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WSOP Sights and Sounds: The Tour Starts Here

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All is calm today, save for a few people setting up the Rio Convention Center, ready for the fury to come.  The silence will soon be replaced by thousands of poker players looking for their shot at glory.  Starting on Friday and continuing for the 52 nights that proceed, tens of thousands of poker players will walk through the doors of the Rio Convention Center hoping to make it big in the poker world.  For those that have already done so, they will look to add to their legacy by adding a bracelet or two to their résumé.  Many parts of the WSOP seem fairly noble – with men looking to make their mark in history – but many, many other parts of the WSOP will be much less noble, and those are going to be the interesting stories this summer.

After a few days, when the initial awe of the WSOP begins to wear off, poker players will begin to settle.  Sure, that’s good for their nerves; after all, they are just playing poker.  But as many poker players become relaxed in their environment and focus on their poker skills, they also start to become lax in their hygienic skills.  Admittedly, when you play poker from noon to well past midnight it’s hard to worry about washing your hair, but there’s more to it than that.  Many poker players will refuse to wash their hair, shave, change their underwear, shirt, socks, etc, because it’s a “lucky charm.”  When you combine that with the 110 degree weather outside, and the bright lights of the convention center, well, that’s anything but lucky for those that will be there daily.

Tens of millions of dollars will be wagered during the WSOP, and a large chunk of that money will have nothing to do with poker.  Older men will race their motorized scooters down the hall, people will lose unhealthy amounts of weight, and normally unhealthy men will attempt to run marathons or play multiple rounds of golf, all for the sake of “action.”  In fact, people will unknowingly affect the bank accounts of others based on “fantasy drafts” that are taken place that try to determine who will or won’t win a bracelet.  Additionally, a seemingly random question can cost one thousands of dollars based on the answer, as seen by the popularity of the game “Lodden Thinks” the last couple of years.

Not only will poker players be looking to make money, but those in the (ah-hem) “service” industries will be hoping to do the same.  Last year as I traveled up and down the hallways of the convention center multiple times of the day, I was not blind to the scantily clad females handing out fliers to strip clubs, pool parties, and strip pool parties.  I was also not blind to the fact that they never once handed me one of those fliers.  I have spoken to multiple people about that in the year that has followed, and many have told me I have no choice but to ask why a rather normal looking 27 year old dude would be ignored by seemingly every stripper in Las Vegas.  For them, I will attempt to have that answered this year.  I just have to ask my wife to understand why I may have to go to one of these “parties.”  It’s all for the sake of research, and I’m sure my accountant will let me write it off.

I will also get to hear all the newest poker “related” music that has came out within the last year.  I only covered the WSOP for just over a week last year, and that was at the very end of it.  By that time it had been estimated by another member of the media that the song “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga had been played an estimated 4,315,438 times.  I believed that to be true, as I heard it over 300,000 times during my stay.  I have heard a few songs reference poker, but for the sake of my poker and media brethren I will not list them here on the off chance that the person in charge of poker for the WSOP is reading this.

In its simplest form, the game of poker revolves around what cards are dealt.  But if you asked anybody who has ever spent even just a few hours around the game, they would tell you that the game is much more than that.  It’s about the characters and the stories that revolve around those characters.  For the next six weeks I hope to be able to show you around the Convention Center at the Rio focusing not so much on the cards, but rather on the true “sights and sounds.”
Some of you may think that I am making light of the different situations and characters that await me just around the corner, but I assure you there is no place I’d rather be this summer.  

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