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Poker2Nite - Season 2, Episode 11

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With no major tournaments to follow this week, Poker2Nite’s hosts Scott Huff and Joe Sebok had the opportunity to sound off on a number of poker-related topics, and Sebok, for one, didn’t hold back.  When you add interviews with 2007 Playmate of the Year (and, naturally, aspiring poker player) Sara Jean Underwood and Bluff Magazine’s 2009 player-of-the-year Jason Mercier to the mix, you’ve got this week’s edition of Poker2Nite.

The first headline of the week was the news that, to one’s surprise, Harrah’s announced that the player leading the voting for the 20 Tournament of Champions seats up for grabs is Phil Ivey.  This led to Huff asking Sebok if Ivey is now the most popular player in the world.  Sebok said that is unquestionably true, and it isn’t even close for second place.  It’s nice to like players who make you laugh, like Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu (albeit for different reasons), but ultimately, the popularity goes where the money is, and when people sit down to play poker, the person they want to BE is Ivey, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Next, the pair took on the news that the WSOP is adding two circuit events in Africa and the WPT is adding a stop in London, leading to the question, “Is this too much?  Is expansion bad for poker?”  Sebok thinks it is all getting a bit too confusing.  With so many tours around, it is impossible to pay attention to what’s going on.  Ultimately, everyone still focuses on the World Series of Poker, which is where reputations are made.  Sebok would love to see an official poker league, more like the NFL or NBA, where you could really focus the attention a lot more dramatically and get a better sense of who the best players truly are.

The boys then addressed the news that Annette Obrestad had left Betfair to sign with Full Tilt Poker, and David Williams had left Bodog.  Sebok felt that the latter decision was clearly made BEFORE Williams won the WPT championship, and suggested that, with players like Evelyn Ng now in the Bodog stable, they might be moving more towards fielding a women’s team.  As far as Obrestad is concerned, Sebok commented that this move made complete sense, since it is clear that Obrestad wants to run with the big dogs, and Full Tilt is the home of many of the best players in the world.

Continuing their preview of the upcoming WSOP, Huff and Sebok took on the news from the media call that pre-registration numbers are up for the series.  Sebok made it clear that he feels strongly that people simply love poker, and recession or not, they will come out, and come out in greater numbers, for the WSOP.  The Main Event still might not reach 2006 levels (due, of course, to the effects of the UIGEA), but the trend is still going up.  His prediction for the Main Event was a very specific 6,932, and he said “you can take it to the bank!”  The Holy Grail for the tourney will be to have a 10 million dollar first prize once again, and Sebok feels it will come very close to that this year.

In this week’s P2N online segment, Dana Workman reviewed the online places you can go to follow your favorite players during the WSOP.  She covered the expected usual suspects, including the WSOP website,, and for chip counts and tournament updates, and Tao of Poker, Pokerati, Raw Vegas (for videos), Poker Road (pro perspective) and Wicked Chops Poker for commentary both serious and absurd during the two-month grind.

This week’s mailbag question was “If you’re on the bubble and you get pocket aces and you’re short stacked, do you shove or fold?”  Sebok, the king of the bubble, was asked for his response, and he replied that it depends on whether you want to be a real poker player or a toddler in diapers.  Pocket aces is your opportunity to double up, get back in the tourney and take a shot at winning the whole thing.  The only exception to this rule would be if it were a satellite tourney, where there were ten players left and nine won seats.  Then you might consider folding, but otherwise, you absolutely need to shove with it.

The in-studio interview with Sara Jean Underwood began with film from a Bikram’s yoga class that she and Sebok took together (Sebok has consistently been the host who participates in every “hands-on” activity with the guests on the show).  The yoga class was just a cheap excuse to see Underwood in a low-cut, midriff-exposing leotard (not that anyone is really complaining, especially the target audience for the show).  For the ladies, Sebok was bare-chested, displaying a few tattoos (most of which were, no doubt, prop bet induced).  Back in the studio, Huff asked if one of Underwood’s “turn-offs” was short men, and she said that she was turned off by liars and stinky people, whereupon Huff asked, if that was so, why was she associated with an online poker room?  She acknowledged that all poker players are liars, but “stinky?”  Sebok told her to wait until the World Series, where there will be any number of “gamey” players.  As seems to be true for just about every “B” list celebrity, she is hoping to learn enough poker to make a career out of it.  She plays online just about every day, and will be playing a lot at the World Series, presumably due to the sponsorship of Victory Poker.  Mr. Ivey and his friends probably aren’t shaking in their boots right now.

The final segment of the evening was with Jason Mercier, talking about the filming of The Big Game, PokerStars’ new high-stakes cash game that will be airing on Fox next month.  The unique aspect of this show is the presence of the “Loose Cannon.”  This is a player in the game who will be staked with $100,000 by PokerStars, but only keeps the money he/she wins, which adds a level of urgency to the game.  Also, the loose cannon that makes the most during the show’s run will win a complete NAPT package.  Expect to see coverage of The Big Game right here at PokerWorks as soon as it airs.

That’s it for this week.  See you next time!

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