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Poker2Nite- Season 2, Episode 3

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One of the best things about Poker2Nite is that you get to see just how busy almost any given week in the poker world has been.  This week included the Bay101 Shooting Stars tournament, a WSOP Circuit event and the announcement of the new format for the WSOP Tournament of Champions.  Tonight’s show began with Joe Sebok and Scott Huff commenting on these goings-on, and led to some interesting conversation.

The first topic was the Shooting Stars tournament, and naturally, much of the focus was on Phil Hellmuith’s exit in 6th place and his subsequent crumple to the floor in the fetal position after being taken out on the river, rather than on McLean Karr, who actually took down the event.  Whatever your feeling about the Hellmuth, almost everything he does gets him publicity, so, like a good wrestling “heel,” he is a player who always attracts polarized opinions and comment.  Here, Huff asked Sebok if Hellmuth needed to win a WPT title to cement his legacy.  Sebok rightly commented that unfortunately, with Hellmuth, we don’t think of the 11 bracelets, and the heads-up championship, but rather his incessant crying and whining.  While he is clearly one of the great tournament no limit hold’em players of all time, Sebok felt that the act has grown old, and that he just needs to quit the constant moaning.

Next, Sebok put in his two cents on the online phenomenon known only as Isildur1, who has, in recent weeks, made his reappearance on Full Tilt, and has been involved in numerous million dollar plus games.  Sebok feels that, whomever Isildur1 actually is, that he clearly has legitimate talent and skills, and attracts huge rails and commentary to his online matches.  Sebok feels that eventually he will want to start competing in live events for the fame and glory and that it is only a matter of time until he reveals who he is.  The show then ran the footage from months ago on Wicked Chops Poker where various pros were asked who they think Isildur1 is, with answers running the gamut from the serious to the ridiculous (e.g. Andy Bloch saying that Isildur1 is Tiger Woods).

Sebok next commented on the WSOP circuit events, noting that at one time it was a legitimate alternative to the World Poker Tour, but now, since it isn’t televised, it has become much more of a local-style tournament series, much like the Heartland Tour.  Sebok suggested that the two organizations might want to unite to form one stronger entity, to keep from cannibalizing one another.

The final topic tonight was the new format for the Tournament of Champions at the WSOP, which is being billed as a true poker “all-star game”.  Just as in baseball, the fans are being asked to choose most of the players who will participate in the tourney.  Five automatic entries will be given to the three past champions of the event and the two current WSOP Main Event champions (US and Europe), and two sponsors exemptions will also be admitted.  The remaining 20 players will be chosen by the votes of the public, with the only caveat being that only former bracelet winners can be elected.  Sebok doesn’t like the format at all.  He feels it unfairly rules out players like Andy Bloch and Gavin Smith, who are fan favorites, but haven’t won a bracelet.  Huff countered with the notion that, without some kind of restriction, almost anyone could get himself elected by eliciting a huge outpouring of votes on the Internet.  Someone like Tobey McGuire, for example, with his huge Spiderman fan base, could possibly outpoll some of the best players in the world.  Sebok was then asked to comment on whom the likely exemptions would be, and his feeling was that it would be Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius, but that it is not yet clear who the sponsors want in the tournament.

Continuing the season’s recurring theme of only interviewing beautiful women, tonight’s guest was supermodel Joanna Krupa, who is now the hostess for the WPT events.  Krupa was first asked about a feud that she had with Paris Hilton, and questioned as to whom would fare best in a two-on-two poker match between the Hilton sisters and Krupa and her sibling.  Krupa’s reply?  “Do the Hiltons even know how to count?”  Apparently, the dislike stems from a first encounter that the two had, where Paris tried to have Joanna and her friends removed from a nightclub, telling the club’s staff, “Get these ugly girls out of here.”

Krupa was then asked the inevitable questions about her appearance on Dancing With The Stars, which she said was the hardest thing she has ever signed up to do, with 6 hours a day of dance rehearsal, and 14 weeks straight of no days off, with the most challenging piece being the live performances, which, she said, made even her professional partner incredibly nervous.  Krupa then spent a couple of minutes teaching Sebok how to do the lambda, which was fairly embarrassing for all concerned.  The interview then ended with the weekly “On the Clock” segment, where Krupa demonstrated that she is not the hostess of the WPT shows because of her poker knowledge, as she was unable to name the four suits in a deck of cards, let alone have any idea what her chances of flopping a set with a pocket pair were.  It was NOT a very strong performance.

Dana Workman ended the show by discussing a very funny thread on 2+2 that attracted huge attention last week, as well as a comment by Tony G expressing worry about Phil Hellmuth’s mental state, and a fairly incredible video of a basketball shot by Prahlad Friedman that needs to be seen to be believed.

Come back next week to look at another segment of Poker2Nite.  See you then!

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