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SUPER POKER SUNDAY 02/28: PokerStars Awards orionrg $255K for Sunday Million

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The last Sunday of February brought some solid numbers to the tables. After last week’s record-breaking turnout, namely on PokerStars because of the $4 million guarantee in the Sunday Million, it seems that some of those players stuck around for another week. The guarantees were all back to normal, but the registration numbers were better than normal.

With FTOPS having wrapped, all of the Full Tilt Sunday majors were back on the schedule, though most of them found decreased registrations. PokerStars, on the other hand, showed positive upswings from normal weeks, and offered its end-of-month specials like the $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown, which is a freeroll for players having accumulated Frequent Player Points. But as always, the biggest prize of the week went to the winner of the Sunday Million, which happened to be orionrg, who took home more than $255K for winning the tournament.

All of the statistics and final table winners are listed below.

Sunday Warm-Up
After a stellar turnout for the prior Sunday, numbers were back to normal for the Warm-Up and its $750K guarantee. There were 4,809 players willing to pony up the $200 + $15, or the lesser amount it took to satellite in, which created an ultimate prize pool of $961,800. The final 720 players were paid more than the buy-in, but it was down to the final three players when a deal was reached for the bulk of the prize money. And in the end, chipleader atcasanova beat out oulendoulen and paulitschMC for the better portion of it, which turned out to be just under $147K.

1st place: atcasanova ($146,854.95)
2nd place: paulitschMC ($102,500.00)
3rd place: oulendoulen ($92,500.00)
4th place: lechuckpoker ($54,341.70)
5th place: Dardan0s ($40,876.50)
6th place: surrbox ($31,258.50)
7th place: dav_dau ($21,640.50)
8th place: hg1817 ($12,022.50)
9th place: CRICED ($7,694.40)

Sunday 1/4 Million
The best deal of all of the Sunday events always brings the players out in force for the Sunday 1/4 Million. Offering a $250K guarantee for a mere $10 + $1 buy-in always attracts tens of thousands of players, and this week was no different. There were 36,306 hopefuls signed up for the tournament, which actually created a prize pool of $359,210 and allowed for the final 5,400 players to be paid from that number. And when all hands were dealt, it was bleiweste who took out TeamHungle to grab nearly $30K to go along with the weekly tournament title.

1st place: bleiweste ($29,760.61)
2nd place: TeamHungle ($20,474.97)
3rd place: ratmuratmort ($15,086.82)
4th place: jorgethiago ($11,494.72)
5th place: Stugonnalose ($7,902.62)
6th place: celtic85182 ($4,310.52)
7th place: Vinmunt ($3,232.89)
8th place: florim ($2,334.86)
9th place: OhhPlsHlpMe ($1,706.24)

Daily Eighty Grand Sunday Special
Still not labeled as a major Sunday event, but the $200 guarantee attached to the special Sunday edition of the Daily Eighty Grand makes it a big seller, not to mention the buy-in is only $50 + $5, which is so much less than many of the other Sunday tournaments. This week, there were 6,480 interested players, which boosted the prize pool well above the guarantee to $324,000. That allowed payment to be made to the last 990 players standing and reserve more than $40K for the winner. And that person turned out to be Turob, who beat GetDowAndGo for the title and prize money.

1st place: Turob ($40,500.00)
2nd place: GetDowAndGo ($27,475.20)
3rd place: Thielon123 ($18,468.00)
4th place: LAGANI NIZ ($14,904.00)
5th place: LockdownTex ($11,664.00)
6th place: hermanoes ($8,424.00)
7th place: pooli ($5,670.00)
8th place: Nille_P ($3,726.00)
9th place: shantione ($2,268.00)

$1,000,000 Turbo Takedown
The once-a-month special was on the schedule for the last Sunday of the month as a way for PokerStars to give back to its most loyal players. Those who have accumulated 3,000 Frequent Player Points can enter the Turbo Takedown, which is a $1 million freeroll. This month, there were 19,379 players who saved up their points to take shots at the free money, and the last 5,000 of them did just that. But ultimately, the final four players came to a financial agreement, and Super1337 went on to defeat it’s owned to grab the more than $32K plus an Audi TT luxury car for the first place prize, all as a result of frequent play on PokerStars.

