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WSOP Sights and Sounds Day 10: The Master, Dwan’s Day, Laak Still Ticking!

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Many of the most exciting moments at the World Series of Poker happen when the rest of the world is asleep.  One of those exciting moments came just as Day 9 turned into Day 10 of the WSOP when Men “The Master” Nguyen captured his 7th career bracelet in the $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship.  

However, Nguyen’s fun began way before he was posing for pictures with the gold.  When the final table began, so did Nguyen – ordering Coronas, to be exact.  At one point shortly after the first hands of the table were dealt, Nguyen asked the waiter where his Corona was.  The waiter pointed out that he had just brought him one, as he continued to pass out the orders from his tray to the rest of his players.  Nguyen responded that it was time for another one, as he had finished that one in about less than a minute.  This was a common scene throughout the night and early morning.

Nguyen’s most impressive feat of the night, besides staying awake and coherent through the long hours, was talking Brandon Adams into playing the last hand blind.  Adams actually had a lead after the first three cards were dealt, and he improved on 5th street, with a pair of queens.  Going to the river Nguyen needed a queen to catch a gutshot straight, or a king for a pair of kings.  Sure enough he caught a king, much to the delight of his family and friends, winning the championship.


{id:57}As the darkness turned to light, the story of Day 10 has been Tom “Durrrr” Dwan.  It has been well documented on poker forums everywhere that Dwan is set to win a lot of money if he is able to win just one bracelet at the 2010 series.  Many reports have said that “a lot” of money is about $2,000,000, with much of that action coming from Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu.  However, as Dwan made the final table of the $1,500 No Limit Holdem event, rumors say that the number is much higher than $2,000,000.  According to a member of the ESPN staff, the number is actually $15,000,000.  He also added that he is getting “a couple million” just for making the final table.  He wished to keep his source’s identity private, but it makes sense for the number to have grown since all the big time prop-betters are all in the same place.  Regardless, with a victory, Dwan is in line to make a lot more than the $614,248 set aside for first place.

Dwan also spent the better part of the day wowing the crowd by showing how he is in good shape.  In addition to being in the $1,500 No Limit tournament he was also in the$1,500 Deuce to 7 Event.  For well over an hour he ran from tournament to tournament playing one hand each.  In an interesting series, he won a big hand in the $1,500 no limit event only to sprint over to the Deuce to 7 event.  At that table he called a raise from an all-in player only to beat him with the last card in a bit of a suckout.  While running back to the no limit tournament, he yelled out an apology which brought roars of laughter from the railbirds.  Many people began wondering how much Dwan was slated to win if he won two WSOP events, especially in the same day, but those thoughts turned into what could have been, as Dwan has since been eliminated from the Deuce to 7 event.  

At the moment, Dwan seems set to make a serious run at his first WSOP bracelet.  Three still remain at the final {id:58}table, but Dwan has the least amount of chips at this writing but that could change very rapidly.  Many feel this will be Dwan’s best chance to win the title because there are many amateur players at the final table.  Because so much is riding on this tourney for Dwan, many railbirds have begun calling it the “Dwanament.”

Amazingly, the final table has just gone on dinner break, but there will be no food for Dwan during this break.  Instead it’s more multi-tabling, as he has signed up for the $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split- 8 or Better Championship.  Multi-tabling all day is normal for internet players, but it’s not very common at the WSOP.  All in a day’s work for the man they call “Durrrr.”


Over at the Bellagio, Phil Laak has beaten the world record for the world’s longest poker session.  It was originally thought that Laak would go for 80 hours to put a little distance between his record and the old record of 78 hours and 20 minutes.  However, Laak has cruised by 80 hours, and is now on an amazing 104 hours.  

It was unclear if he would use any sort of legal drugs, like caffeine or energy drinks/shots to beat the record but it has since been confirmed that he has not used anything en route to crushing the record.  His meals have consisted of high energy foods like yams and bison burgers, which he says he is sick of, but they have clearly been working.  

Through it all Laak has updated his Twitter account, and with each passing hour his Tweets get odder and odder, as expected.  His latest Tweet has him wondering how other creatures sleep: “Dolphins take turns w each side of their brain when it comes to sleep - I wonder if we can learn how to do this for ourselves..”  

It was believed that Laak would quit at 101 hours, because as he pointed out on Twitter “it’s a prime number,” and he likes prime numbers.  However, his “friend” Ben Tilly discouraged him when he pointed out that there are many more prime numbers past 101, including 127.  If Laak was able to get to 127, it would be higher than the unconfirmed number Ted Forrest is believed to have posted.  Many people on the poker forum have said that Forrest is the true holder of this record, with a time of 125 straight hours.  It’s unclear if Laak is aware of this unofficial number, if he is, he hasn’t mentioned it yet.  

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