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Super Poker Sunday 05/09: Kate_sexy Takes Top Prize for 750K Guarantee on Full Tilt

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It was a Sunday full of online poker tournaments, despite many of the Sunday majors taken off the schedule for the week. The culprits were the SCOOP series on PokerStars and MiniFTOPS on Full Tilt Poker. The rest of the tournaments seemed to suffer with registration numbers as a result of players flocking to the more popular events to try to win major tournament titles.

SCOOP on PokerStars has been doing quite well, so it didn’t hurt the PokerStars bottom line to take tournaments like the Sunday Warm-Up, Sunday Million, and Sunday 2nd Chance off the roster during the series. And MiniFTOPS prompted Full Tilt to remove the Double Deuce $22 buy-in event from their schedule because of its conflict with similar buy-in offers from the series. What that also meant was that with the Sunday Million off the list, the $750K Guarantee on Full Tilt was able to give away the biggest prize of the week, as kate_sexy won $107,500 for winning the event.

Full Tilt also saw several of its pros run deep in the Sunday majors, as Mandy Baker finished in 11th place in the aforementioned $750K Guarantee and Ali Sarkeshik finished in fifth at the final table of the Sunday Brawl. And PokerWorks’ own writer Jeremy “Chipsteela” Menard claimed a seventh place cash in the UltimateBet $200K Guarantee. It was a week for recognizable faces and names, but for all of the stats and winners, scroll down for the summary:


Sunday Warm-Up

This was first of the PokerStars tournaments removed from the Sunday schedule during the annual SCOOP series on the site. With so many tournament options, the Warm-Up was pushed out of the way to allow players the chance to compete for bigger guarantees and the SCOOP titles. It will return when the series concludes.

Sunday 1/4 Million
The decision-makers at PokerStars left the Quarter Million event on the schedule for the tens of thousands of players who come along for the ride each week. With a guarantee of $250K for only a $10 + $1 investment, players of all bankrolls look forward to the chance at big money. This week, there were a total of 27,051 players in the tournament, which pushed the prize pool beyond the guarantee to where it landed at $270,510, which allowed for the last 4,500 players standing to be paid for their efforts. And when the final table neared its end, it was the final three who came to a money deal before anaclaraaren defeated HenriqueABBA to take the win and more than $19K in prize money.

1st place:    anaclaraaren ($19,297.94)
2nd place:    HenriqueABBA ($17,528.33)
3rd place:    Kaizza77 ($16,456.63)
4th place:    BigDShaggyJ ($9,467.85)
5th place:    7duece2009 ($6,762.75)
6th place:    evgeniyzhur ($4,057.65)
7th place:    GeneralStorm ($2,705.10)
8th place:    Tripinhas ($2,028.82)
9th place:    MacTrappie ($1,352.55)

D.N.G. Sunday Special
Though many players chose to compete in the SCOOP events of the day, the DNG remained on the schedule because of its recent rise in popularity and reasonable buy-in that draws players of a variety of bankrolls. The $300K guarantee is accessible with only a $50 + $5 buy-in, and there were 5,946 players ready to take advantage of the deal this week. PokerStars kicked in a bit of money to make the prize pool an even $300K, and that allowed for the top 900 players to be paid from it. Ultimately, the battles resulted in King2307 coming face to face with 2johnnyP2 for the title, and the former took it down along with nearly $38K for the win.

1st place:    King2307 ($37,650.00)
2nd place:    2johnnyP2 ($25,650.00)
3rd place:    m8675309a ($17,250.00)
4th place:    aranator ($14,250.00)
5th place:    Quadchrazs ($11,250.00)
6th place:    Mik143 ($8,250.00)
7th place:    Casimir Funk ($5,400.00)
8th place:    michael pag ($3,600.00)
9th place:    57joe ($2,100.00)

Sunday Million

Even the Sunday Million took a backseat to the SCOOP tournaments, being temporarily pushed off the usual Sunday schedule so players wouldn’t be torn between the ever-popular Sunday Million and SCOOP. This event will return to the schedule upon the conclusion of the series with its regular $1.5 million guarantee.

Sunday 500
Despite the presence of some high buy-in events in the SCOOP series, the Sunday 500 drew a solid crowd with its $500 + $30 buy-in and $500K guarantee. Registration stopped at 1,023 players, all putting in the buy-in to create a prize pool of $511,500, which was just past the guaranteed amount. As the field dwindled, the top 153 players finished in the money, but it was at the final table that adametes and SchneidsFish met at the final heads-up portion of the tournament, and adametes grabbed the win and the $88K that went with it.

1st place:    adametes ($88,284.90)
2nd place:    SchneidsFish ($63,937.50)
3rd place:    toweliestar ($48,592.50)
4th place:    J_HasTheNuts ($35,600.40)
5th place:    Zackattak13 ($25,319.25)
6th place:    snake8484 ($20,204.25)
7th place:    cmontopdeck ($15,089.25)
8th place:    IgorFederal ($9,974.25)
9th place:    Danny98765 ($5,626.50)

Sunday 2nd Chance
Of the numerous Sunday regulars, this was the third and final big one removed from the normal lineup to make way for SCOOP tournaments. So many options for the players dictated the lack of need for a second chance event, but it will return to PokerStars once SCOOP has concluded.