1st place: Super1337 ($32,874.02) + Audi TT
2nd place: it’s owned ($51,278.26)
3rd place: 3K 4ePTeu! ($37,432.01)
4th place: Emaa ($33,425.71)
5th place: Bonsy ($20,000.00)
6th place: siola ($17,500.00)
7th place: mikeirvin47 ($15,000.00)
8th place: Cyberisda ($12,500.00)
9th place: whity77 ($10,000.00)

Sunday Million
After such a history-making Sunday Million the week before, with more than $7 million in the prize pool and more than 36K players registered, it was bound to be a disappointing Sunday this week. But quite to the contrary, it was one of the better weeks that the tournament has seen in months. The regular $1.5 million guarantee drew 10,077 players with their $200 + $15 in hand, and that created a prize pool of $2,015,400. The last 1,440 players in the tournament were paid, but it was the exciting heads-up match during which orionrg came back from a serious chip deficit to beat dean23price for the previously-agreed upon amount of $255K.

1st place: orionrg ($255,429.56)
2nd place: dean23price ($232,302.46)
3rd place: mad.afurable ($145,108.80)
4th place: Relhok ($100,770.00)
5th place: ronaldgrauer ($80,616.00)
6th place: villepn ($60,462.00)
7th place: G.C.King ($40,308.00)
8th place: sharky2323 ($20,154.00)
9th place: blue2two ($13,704.72)

Sunday 500
The last tournament on the Sunday roster was the Sunday 500, and it was also the last to finish, as per usual. The high stakes tournament offering gave players a guarantee of $500K for a $500 + $30 buy-in, and there were 998 takers this week, which was a sharp decrease from the week before. That meant that PokerStars had to add a little to the prize pool to make it $500K, and there were 144 players who benefited from the money at stake, but none more than ANIMAL5050, who defeated shampusik in the heads-up match to take more than $87K in first place prize money.

1st place: ANIMAL5050 ($87,400.00)
2nd place: shampusik ($63,500.00)
3rd place: Cre8ive ($47,500.00)
4th place: badbeatman06 ($35,500.00)
5th place: leoe29 ($25,000.00)
6th place: jdtjpoker ($20,000.00)
7th place: BoldNutz ($15,000.00)
8th place: tabzzy ($10,000.00)
9th place: hundoFight ($5,750.00)

The Sunday Brawl
After a two-week hiatus for the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS), the Sunday Brawl was back, and the players showed their gratitude by signing up in solid numbers. The $400K guarantee brought a total of 2,865 players to the tables, which made for an actual prize pool of $573,000. And the $240 + $16 buy-in offered $40 bounties on each player. The primary prize money was then divvied up amongst the last 279 players standing, and it was live fox and swisstard who battled for the top prize of $116K, which ultimately went to live fox along with the weekly tournament title.

1st place: live fox ($116,319.00)
2nd place: swisstard ($75,063.00)
3rd place: brick05 ($55,581.00)
4th place: sMoklnMySklzArD ($41,829.00)
5th place: kidcardiff ($29,223.00)
6th place: tiltass33 ($19,482.00)
7th place: RealFaithTV ($13,179.00)
8th place: Bog25 ($9,168.00)
9th place: p0nna ($6,876.00)

$750K Guarantee
This tournament was also on hiatus for the duration of FTOPS XV but returned with a substantial field of 4,196 players, all willing to put $200 + $16 on the line for the chance at the $750K guaranteed prize pool. In fact, though, the prize pool soared to $839,200 when the buy-ins were tabulated, and that allowed 585 players to be paid for the evening. But there was more than $148k awaiting the eventual winner, and that happened to be mohamedali13, who defeated gmoney723 at the end of the tournament to claim victory.

