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Splashing the Pot – Pause for Hockey, AJ Benza Speaks Out on HSP, Over $10K in PokerWorks FreeRoll…More

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Splashing the Pot captures the foam created by the disturbance and turbulence of action, action, action, and is filled with tidbits above and beyond the victories and beats and adds a little spice to the game of poker.

This past Sunday, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver came to a climatic end when the Canadian hockey team defeated USA 3-2 in an overtime thriller. While most of North America watched the game in the comfort of a home, or at a bar surrounded by fellow fans, most of the world’s best poker players watched the game from their office, the poker table. While it’s true that most poker players wouldn’t step away from the table for anything, the gold medal hockey game did cause enough of a stir in poker rooms across the country for many of the poker players to tweet about the historic hockey game.

At the start of the game, things didn’t look good for team USA, as they fell behind 2-0. This caused Annie Duke, who was playing at the L.A. Poker Classic to Tweet, “LOL! I'm a little surprised team USA can't find a goalie fat enough to block the entire net.”

However, USA stormed back, and the tournament room exploded into cheers, causing tournament director Matt Savage to tweet “Tournament room @LAPokerClassic went crazy when USA tied the game 2-2. @RealKidPoker (Daniel Negreanu) not happy!”

Canadian Daniel Negreanu would get the last laugh when Canada scored in overtime, prompting him to tweet “Yaaaaaaaaa!!!! What a game. Canada continues to reign supreme on the ice. Oh that was so awesome!

International Olympic Committee Considering Making Poker a Skill Game

Keeping on the topic of Olympics, it seems poker may be recognized as a skill game by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in the near future. Noted author Anthony Holden (“Big Deal”, and “Bigger Deal”) and the head of the International Poker Federation feels that if poker becomes recognized in the eyes of such a respected organization, it can go a long way for the game of poker saying, “Getting the same recognition as chess and bridge is a great breakthrough for poker. Poker is not like other casino games.” Poker players of course know this, but those outside of the game seem to have a hard time understanding that.

If poker becomes recognized by the IOC, it doesn’t mean that poker will be in the next Olympics. What it does mean, besides maybe earning some more respectability, is that it would be eligible for the next “World Mind Games.” These games take place right after the regular Olympics, and award medals to countries competing in games such as Chess, Go, and Bridge. In 2008, 35 medals were awarded to participants in these events.

A.J. Benza “Upset” - High Stakes Poker Was Going Another Direction

Former co-host of Game Show Network’s “High Stakes Poker” A.J. Benza recently spoke out in an interview regarding the network’s decision to let him go in favor of Kara Scott. Benza stated that he was both “emotionally upset” and “financially upset” about the news. He also stated that he felt the replacement of Scott over him, “fell into the mold of other shows.” While he doesn’t go out and say it, it seems this statement meant that he felt GSN fell into a line where you stick an attractive girl on TV and hope it pays off.

Benza’s predictions have seemed to come true. In the 6th season of High Stakes Poker the ratings are down, and the role of Scott on the show doesn’t seem to make sense to many, including Benza. Benza pointed out that her role goes along with that of an NFL sideline reporter, where they are forced to ask questions to players who may have just had their dreams dashed, or in the case of football players, gone busto. Also, the back-and-forth Benza and host Gabe Kaplan had was becoming one of the highlights of the show, and now it’s just Kaplan doing the commentating himself.

Benza hasn’t allowed himself to sulk after being removed from the show. Instead he has kept himself busy writing a book, acting in a play, and appearing on radio shows.

G4’s 2 Months 2 Million Will Not Return for Second Season

Last year the first poker show to ever highlight the life of online high stakes poker players followed Emil Patel, Dani Stern, Brian Roberts, and Jay Rosenkrantz in their attempt to make $2M in just two months. Unfortunately the group fell short of their goal by 1.3 million dollars, which seemed to open the door for a second attempt (and show) in the not too distant future.

If the show is to return it will not be on the G4 network, as reported this week. The show’s ratings started to suffer midway through the first season, and a time change in an attempt to improve them didn’t help much. The group did show a desire to attempt the challenge again, both on the show, and afterwards, but the network decided against it.

Big Week for Freerolls

Between March 6 and March 9, PokerWorks and their family of online poker rooms gives you a chance to compete for your share of a whopping $10,582 in freeroll prizes.

Things kick off on March 6, with a $2,000 prize pool on PokerStars at 6:30 PM ET. March 7 brings you the biggest one of the bunch, a $10K FreeRoll at Winner Poker with $4,582 added by Winner Poker. On top of the spectacular prize pool, the top 21 finishers will receive a $258 token for an upcoming Irish Open Satellite. This tournament starts at 8:35 PM ET. Just a half an hour later, Full Tilt and PokerWorks have another $1000 prize pool FreeRoll on tap.

Finally, on March 9, Winner Poker is back at it again at 9:35 PM ET with a $1,000 Freeroll and at 8:35 PM ET, BetFred Poker closes this fantastic stretch of freerolls with a $2,000 prize pool.

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