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Full Tilt Fever: MiniFTOPS Wraps With Nearly $7 Million Awarded

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It is in the books. Another successful MiniFTOPS ran its course and finished up on the night of March 21st after 27 events paid out $6,687,890 in total prize money. Internet poker players had the opportunity over the past two weeks to participate in events with reasonable buy-ins for bankroll-changing money, and they came out in full force to take part in the Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series.

Overall, there were 203,994 players in the 27 tournaments. Full Tilt Poker set it up with $6 million guarantees, and most tournaments went over their individual guarantees, with only five offering overlays for players. It was an opportunity for those without jaw-dropping bankrolls to compete in major tournaments, and many relative amateurs in the online poker world took down prestigious titles and sizable prize payouts. The largest payout went to KnoK_U, who took home $115,759.13 for making it through a field of 2,470 players in Event 22 - the highest buy-in of the series - and grabbing the win. Overall, there were 27 new champions crowned and millions of dollars awarded.

A quick rundown of the events and their champions:

Event 1 - $20+2 NLHE
edge_lover - $49,912.73
Event 2 - $24+2 PLO Hi-Lo
TUTANKHAMEN - $16,624.08
Event 3 - $50+5 NLHE
potripper420 - $7,654.50
Event 4 - $20+2 NLHE w/rebuy
shuriken555 - $68,989.15
Event 5 - $20+2 LHE Poker18Munk - $17,780.14
Event 6 - $50+5 PLO
Pasi Paisti - $28,102.87
Event 7 - $10+1 NLHE  w/rebuysKOIFOERST - $79,820.85
Event 8 - $12+1 NLHEFollowMe2DaBank - $34,369.04
Event 9 - $50+5 NLHE Shootout
HateItOrLove - $31,334.40
Event 10 - $30+3 NLHE
Pretty Z - $59,876.50
Event 11 - $20+2 PLO Hi-Lo
GlennM69 - $8,495.77
Event 12 - $100+9 NLHE
cara410z - $96,742.80
Event 13 - $30+3 NLHE
asamokh - $23,250.00
Event 14 - $50+5 HORSE
franklaff - $19,142.50
Event 15 - $20+2 NLHE
TheWorkGuy - $33,393.20
Event 16 - $20+2 7-Game Mixed
cpinheiro - $7,842.64
Event 17 - $30+3 NLHE
UgA7211 - $60,500.00
Event 18 - $20+2 NLHE
lau21 - $10,863.60
Event 19 - $20+2 Stud
Akromax - $4,862.41
Event 20 - $20+2 NLHE
AonlyonlyA - $19,589.18
Event 21 - $30+3 Razz
ATTHOM - $8,841.85
Event 22 - $250+16 NLHE 2-day
KnoK_U - $115,759.13
Event 23 - $10+1 PLO w/rebuys
bobbyperu00 - $25,003.80
Event 24 - $50+3 NLHE
blony_tair - $25,634.45
Event 25 - $24+2 NLHE Knockout
Eeman2004 - $25,469.71
Event 26 - $20+2 PLO Shootout
bindernutnut - $5,401.92
Event 27 - $50+5 NLHE Main Event
0 - 190682 - 0 - $65,052.82

With all of those winners in the books, what did Full Tilt Poker do? Set the dates and schedules for the next FTOPS and MiniFTOPS! The 16th installment is only about a month away.

FTOPS XVI is set to start on April 23 and run through May 2 with more tournaments than usual. There will be 30 events from which players can choose, and the cumulative guarantee of prize money is a whopping $18 million! There will also be a MiniFTOPS starting on May 7 and running through the 16th with the identical list of events but with buy-ins at 1/10th of those in the regular FTOPS. And MiniFTOPS looks to offer more than $7 million in guarantees for its XVI series.

That information can only lead to one conclusion. It’s time to sign up for a Full Tilt account! There is barely a month before the action of FTOPS begins, and it should be noted that many who play those events do not have monstrous bankrolls. Satellite tournaments run around the clock leading up to the series with various buy-ins - even frequent player points - to allow everyone the chance at the big prize pools of FTOPS or the smaller but still significant ones of MiniFTOPS.

To get in on the action, download Full Tilt Poker now to set up an account. When doing so, make sure to use the bonus code “POKERWORKS” to receive a 100% bonus on any initial deposit up to $600. Once those few simple steps are done, online poker action is at your fingertips. Cash games and tournaments at all levels are available to help get you up to speed, and there are even tips from Team Full Tilt members on the site to guide you along. And before FTOPS hits next month, you’ll be ready to go!

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