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Splashing the Pot – Another Poker Robbery, Baekke Wins EPT Snowfest, Tom Schneider Buying WSOP TOC Votes?

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Splashing the Pot captures the foam created by the disturbance and turbulence of action, action, action, and is filled with tidbits above and beyond the victories and beats and adds a little spice to the game of poker.

Daniel Negreanu and Andrew Robl Make Costly Mistakes on “High Stakes Poker”

This season’s “High Stakes Poker” show on Game Show Network is the highest rated in the shows six seasons, and it’s because of action like what appeared towards the end of Sunday night’s episode.  Tom Dwan used his “any two card” image to his advantage 100 percent against one of the world’s best, Daniel Negreanu.  Preflop, Negreanu raised with J-8 offsuit, with Dwan, who had made a straddle bet, still to act behind him.  Dwan raised Negreanu’s bet more than three times his initial $6,500 raise, making it $23,600 for Negreanu to call.   Negreanu was of course aware that Dwan was capable of raising with air, and made the call.
Unfortunately for Negreanu, Dwan was holding A-K offsuit.  The flop of A-A-J did nothing to help Negreanu.  Dwan bet $28,200 into the nearly $50,000 pot.  Negreanu called, both believing he was ahead, and making the pot $106,200.  The turn, a King, gave Dwan the stone cold nuts, but didn’t slow down Negreanu.  Dwan bet $56,600, and after a moment though, Negreanu raises to $138,600.  Dwan simply made the call, bringing the pot to an enormous $383,400.  The river brought a ten, and after all the action on the previous streets, both players checked.  Dwan showed his A-K, and Negreanu said that’s what he was trying to represent.
Just one hand before that, Andrew Robl made a similar mistake.  Preflop, Phil Ivey raised to $7000 with K-T offsuit.  Robl made the call with A-Q offsuit, but acting after him was Patrik Antonius in the small blind, holding aces, raised to $30,400.  Ivey folded immediately, but Robl thought Antonius was making a squeeze play, so he raised all in for his last $144,300.  Antonius of course immediately made the call.  They agreed to run it twice, but it was no use, as the aces held both times, winning Antonius a $299,600 pot.
Poker Robbery in Austin, Texas

With the news of all the EPT Berlin robbery suspects in jail, it was wishful thinking that maybe we have heard the last of robberies taking place in poker games.  Unfortunately, another robbery has taken place, this time at a regular home game in Austin, Texas.  Approximately 24 players showed up to a building for their regular poker game this past Saturday night, but before they could get comfortable, a gang of men appeared.  The masked men, heavily armed, demanded that all the players get on the ground and not look up.  During that time they stole everyone’s money, wallets, keys and cell phones.  The group of 24 men was worried that some of their peers may have been shot, as gunshots were fired, but thankfully the robbers were shooting at locked doors and closets where more money was held.
Hopefully just like the EPT heist, it will only be a matter of time before these criminals are behind bars.  Shortly after this robbery, police showed up and asked questions, but because all the poker players were forced to keep their heads down there was very little in the way of eyewitness accounts.
Allan Baekke Wraps-up EPT Title

This weekend, PokerStars professional Allan “sifosis” Baekke won the European Poker Tour Snowfest Main Event.  The victory for Baekke was by far the best cash in his career, as he is added $603,382 to his bankroll.
The 27 year old Danish pro, took a huge lead in day three after his pocket aces outlasted Paul Valkenburg’s pocket Kings.  In heads up play against Russell Carson he had a 7 to 1 chip advantage, but to Carson’s credit he was able to battle back and make a game of it.  But, in the end Baekke never did relinquish the lead, and grabbed his first major title in the process.

Tom Schneider Willing to Split Half His Winnings for WSOP Tournament of Champions Votes?

The word is out that the 2007 Player of the Year is willing to do anything to get into this year’s Tournament of Champions at the World Series of Poker.  The event is a first of its kind, as most of the participants in this tournament will come via vote on the WSOP website.  Tom Schneider must not feel good about his chances, if the rumors are true, as he is considering splitting any prize money he wins in the event if his supporters get him into the tournament. 

In an e-mail supposedly sent by Schneider to his “supporters” he wrote, “You vote for me, and only me, and you will be part of the pool that will split half of what I win.”

This has caused some stir in the poker world, with some even suggesting Schneider should be disqualified for attempting to buy votes.  In other sports if you attempted to buy a spot on an all-star team you would most likely be suspended, as some have noted.  Others praise his ability to market himself.  After all, poker is full of side-bets and angle shooting, and offering to buy votes is just another form of that.  No official word on what the organizers of the Tournament of Champions event think of these developments, but one is expected soon.

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