Full Tilt Poker

The Sunday Brawl

With most of the Sunday majors going strong on Full Tilt, only the low limit buy-in deleted from the schedule for MiniFTOPS, the Sunday Brawl kicked things off for a solid day of tournaments. The $400K guarantee brought 2,529 players to the tables, all with buy-ins of $240 + $16 in hand to compete for the prize money as well as the $40 bounties on each player’s head, and the total prize pool came to $505,800. In addition to numerous players collecting those bounties, the last 279 of them in the tournament found themselves in the prize money as well. At the final table, Full Tilt Pro Ali Sarkeshik finished in a respectable fifth place for the team, but it was shamdonk who ultimately beat out Bhanks11 to win the tournament and take home more than $102K in first place cash.

1st place:    shamdonk ($102,677.40)
2nd place:    Bhanks11 ($66,259.80)
3rd place:    PokerDevL ($49,062.60)
4th place:    123macnutz ($36,923.40)
5th place:    Ali Sarkeshik ($25,795.80)
6th place:    potsey2 ($17,197.20)
7th place:    gaffel5 ($11,633.40)
8th place:    GS_LT ($8,092.80)
9th place:    Sailor XXX ($6,069.60)

$750K Guarantee
The big event of the Full Tilt Sunday schedule brought a reasonable number of players, but not enough to make the guarantee. The buy-in was the average $200 + $16 but the guarantee was a solid $750K, though only 3,414 players were in attendance. In order to make the prize pool an even $750K, Full Tilt Poker threw in some money to complete the task, and that allowed 522 players to be paid from the pool. Full Tilt Pro Mandy Baker ran deep in the event but finished in 11th place, just off the final table, and it was kate_sexy who went on to defeat andressoprano in the final battle of the night after the two came to a financial agreement, enabling kate_sexy to claim the win and $107,500.

1st place:    kate_sexy ($107,500.00)
2nd place:    andressoprano ($105.537.50)
3rd place:    OJ Limpsin ($52,500.00)
4th place:    McNallyville ($41,400.00)
5th place:    Mrs ProJ3cT ($31,050.00)
6th place:    pmshoww ($23,025.00)
7th place:    BummBummAllin ($17,250.00)
8th place:    iggymcfly ($13,500.00)
9th place:    kikko67 ($10,050.00)

The Sunday Mulligan
The ever-popular Sunday Mulligan, one of the long-time standards on the list of Sunday majors, offered its usual $200K guarantee for a $200 + $16 buy-in, and there were 1,255 takers this week for the action and a shot at the prestigious title. The prize pool grew to $251,000 as a result of the field, which made way for 135 players to finish in the money. When it came down to final table action, the last two players standing were Lilla82 and SCNoodle, and the latter lost out to Lilla82, who won the title and accompanying $55K for the feat.

1st place:    Lilla82 ($55,200.00)
2nd place:    SCNoodle ($35,140.00)
3rd place:    BILLDEAL ($25,413.75)
4th place:    boodeca ($20,393.75)
5th place:    PLUSizeHoneY ($15,386.30)
6th place:    shhhookem ($11,295.00)
7th place:    Jymaster11 ($7,279.00)
8th place:    izik_74 ($5,271.00)
9th place:    pokerskibum ($3,765.00)

$200K Double Deuce
With MiniFTOPS as the current series of choice on Full Tilt Poker, with low buy-ins and several options each day, the Double Deuce tournament was removed from the regular Sunday schedule. Figuring the same crowds would play MiniFTOPS as usually played the Deuce, the latter is on hiatus until the series winds down.


$200K Guaranteed

Registration dipped this week for the biggest of the Sunday events on UltimateBet. While it may or may not have had something to do with the recent security malfunction on the Cereus Network, the low number of entrants gave the players an overlay. With only 867 players putting up the $200 + $15 to compete, UB put in the rest to make the $200K guarantee. The top 81 players made it past the money bubble, and PokerWorks own blogger Jeremy “Chipsteela” Menard finished in seventh place at the final table. In the end, it was SODAIRA11 and DAVIDPERKINS who took it all the way to heads-up before the former claimed victory and took home nearly $46K for the win.

1st place:    SODAIRA11 ($45,700.00)
2nd place:    DAVIDPERKINS ($28,200.00)
3rd place:    DIMDOC1974 ($18,500.00)
4th place:    NOSOUP4UUUU ($13,000.00)
5th place:    TIETYMM ($11,000.00)
6th place:    JUSTINTUCK ($9,000.00)
7th place:    CHIPSTEELA ($7,000.00)
8th place:    JDPC27 ($5,000.00)
9th place:    TECHNICS_ ($3,500.00)


$100K Guaranteed
With no bonus tournament series running on Bodog, its usual big Sunday event went off as planned, with its $100K guarantee and relatively inexpensive $150 + $12 buy-in as compared to other Sunday majors. And without fail, when only 451 players signed up to play, a serious overlay kicked in for the field when Bodog beefed up the prize pool to meet the guarantee. Play moved forward through the afternoon and evening with 63 players in the money, until the last two players battled for the title, resulting in dweeeb ultimately beating out bigbaldguy to take the $25K first place prize.

1st place:    dweeeb ($25,000.00)
2nd place:    bigbaldguy ($15,000.00)
3rd place:    1stsection ($9,500.00)
4th place:    MeGoAwwInn420 ($7,000.00)
5th place:    Chipperd29 ($5,500.00)
6th place:    Pat4ak2 ($4,500.00)
7th place:    cannotletgo ($3,500.00)
8th place:    SMOKE_Abowl ($2,200.00)
9th place:    The_Franchise ($1,700.00)

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