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Poker2Nite- Season 2, Episode 4

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Poker2Nite returned with its fourth show of the season, with Joe Sebok, Scott Huff and Dana Workman ready to report on the latest goings on in the world of poker.  Once again, the show was a somewhat slapdash combination of hard news, commentary, girlie magazine cheesecake and good-natured host abuse.  Here’s how it went down:

The first headline from this week’s news was Brandon Cantu taking first place in the Wynn Poker Classic, which led to a question from Huff to Sebok about whether Cantu is the best young player on the scene.   Sebok said that you couldn’t fault anyone for thinking so, but that he would be more likely to go with Dan O’Brien, Vivek Rajkumar or Jason Mercier, and that in all likelihood, the best young player in poker is probably someone we haven’t even seen yet, because they haven’t reached 21 years of age and haven’t come out on the live tournament circuit.

Next, the hosts addressed the news from Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott that a movie about his life is in the works.  Devilfish says that it will be a Guy Ritchie-type movie, sort of like Snatch but with the Devilfish in it.  Both hosts seemed somewhat disturbed at the prospect of this film ever seeing the light of day, and suggested that other players would be more suited for a biopic, particularly Doyle Brunson.

An update on the voting for the WSOP Tournament of Champions followed, in which it was revealed that over 125,000 votes have been cast in only one week’s time.  The hosts then cut to a discussion among Chops Preiss, Dan Michalski, Liv Boeree and Gavin Smith, with their takes on the tourney format.  Gavin Smith was asked by Chops whether, as someone not eligible because of his lack of a bracelet, he thought the entry rules were fair.  He responded “yes and no.”  Interestingly, the yes part was that he felt strongly that non-bracelet winners should NOT be allowed to play, but he also felt that there should be more automatic qualifiers than the current five, as he stated that players with many bracelets, such as Daniel Negreanu and Scotty Nguyen, should not have to be voted in to participate.  Liv Boeree said that the players in the field she has spoken to are excited about the format, and are actively seeking votes on their Facebook pages, via Twitter, etc.  She feels that the million-dollar freeroll is at least some payback for the players who have paid so much rake over the many years of the World Series of Poker.

The Skype interview was with Joe Navarro, the former FBI agent who has become famous in the poker world for his work in analyzing tells and teaching players how to recognize them.  He spoke about observing players for behavior where they touch their faces, things like rubbing the face or pushing in a cheek.  This type of action is indicative of something stressful going on.  Huff, Sebok, and Navarro then watched a tape of tournament action between Phil Ivey and amateur Charles Woody.  Woody was faced with a raise from Ivey, and went through an enormous set of actions, all of which Navarro analyzed.  Woody wound up going all-in, and Navarro explained why Ivey should have noticed the way Woody wound up settling into a very comfortable position, signaling more strength than the hand Ivey had.  Ivey did fold his hand, by the way.

This episode’s “Girls of Poker” “interview” was with Lacey Jones.  Before asking any questions, Dana Workman had the audience look at the photo shoot that Jones did after she was voted “Hottest Girl in Poker” at Wicked Chops.  That took up most of the time of the segment, and there was only time for Jones to respond to one question of substance, which was her advice to girls who want to start playing poker, but are fearful of stepping into a game at a casino.  Jones replied that they shouldn’t be afraid of playing live with men, and that it was actually men who were at a disadvantage in having to deal with the unpredictability of a woman at the table.  Women have been reading men forever, and they should use the instincts they have developed in doing so to get good reads on the men at their tables.  It would have been nice to hear more of Jones’ opinions on the subject, but here’s guessing the target demographic was more interested in seeing the lingerie shots that preceded the questions.  No wonder women can take advantage of men at the table!

Jeff Madsen was the featured in-studio guest, becoming the first male guest of the season.  He was asked the question about who he thinks the best young players are, and he chose Elky Grospellier, Jason Mercier, and Annette Obrestad, saying that they all started playing online at a much younger age than he did, and that gives them an edge over other young players.  Madsen spoke about the challenges of having so much immediate success on the tournament circuit when he won two bracelets at the age of 21, and he described the difficulty of walking the fine line between confidence and arrogance.  The ego can get in the way as you try to live up to other people’s expectations of you.  He’s been working at being able to keep things in balance and improve his game as he matures as a player.  Of course, Madsen is also infamous for his rapping, and since Joanna Krupa had to dance last week, Madsen was asked to improvise a rap, which he did, largely insulting both Huff and Sebok in a spotty set of rhymes and almost-rhymes.  He then competed in On The Clock, during which he showed that he didn’t know that Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan, didn’t remember who he beat heads-up for his first bracelet, and answered that “George Bush” was responsible for 9/11 (as a well-known 9/11 conspiracy proponent, it was inevitable that was going to be one of the questions for Madsen).  

In the online news segment to end the episode, Workman began to present some of the questions viewers have been sending in.  One that was asked was “If you could restart your poker career, what would you do differently?”  Gavin Smith was chosen to reply, and he, somewhat surprisingly, stated that he would have gotten an actual job, and had poker just be his hobby, and take vacation time to play the World Series, but that he would not make poker his career.  The second question was one dear to the hearts of many Internet players, “How do you handle a player who berates you for playing a bad hand and then winning with it?”  Allie Prescott answered that he doesn’t say much at the table, but then just keeps raising and re-raising the player who made the remark until one of them isn’t there anymore.

That’s it for this week.  See you next time!

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