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Splashing the Pot – “Durrrr Challenge” Update, David Williams WPT Finale…

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Splashing the Pot captures the foam created by the disturbance and turbulence of action, action, action, and is filled with tidbits above and beyond the victories and beats and adds a little spice to the game of poker.

Tom Dwan Apologizes For Pace of “Durrrr Challenge,” Reveals New Opponent

No, unfortunately this isn’t a report about how Tom Dwan and Patrick Antonius have finally sat down and finished the first round of the “Durrrr Challenge,” which has gone on well over a year.  In fact, the two haven’t played a single hand in a number of months.  Despite that, there is still news in regards to the challenge. 
In the May issue of Bluff Magazine, Dwan has apologized for the first round of the challenge taking so long, as it was originally thought to last only six months.  While many appreciate Dwan’s apology, the horrific downswing Antonius has suffered to start the year is more likely the reason the two haven’t played.
Wishing to keep the challenge going, Dwan has announced that his next opponent will be Brian Townsend.  Dwan predicts that round 2 of the challenge will go much smoother.  He said that he thinks there will be days that he and Townsend will play upwards of 5,000 hands a day.  Dwan went on to say that he hopes they are able to accomplish the 50,000 hands in just two or three months.
Dwan and Townsend are no strangers to each other, having played numerous high stakes hands both online and live, but this is the first time they will ever compete heads-up, which of course is the format the “Durrrr Challenge” calls for.

David Williams Wins Final WPT Event of the Year, $1,530,537; Jaka Wins Player of the Year

On Thursday’s edition of “Splashing the Pot” all eyes were on Faraz Jaka, who seemed to be cruising to his 3rd World Poker Tour final table of the season.  He accumulated his chips playing poor hands, but in an ironic twist of fate, it was pocket aces, the same hand he demolished with his 3-9 offsuit just days prior, that sent him to the rail by the K-Q of eventual winner David Williams.  Jaka, however, will not go home without a mighty impressive accolade of his own, earning WPT Player of the Year honors.

The final table of six saw Williams enter second in chips, just 5,000 behind David Benyamine.  The short stacked John O’Shea was first eliminated, followed by Billy Baxter in fifth.  Benyamine decided to try to steal the blinds, by pushing in his fairly healthy chip stack, but his {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts} was called by Buchanan’s A-5 offsuit, eliminating Benyamine in fourth.  Buchanan who held the chip lead after Day 1 was eliminated in 3rd place, leaving Williams and Eric Baldwin to play for the title.

Williams held a 15,105,000 to 4,395,000 chip advantage over Baldwin as play started.  Baldwin was unable to mount a comeback, and in just 25 hands the $25,000 WPT World Championship and the $1,530,537 belonged to Williams.  

Mike Matusow and Negreanu Clash in Monster Hands on High Stakes Poker

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow went from playing a total of zero hands two episodes ago, to getting very unlucky one episode ago, to having one of the biggest winning nights in the history of the Game Show Network’s “High Stakes Poker” on Sunday night.

Matusow and Negreanu participated in the biggest pots of the night.  Negreanu, who has drawn sympathy from many for being truly unlucky during the entire series of “High Stakes Poker,” certainly didn’t see his luck turn around on Sunday.  In his first tangle with Matusow, he called a $5,000 bet from Eli Elezra with {8-Clubs}{9-Clubs}, in a hand in which Matusow also called.  The flop was a promising one for Negreanu, coming 9-K-9.  Unfortunately for him, Matusow, holding pocket kings, had him dominated.  Elezra attempted to steal the pot with nothing, but quickly got out the way when Negreanu raised to $28,000.  “The Mouth” re-raised for $68,800.  After thinking briefly, Negreanu fell right into the trap, pushing his remaining stack into the middle, making the pot $329,000.  Negreanu and Matusow agreed to run it twice, but Matusow held on both runs, scooping the pot.  Negreanu immediately bought in for $200,000 more.

