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Poker2Nite - Season 2, Episode 9

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Joe Sebok returned from his illness-imposed Sabbatical to rejoin Scott Huff for this week’s episode of Poker2Nite.  With two solid guests on the menu, recently crowned WPT champion David Williams and Tiltboy Rafe Furst, the show figured to be an entertaining and informative one, and it did not disappoint.

The week’s poker headlines led off with a story on Williams’ WPT championship, in which he defeated a stacked final table, which included such luminaries as Billy Baxter, David Benyamine, Phil Hellmuth, Scotty Nguyen and Eric Baldwin, to take the crown.  Sebok commented that Williams has always been an enigma at the table, because you never know whether you are going to get the guy who finished second at the Main Event of the WSOP and later won a bracelet, or whether “DW” will show up, who would rather talk about going clubbing and hanging out with Jay-Z.  Sebok suggested that this latest victory would start to cement Williams’ place as a star in the poker firmament.  

Huff and Sebok interviewed Williams via Skype, and he, like Antonio Esfandiari, has been working with a coach to get him more focused on positive outcomes and clear thinking while he is playing.  Although he claims to me more of a math and science guy when it comes to poker, during the week of the WPT championship, he had a “strange vision” that he was going to win.  He made it clear that he was even happier to have won, given the extraordinary collection of players that made up the final table.

The other major news of the week was Liv Boeree’s victory at the EPT San Remo.  Boeree was interviewed by Gloria Balding, and hoped that this victory would silence critics who think she is just a pretty face.  She has been spending a lot of time working on her game, and feels like the results are a welcome reflection of all the hard work she has been putting in.  She was asked what she would do with the huge (over 1.6 million dollars) payday and she replied that she isn’t really a gambler, and that she would just be looking for a wise investment for the cash.  

In their commentary on her win, Huff reminded Sebok of the prediction that Ty Stewart of Harrah’s made on the show that this would be the year of the women at the WSOP, and that since then, both Vanessa Selbst and Boeree have won major open titles.  Huff said he would be betting the “over” on Stewart’s prediction of three bracelets for women this year.  Sebok seemed a lot more hesitant to go in that direction, almost looking like he was somewhat annoyed by all the success women players have been having.  However, he pointed out that one additional woman who could have a huge impact this year at the World Series is Annete Obrestad, who has finally turned 21 and will be eligible to play in Las Vegas this summer.  

In the online news of the week, Dana Workman reported on some of the Internet chatter about Boeree’s win, and summed things up by saying she hoped Boeree wouldn’t be stuck doing any more poker interviews like the one Boeree had to do with porn star Ron Jeremy, where she actually had to ask the question, “Do you prefer 6-9 or jack-king off?”

Two questions were chosen from this week’s mailbag.  The first was “What is the best prop bet that you have been in or heard of recently?”  Andy Bloch was the respondent to this one, and he chose the now-legendary bet from the WSOP where Erick Lindgren had to shoot four rounds of golf in one day in the middle of summer in Las Vegas, walking the course, carrying his own clubs and shooting better than 100 in each round.  Lindgren won the bet, but suffered physically for quite a while after.

The second question was “What kind of music do poker pros listen to?” and David Williams took on that one.  He usually listens to whatever is the current hip-hop being played on the radio, but recently he has taken to not listening to music at all, rather choosing to focus on the play of his opponents to see if he can get an edge.

Tonight’s in-studio guest was Rafe Furst, one of the original “Tiltboys,” along with Perry Friedman and Phil Gordon.  He explained that it was originally a home game like thousands of others around the country, which began in college and continues on to this very day.  In recent years, they have helped to raise a lot of money for charity, beginning at the 2003 WSOP, where Gordon and he asked other players to donate 1% of their winnings to preventing and defeating cancer.  Furst wore a “1% badge” to his interview, which he will also wear throughout the World Series.  

Furst, like Gordon, is an avid Roshambo (rock, paper, scissors) player and as is traditional on Poker2Nite, Sebok was chosen as his opponent in a best three-out-of-five match.  Furst suggested that they raise the stakes, and knowing that Sebok has made a number of clothing related prop bets in the past around the Main Event, said that the loser of the match had to wear women’s clothing for his first day of play in the Main Event (the Tiltboys are notorious for having crashed a Ladies poker tournament in drag).  Sebok agreed to the stakes, and the match began, with Furst promising to play rock on his first throw.  He actually did just that, and Sebok brought out paper for the win.  Furst then said he would put out rock a second time, and Sebok believed him again and chose paper.  On the third throw, Furst switched to scissors, but Sebok anticipated the move and brought out the rock, winning the match.  Furst asked Sebok to donate 1% of his Main Event winnings to cancer prevention, and Sebok agreed.

The show ended with another Skype interview, this time a check-in with poker pro Thuy Doan, a young woman who has been fighting a battle with cancer, and who was featured on the show last year.  At the time, a number of famous poker players, including Doyle Brunson, Sebok, and Tom Dwan all shaved their heads in solidarity with Doan, who has since needed to have a partial amputation of her left leg in order to stop the aggressive tumor.  She said that she is experiencing a lot of phantom pain in the lost limb, but that the worst is behind her, and her life is getting back to normal.  Throughout the ordeal, one thing that has kept her going has been her determination to play in the WSOP this year, and it seems clear that she is going to be there!

See you next week!

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