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Poker2Nite - Season 2, Episode 12

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Poker2Nite’s season finale took place on the Versus network last night, with the usual team of Scott Huff, Joe Sebok, and Dana Workman sharing the hosting chores.  It meant that there was just one more challenger in the season-long On The Clock competition to try and wrest the title from Trishelle Cannatella, who was poised backstage to claim the trophy.  And from whom would that challenge come?  None other than Amazing Race contestant and 2007 WSOP Main Event Last Woman Standing Maria Ho.  

In the week’s poker headlines, Theo Jorgensen took down the WPT Grand Prix de Paris and the 633,902 euro first prize, besting a final table of largely completely unknown players to win the title.  Sebok was asked if having a no-name final table helps or hurts poker, and made no bones about the fact that he believes people want to see the Iveys and the other well-known players in major tournaments.  The only exception to that rule is the final table of the WSOP Main Event, since much of the popularity of the event in the recent past has been the notion of the big dream of the player who comes out of nowhere.

In other news, it was discovered that newly nominated Supreme Court justice-in-waiting Elana Kagan is an accomplished poker player.  While Sebok suggested that it is never a bad thing that more people in power are playing poker, he doesn’t think that anyone should hold their breath waiting for her or any other poker-playing politician to really make too many drastic changes to the way things are right now.

And speaking of the way things stand, the Poker Player’s Alliance put forth a new petition, which has the support of at least 22 members of Congress, trying to exempt poker and other peer-to-peer gambling from the UIGEA which is scant days away from being fully implemented.  We’ll see if it has any effect, as the June 1 deadline looms ever closer.

Huff and Sebok next had a brief Skype conversation with the COO of Cereus, Paul Leggett, to address the latest security concerns regarding Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker that were pointed out online by  The site had demonstrated a way that the software could be compromised to allow someone to see hole cards, and even though the application of that would have been very challenging, and likely didn’t happen (at least according to Leggett), Cereus has made certain to use a better level of encryption on its sites, and has acknowledged that the improved level of security is adequate for the sites’ needs.

In the final WSOP preview, Sebok gave his recommendations as to what to do when you are NOT at the table playing a tournament in the WSOP.  He suggested five must-do activities, which were, in order:
1) Go to Rehab at the pool at Hard Rock on a Sunday afternoon, which Sebok says is the best people-watching and bacchanalia that Vegas has to offer.  He suggested dropping the money for a cabana if you can swing it.  
2) Go out to Lake Mead - A great place to relax AWAY from the city, and somewhere you can scream “I’m on a boat!” all day long.  
3)  Go to Pure nightclub at Caesar’s, which has remained a staple of the club scene while many others have come and gone.  Buy a VIP pass if you are not accompanied by some beautiful women, or be prepared to wait in line a long time.  
4) See Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere.
5) Go to a strip club.  Sebok chose Sapphire, which he described as an adult fantasyland.

Dana Workman followed with the P2N online segment, tracking the goings-on in cyber space for the week.  The highlight was Jen Harman’s campaign video for votes to get into the Tournament of Champions at the WSOP.  The text went:  “Jen’s a wife.  Jen’s a mom.  Jen’s a woman.  And she has a smile that says, ‘I’m about to kick your ass and send you home to see YOUR mommy!’ “It was priceless stuff.

This week’s mailbag question was “What’s the toughest thing about the grind that is the WSOP?”  Sebok didn’t really answer the question, choosing instead to acknowledge that the Series IS a grind, with six weeks of intense poker, every day.  He said that the key to survival was to take breaks, get away from the table, and keep yourself as fresh as possible for the marathon.

The in-studio interview with Maria Ho was next, and she was, of course, asked about her experience on The Amazing Race.  She felt that it was actually the best experience of her life.  She doesn’t consider herself a very physical person by nature, but the challenge of continually pushing yourself to your very limits is incredible, and having to constantly rise to the occasion really helped to stretch her.  She feels certain that in the future, if she needs to do something crazy that she might have felt in the past was impossible for her that this experience will now allow her to believe and know that she can do it.  We found out that Ms. Ho was born in Taiwan, and she was recently there visiting her family.  She also went to China, but found it somewhat difficult because of the ban on Twitter and Facebook, which seem to be irreplaceable parts of her life right now.

Her intention for the World Series this year is to play about 20 events, and she will play all the limit events, which she feels are her strength.  She doesn’t want to go beyond that many tourneys, since she feels that she gets tired and starts to play badly if she plays any more than that.  If she had to place a bet on any particular woman to win a bracelet this year, her choice would be Vanessa Rousso.

The show finished with Ho going On The Clock, and she made a valiant effort to beat Cannatella’s score, but ultimately finished with six correct answers, meaning that the reality television star best known for a threesome in a hot tub on television beat some of the finest minds in the poker world for the show’s trophy!

And so ends the second season of Poker2Nite.  If there’s a third set of shows next year, you can count on us to bring it to you right here at!

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