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Poker2Nite - Season 2, Episode 6

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For once, it seems to have been a pretty slow week in poker, judging from the weekly headlines on this week’s Poker2Nite.  Of course, they chose not to discuss either of the pending major legal actions against Full Tilt Poker, which definitely could have taken up an entire show.  Instead, the lead story was a follow-up to last week’s interview with Tony G, as hosts Scott Huff and Joe Sebok discussed the news that Isildur1 was going to make his first live appearance at the Party Poker Big Game.  Sebok felt that the event would live up to the hype, whether or not Isildur1 plays in a mask.  Huff would rather see Isildur1 battle Tom “durrrr” Dwan heads-up live, continuing the epic battles they have played on the virtual felt.

Does the world need another high stakes poker television show?  This was the next topic on the docket, as Huff asked Sebok whether the newly announced “The Big Game,” a joint Fox-Poker Stars show, with 200-400 blinds and a $100,000 buy-in, was really necessary.  Sebok replied that all people really want to see is good poker, and if the show delivers that, it will be a good show.  He felt that there would always be more room for shows where the level of play is high and the amount of gimmickry is low.

Tonight’s first interview segment was with Los Angeles Lakers owner and long-time poker aficionado Jerry Buss.  Chops Preiss from Wicked Chops Poker interviewed him at his home.  Buss was fresh off of winning a HORSE tournament at the latest WSOP Circuit event, taking down the tourney in a field of slightly less than 70 runners.  Buss, who was just elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, has been playing poker competitively for 10 years.  While he has never played the Big Game at the Bellagio, he has played the Larry Flynt game at the Hustler a couple of times.  His reaction:  “Those people are just too good for me.”  Buss usually plays 500-1000 blind limit games once a week, and admitted that he has been a losing player over the long run.  But he made it clear that, compared to other rich man hobbies, like a yacht, poker for him is very inexpensive.  When asked which he would prefer, winning the WSOP HORSE bracelet or the Lakers getting another championship, he stated emphatically that the Lakers come first, because it is something he shares with his family, but that the bracelet win would be a very close second.

In this week’s segment detailing the buzz in the online world, co-host Dana Workman chose as the tweet of the week this typical gem from Phil Hellmuth:  “Should I shoot a video for Ludacris in Vegas for a new song ‘Sex Room’:  with Jamie Foxx + Gerard Butler or go to the NAPT event at Mohegan Sun?”  It appears that when your show is sponsored by Ultimate Bet you almost have to have a plug for the Poker Brat just about every week.

In the week’s mailbag segment, this question was posed to Sebok: “I have a question that you brought up on poker road radio.  If you’re on the button and you have ace-nine off suit and the player in the cut off raises, what would you do and in what situation?”  Not surprisingly, Sebok said that it would depend on whom the player is making the raise, and what the situation is in the tourney.  If it is someone who has been making a lot of raises in that position, you need to think about punishing them with your A-9, but if he hasn’t been raising a lot, you need to give a lot more respect to the move and think that your hand may not be best.  Also, you should probably go easy in the early stages of a tourney with this type of hand, but later on, if you need to make a stand, this might be the time you would do it.

The in-studio guest this week was Bruce Buffer, who has parlayed being the brother of a better-known semi-celebrity boxing announcer into a career as the UFC ring announcer.  Perhaps Frank Stallone wasn’t available for the show this week?  Buffer actually came across as quite a personable guy, talking about the mental similarities between choosing to go all-in in poker with getting into the octagon for a UFC fight.  In a sign that the apocalypse may be coming nearer, Buffer announced that he would be having his own poker room in Vegas, at the Luxor hotel.  Yes, Bobby Baldwin, Phil Ivey, Bruce Buffer.  As they say on Sesame Street, which one of these three doesn’t belong?  Buffer then taught Sebok how to do the “Buffer 180,” a move that involves turning from one fighter to the other while introducing them before a bout.  The fact that a movement so simple has actually been given its own name is yet another indicator of just how low entertainment in this country has sunken in recent years.  

This week’s breathlessly awaited “Girls of Poker” segment was with Liv Boeree, Although we learned that Boeree plays a passable rock guitar (she was playing throughout the segment as a sort of background score to the interview) and that she actually has a university degree in astrophysics, needless to say, the focus of the interview was her recent photo spread in Maxim, particularly one shot that was done with her sitting on the toilet.  Yes, wouldn’t want to challenge that 18-34 male demographic more than necessary, would we?  On the poker side of things, Ms. Boeree demonstrated a taste for the somewhat masochistic, as she revealed she has become addicted to, of all games, RAZZ!

Next week, the show presents a preview of the upcoming World Series of Poker, as well as a feature on Erica Schoenberg.  Should we expect questions about her education and poker, or about her appearance on Pamela Anderson’s strip poker DVD and dumping David Benyamine for Erick Lindgren?  

See you next week!

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