 6-max, $300K guar.
Event 14 (Feb 16): 
$500+35 HORSE, $300K guar.
Event 15 (Feb 16):
$200+16 NLHE Turbo, $600K guar.
Event 16 (Feb 17): 
$200+16 Seven-Game, $150K guar.
Event 17 (Feb 17): 
$300+22 NLHE w/Rebuys 6-max, $1 million guar.
Event 18 (Feb 18):
$200+16 NLHE Cashout, $150K guar.
Event 19 (Feb 18):
$200+16 Stud, $100K guar.
Event 20 (Feb 19):
$200+16 NLHE 6-max, $500K guar.
Event 21 (Feb 19): 
$300+22 Razz, $150K guar.
Event 22 (Feb 20):
$2500+120 NLHE 2-day 6-max, Ante From Start, $2 million guar.
Event 23 (Feb 20): 
$100+9 PLO w/Rebuys, $400K guar.
Event 24 (Feb 20):
$500+20 NLHE Super Turbo 6-max, $250K guar.
Event 25 (Feb 21): 
$240+16 NLHE Knockout 6-max, $800K guar.
Event 26 (Feb 21):
$200+16 PLO Heads-up, $150K guar.
Event 27 (Feb 21):
$500+35 NLHE Main Event, $2.5 million guar.


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