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Online Poker Challenges: The Cold Streak Starts To Melt in February

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Once again, this month did not start well in online poker, and I was beginning to wonder if my losing streak would ever end.

Again, part of this losing streak was my fault. I played too aggressively, and I am not an aggressive player by nature. I was not playing within myself.

But the streak was not all my fault, and on Jan. 27, after yet another awful month, I was determined to finally have a good month and start getting back to my old winning ways.

I decided that I would play Rush Poker, that I would play tight, and that I would play my two best games. So I played one table of NL Holdem and one table of Pot-Limit Omaha, and I decided to stick to the .10/.25 level. That's where I started, and that's where I've always had success.

It was a good plan, and yet, just to prove my point, I lost a full buy-in in Omaha when my flopped full house with top set lost to flopped quads. Awesome. Yes, I know it's Omaha, but come on, these kind of coolers and suckouts have to end at some point, right?

Yes. They do.

 I later flopped a straight and got two other players all in. There's no flush draw out there, so I really think I'm ahead. I was. The other flopped the lower end of the straight, and the last flopped a set and I somehow dodge his outs. I take a huge pot.

Later, unbelievably, I flop a full house once again, only to lose to quads once again. This time, however, I only lose a third of a buy-in. It just felt wrong and I was cautious. These are the kind of smart plays I used to make. Maybe I'll start to make them again.

I wind up $25 up for the night, and I wonder if, finally, my luck is turning.

The next night, I'm all-in with K-K against J-10 on a J-high board in Holdem. I roll my eyes when a 10 hits the turn. Of course. Here we go. And then the board pairs on the river, and I win with the higher two-pair. Unreal. I sucked out! Yes, I had the best hand at the start, but that didn't always matter last year.

My luck is definitely turning. It feels good. I finish up again for the night.

A week later, on Feb. 6, I sign on for a Saturday afternoon session while the girls are taking a nap. I didn’t get many good hands today. But the difference now is you have to endure sessions like these, and last year, when I was trying to make things happen, that meant I would lose money.

This time, I stay pretty much even with a couple well-timed steals and mostly just staying within myself and not losing anything on stupid hands.

The idea is to burn off sessions like these so when you do get a good one, they aren't wasted from the stupid losses.

I made a good laydown on the day. I had A-A in Holdem. Someone raises, I re-raise, blah-blah-blah, two callers of course. The board comes 10-9-8 rainbow. Well, that's just perfect.

I'm first to act, so I check, and the second player to act bets the pot, and the third player raises all-in. I make an easy fold in my mind. The players show 10-10 and J-J. Ouch. I definitely got out flopped.

A Queen hits on the turn to give J-J a straight, and A 10 FALLS ON THE RIVER to give 10-10 quads. Wow!

On Feb. 11, I have a great night, when I don't have to make any difficult lay downs, hit a few sets and hit a lot of draws. I did bet my draws more in Omaha tonight and it always paid off. But see, this is why I'm working on not losing nearly as much during the tough sessions, so when you do kick ass, like during this session, the wins stick. I win three buy-ins that night.

The only other thing I really did well besides hit good cards (heh) was I made more concessions when I was out of position, meaning I was willing to fold a lot more, and fought a lot harder when I was in position. That's just good poker.

The play in Omaha at Rush Poker is pretty atrocious. It's the worst I've seen. I'm OK with that too.

A week later, I play a Rush Poker session and run K-K into A-A in Holdem. That's always fun, but I only lost half a buy-in because that's all he had. I honestly might have gotten away from it if we were deep-stacked. It didn't surprise me when he showed his Aces given that it was the fourth raise, but I figured K-K was worth half a buy-in.

I still finished ahead because someone shoved a full buy-in with his 9-9 against my A-A. Oka-a-a-ay.

A day later, I make an interesting fold, and I wonder what you think of it. I had A-A-x-x in Omaha, and raise but I get a caller. The board is 9-8-A, with the 9-8 both clubs.

He raises my pot-sized bet on the flop and I just call. I want to see the turn.

It's not a play I'd always make but I did only have a set and I thought he was on a huge draw. I honestly thought he was on the straight-flush draw. When the 7 hits the turn, he bets it, hard, and that tells me he's not afraid of any draws. I fold.

It's probably not the best fold, but I trust my read.

Besides, I finished up four buy-ins, so it's not like I didn't play well. Sometimes you have to fold a great hand when you think you're behind. You'll be wrong sometimes, and the good thing about a fold is it doesn't cost you very much.

On Valentine's Day, I relax with a session after watching the kids all day by myself. My wife is in Vegas. I'm exhausted. My best play is folding Q-Q to a shove after I did the right thing and re-raised pre-flop. This is a cash game, remember, so I happily fold. I'm sure, that time, it was the right fold.

Six days later, on Feb. 20, I play during the Olympics. I love the Olympics. I'll even watch stuff like bobsledding. I still manage to win during poker, too, mostly when I hit sets against other players' A-A. Sometimes poker is easy.

On Feb. 21, nothing much, but I do make a decent laydown in Omaha when I hit trips with a 6 to a raise, but the board is 6-6-A, and when I bet, the guy just min-raises me. I fold right away. The guy shows A-A. Yep, trips just aren't that great in Omaha.

On Feb. 22, my last real session of the month, my raises are re-raised five times in a row in Holdem. But that's exactly why I raise with hands such as A-J and A-10 because when I am re-raised, I can pitch them with ease. I don't want to get stuck with an A out there and no idea where I'm at.

Folding seems to work this month. The cold streak is over, and I'm a winning player this month, and this year, with 12 new buy-ins to my name.

Let's hope March is just as good. I think if I keep playing this well, it will be. Sometimes you just have to trust your style, even if it seems wrong.

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