1st place: mohamedali13 ($148,194.33)
2nd place: gmoney723 ($89,710.48)
3rd place: FelicityShagwel ($58,744.00)
4th place: BR8KEtheBANK ($46,156.00)
5th place: sexydumbblond ($34,658.96)
6th place: aadamd ($25,679.52)
7th place: kingofthecourt ($19,301.60)
8th place: RubINhood ($15,105.60)
9th place: TheDegenerate77 ($11,245.28)

The Sunday Mulligan
One of the mainstays of the Sunday schedule is the Mulligan, and this week the $200K guaranteed tournament found 1,275 interested players with their $200 + $16 ready to go. When those buy-ins were tabulated, it made for a $255K prize pool from which 135 players would be paid. And when only two players remained, it was ryanbluf who beat out phat_cat1 to take the top prize of more than $56K and the weekly Mulligan title.

1st place: ryanbluf ($56,100.00)
2nd place: phat_cat1 ($35,700.00)
3rd place: arsenal46 ($25,818.75)
4th place: ElGamblino ($20,718.75)
5th place: Al of Athens ($15,631.50)
6th place: adb235 ($11,475.00)
7th place: mrcall912 ($7,935.00)
8th place: 54nTA_Cl4u5 ($5,355.00)
9th place: Rounder63 ($3,825.00)

$200K Double Deuce
As always, the best buy of the Sunday majors on Full Tilt is always the Double Deuce, where a $20 + $2 buy-in can find a player with a five-figure payout in the end. There were 11,006 takers this week, though that was a decrease of nearly 1,000 players from the week before. Nevertheless, the prize pool jumped a little beyond the $200K guarantee to $220,120, which gave the 1,350 final players some type of cash payout for their performances. When the tournament was finally complete, CoastalPGM was able to take down Jasse07 for the first place prize of more than $34K.

1st place: CoastalPGM ($34,118.60)
2nd place: Jasse07 ($23,112.60)
3rd place: jkl77777 ($16,288.88)
4th place: mamm5 ($11,710.38)
5th place: cuzitsdelicious ($8,584.68)
6th place: RedNatic ($6,163.36)
7th place: mickeyos ($4,402.40)
8th place: THISTLETBB ($3,147.72)
9th place: eErni64 ($2,225.41)

$200K Guaranteed
After several weeks of increases in registration numbers the big UltimateBet Sunday event with its $200K guarantee saw a decrease, though the number still put the prize pool a bit over the guarantee. The 1,006-player field created a prize pool of $201,200 for the final 99 players. The heads-up match in the end resulted in a long playdown until MAHI-MAHI finally came out on top of KEJULES10 to take the nearly $45K in prize money for first place.

1st place: MAHI-MAHI ($44,927.96)
2nd place: KEJULES10 ($26,860.20)
3rd place: BANANATHIEF ($18,208.60)
4th place: MEELOSH ($12,977.40)
5th place: GIT PAPER ($10,965.40)
6th place: THE PIGWALLA ($8,953.40)
7th place: XENISH ($6,941.40)
8th place: IMTHEJACKAL ($4,929.40)
9th place: MARKFSU1 ($3,420.40)

$100K Guaranteed
It was typical week for the biggest Bodog tournament of its Sunday offerings, as the $100K guarantee found the site having to add money to the prize pool to make that guarantee. The decrease in the number of players was significant, as nearly 100 less registered for the event than the prior week. The 463 players all put in $150 + $12 in buy-ins and received nearly a $70K overlay in the prize pool, and the last 63 players in the event received a payout. The top player was going to take home $25K for the victory, and in the end OinkOinkOink took out The Nation07 in the heads-up battle to claim it.

1st place: OinkOinkOink ($25,000.00)
2nd place: The Nation07 ($15,000.00)
3rd place: The_DrAin ($9,500.00)
4th place: DUBsnap ($7,000.00)
5th place: Followup ($5,500.00)
6th place: RIC_THEHITMAN ($4,500.00)
7th place: Wu_Wizard ($3,500.00)
8th place: CAN1B3COW ($2,200.00)
9th place: bengeroo ($1,700.00)

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