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Online Poker Room Roundup: A Billion Opportunities To Win

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PokerStars is approaching 40 billion hands dealt in their poker room. That's good news for them and great news for you. We'll get to that shortly.

Now I realize you probably think you've played that many all by yourself, online grinder that you are, so who really cares, right?

It's a big deal. Seriously. Let me prove it to you. Here are a few fun facts that show just how much one billion really is:

• One billion pennies in a single pile, one on top of the other, would reach nearly 1,000 miles high. The space shuttle typically orbits 225 miles above the Earth's surface.

• A tight stack of $1,000 bills - considerably higher than a cent - would still reach 63 miles high. Remember, jet airlines cruise at an altitude of just under 8 miles high. Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, is nearly the same height.

• A billion minutes ago, the Roman Empire was the most powerful nation in the world.

• If you counted from one to a billion and counted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it would take you 95 years to finish.

Or you could just play poker. That's what PokerStars has in mind with these special deals leading up to the 40 billionth hand.

If you play cash games, milestone hands will earn you extra cash, starting with hand 39,601,000,000 (man, that's a lot of zeros, a billion really is a lot). Players dealt into every millionth hand will earn a cash prize based on the number of VPPs they've earned at the table. There will be 400 milestone hands, and PokerStars expects to hand out more than $1 million.

If you play tournaments, on Feb. 21, there will be a special Sunday Million 4th Anniversary Edition, with a $4 million guaranteed prize pool and a first prize of at least $1 million. This could be the biggest Sunday Million in the site's history. And there will be special tournaments all this week, with a 40 FPP buy-in.

There will also be 40-man Super Sit & Go’s with five different buy-ins of up to $55. All first-place finishers will receive an extra cash prize at the end of the promotion, which is a share of a $40,000 prize pot.

You can even earn extra cash without playing a hand, as PokerStars is offering a $40 cash bonus for just 2,500 FPPs until Feb. 21. This is a good deal, as a $50 bonus usually costs 5,000 FPPs, and you have to be in Silver Status just to get it.

Ultimate Bet hasn't dealt that many hands yet - give it time - but the site is giving away a bonus for winning with the worst hand in poker.

Fans of "High Stakes Poker" will probably remember that game where the pros would have to pay out $500 to anyone who won with 7-2. This hand, fondly called "The Hammer" by bloggers worldwide, is highly underrated, yet UB continues to give you a bonus for winning with it anyway.

The UB game is somewhat the same as the "High Stakes" game, only this time, you place a prop bet into a side pot. The next player to win a hand with 7-2 wins the side pot.

Here's the great thing. You don't have to win with 7-2 in a showdown. If everyone folds thanks to your big bet, you win the side pot, too.

The game is a good way to pump up the pot, as players will over bet with a huge hand in the hopes that others will think he or she is bluffing with 7-2. And others will bluff huge with 7-2 in the hopes of winning the side pot.

You have to pay into the side pot when you join the table, but you won't have to feed the pot until someone wins it again.

Play 7-2 like Aces and win big thanks to the fun game. Maybe one day we'll hear, "I can't believe my Hammer got cracked!"

Speaking of a fun game, Rush Poker continues to take the world by storm on Full Tilt. Just a couple weeks after I discovered the game, the numbers playing it have at least doubled. My .10/.25 NL Holdem game had more than 900 in the pool - the first time I played, we barely cracked 300 - and it continues to grow.

But if you're not a ring game player, your best bet this month might be the Big Little Tournament. You might want to try it anyway even if you are a ring game player. The buy-in, after all, is $2 + .20, which is about my hourly win rate when I'm running good.

The guaranteed first-place prize is $18,000, however, so you can put in a pittance and come away with a pot of gold. There are only two left, however, on Feb. 21 and 28, so get going.

You also need to get going on Poker770's Double Up Sit N' Go’ s this month. Not only does it give you a chance to double your buy-in every time you play, which could really build your bankroll like a brick house, there's some additional competitions this month.

Play as many as you can, and you might hop on the leaderboard during the four weekly sessions in this promotion. When you manage to win, you'll be awarded double your buy-in in points, and when you lose, you'll still win your buy-in in points.

So even if you lose, you can still kinda win. And if you do find yourself on the leaderboard, you'll share a prize pool of $190,000 all the way up to a sweet first-place prize. The best thing is there are four different levels, so it's not like you need to be entering $500 Sit N Go’s to win this thing. $500 Sit N Go’s? Maybe.

First prize is $750 for the lowest buy-in of up to $5. See? Pretty sweet, eh? And there's money to be won in the top 50 positions and even more than that for the lowest buy-in levels. The site's even kicking in a spot in the Poker770 Monthly Million tournament if you finish strong.

Download Poker770
or other poker room's listed right here at PokerWorks, and you'll get some pretty nice additional deals for doing so.

Mansion Poker is running a similar promotion to Poker770, only that site has more than $250,000 to give away. The leaderboards are the same as, well as the top prize of $5,500 every week. And like Poker770, even if you don't find yourself on the leaderboard, if you're close - we in the poker world like to call that bubbling, but I don't even like to say that word, as it's pretty close to a four-letter word as we get in poker - you can win a spot in the March Monthly Millions Guaranteed tournament.

The good thing is the Olympics are going on, and though the event did cost billions to put on, there's some pretty good stuff to watch, and why not play poker while you're watching it? After all, you'd hate for those billions to go to waste, especially now that you know just how much that is.

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