The second clash again saw Matusow just limp with a good hand, this time A-Q of clubs, and once again paying off in a huge way.  Negreanu also held a good hand with pocket tens, and once again the board of 6-4-7 with two clubs seemed pretty harmless.  Negreanu was then slightly surprised when his nemeses from earlier in the night, Matusow, pushed Negreanu all-in with two overs and a flush draw.  Negreanu thought for a few minutes, before finally decided on calling, making the pot an impressive $496,800.  Again they ran it twice, and again Negreanu lost both hands, as Matusow made his flush each time on the river.  Matusow ended the night $400,000 to the good.
Tom Dwan, who is no stranger to these types of hands, had a relatively quiet night, playing only one hand, in which he lost a small pot to Negreanu near the end of the show.

European Poker Tour’s Grand Finale on Second “Day 1”

The final event of the European Poker Tour is underway in Monte Carlo.  With two Day 1s, the first of the two saw Owen Crowe and Sergiy Baranov end the day as chip leaders with 180,000.  Others that had a good Day 1a were Antonio Palma, who was second in chips, and Chris Bjorin in third.  Well known players who also had a good first day showing were Neil Channing (4th in chips) and Men Nguyen (7th).

Day 1b is at dinner break of this writing, so there is still plenty of play left, and some big names have gotten off to great starts.  Yevgeniy Timoshenko, who is one of the finalists for EPT Player of the Year, is currently in third place.  Shaun Deeb, the “retired” online legend is sitting right behind Timoshenko in fifth place.  Other big names rounding out the top ten are Viktor Blom, Vicky Coren, and Andre Akkari.
Dwan Once Again Big Online Winner, “Ziigmund” Down Big

No surprises here, as Tom Dwan once again has a big week online.  Dwan finished last week up $926,000.  For the year he is up a remarkable $6.3 million, which is nearly $5 million more than the second biggest winner of the year Alexander “PostFlopAction” Kostritsyn, who is up $1.7 million on the year.  Dwan’s next opponent in the “Durrrr Challenge,” Brian Townsend finished the week up $356,000.

After a good start to the year, Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies had one of the worst weeks in recent memory for any online player, losing nearly $2,000,000.  Sahamies, who has openly admitted he has a tendency to tilt big time, lost all of that money playing just 2,008 hands, meaning he was losing nearly $1,000 a hand.  Also showing up on the round side of things once again was Gus Hansen, who ended the week down $626,000.

Antonius, who has had his share of bankroll woes, continued to climb out of his hole little by little, clearing $868,000 in profit this week.  Phil Ivey, who has been busy with live tournaments, came back in a big way, earning $894,000.
Jennifer Harman’s “Throw Down” On May 7th & 8th

The “Second Annual Jennifer Harman Throw Down” Charity Poker Tournament will take place at the Peppermill Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada.  The tournament proceeds will go to benefit the National Kidney Foundation of Northern California & Northern Nevada.  The cause is near and dear to Harman, as she has had two kidney transplants, and lost her mother when she was 17 years old because of kidney failure.

The 2010 “Throw Down,” in conjunction with the Nevada State Poker Championship, has already announced many of the top poker professionals and Hollywood celebrities that will lend their time and money to the cause.  Just a few of the professionals scheduled to participate in the tournament are Howard Lederer, Andy Bloch, Mike Matusow, Todd Brunson, Hoyt Corkins, and Harman’s husband Marco Traniello.  Some of the celebs slated to appear are Trishelle Cannatella of “Real World” fame, “Playboy Playmate” Sara Underwood, “Saved by the Bell’s” Dennis Haskins, and Robert Iler from “Sopranos.”

The tournament will take on a team structure, with 10 teams of 10 members each competing with each other.  The scoring is simple, the higher you finish the more points you earn.  The team with the most points will earn the Grand Prize, which includes a Full Tilt pro or celebrity visit to your place of business, $200 deposited to each team members Full Tilt account, 10 “Throw Down” packs, a trophy, and a gold bracelet for each member of the winning team.

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