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WSOP Sights and Sounds Day 15: The (Almost) All Ladies Event, Doyle Responds to Annette

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At 12:00pm “The First Lady of Poker,” Linda Johnson, officially started the $1,000 Ladies No Limit Event with the famous words “Let’s shuffle up and deal,” but she might as well have said, “Let’s start the madness.”  Before the first cards were even dealt, tournament director Jack Effel got on the microphone to address the situation of a handful of men electing to play the tournament.  Effel said that while it was strongly discouraged, there was no way they could stop men from playing the tournament.  He said he’s ashamed because the ladies tournament is “rich in history” and that many women in the tournament give their winnings to charities.  Effel concluded by saying, “on behalf of the WSOP, I apologize.”

Perhaps the most popular man who elected to use his “it’s a free country card” was Shaun Deeb.  Deeb came to the table in a wig, with a hat, and a nice coat of lipstick.  The women at his table, including Barry Shulman’s wife, Allan, didn’t appreciate Deeb being at their table.  They all agreed to put a bounty on Deeb, with each player giving $10 to the person who did the deed.  Deeb was overheard telling another reporter that he wasn’t doing it “to be an asshole” and that he doesn’t agree with tournaments that put a limitation on who can or cannot play.  He also said jokingly that it’s the event he “wants to win the most.”  While he may think he’s not sounding like an asshole, those are the things that upset the women at his table because they are taking it seriously.  Deeb is lighthearted though, and most likely doesn’t mean anything harsh by it, but it’s certainly a touchy subject.

Another interesting spot came up that could only come up in an all ladies event.  A woman, or a man, or a man who used to be a woman, was seated at table 40.  Dressed stylish in cleavage revealing, feminine attire, Rosa Klaneski was talkative, agreeable with all the man bashing for playing women’s tournaments and interested in a cute guy on the rail.  Her day ended quickly, as she was eliminated by Shannon Elizabeth.  

From time to time a dealer, seated alone, would call the floor after all the women at the table decided to take a break at the same time despite the official break still being a number of minutes away.  Apparently a number of tables decided that whenever one woman had to use the bathroom, they all would get up and go so nobody missed a hand.  I couldn’t help but imagine the sight of all the women in the tournament deciding to use the bathroom at the same time.  The only people still in the tournament room would be the confused dealers, Shaun Deeb, and maybe our friend from the previous paragraph.  

Finally, one of the male participants in the womens event was penalized for two rounds after he elected to use a tampon as a card protector.  It’s unclear exactly what rule he broke in the WSOP rulebook, but he certainly caused a stir with this stunt.


A few days ago Annette Obrestad had an interview with ESPN that managed to upset about half of the world’s population and the “Godfather of Poker,” Doyle Brunson.  In the interview Obrestad said that she thinks “all woman poker players suck” and that she would much rather sit at a table full of Doyle Brunson’s than with a bunch of internet whiz kids.  She also said that Brunson’s ego gets to him, and that’s another reason she could beat him.  It didn’t take long for Brunson to respond.  On his Twitter account he tweeted, “Must be a bad tme of the month for Annette whats her name. By the way, I'm at Bobby's Room almost every day if she really wants to play [sic].”  Brunson, realizing that his statement might upset women as much as Obrestad saying women suck, later recanted his statement saying, “I apologize to women everywhere about my "time of the month" comment. I'm afraid I've been a little peeved lately:-(“

However, the challenge has been set.  It was an interesting comment to Obrestad because she isn’t really known as a cash game player.  An internet search shows she is down nearly $50,000 in her online poker career.  Additionally, the highest limits she has ever played is 25/50.  At Bobby’s Room the lowest stakes they generally play are 1,000/2,000.  During this time of year it’s not uncommon for the stakes to reach 2,000/4,000, or much higher.  

Obrestad has not responded to Brunson’s latest Tweet.  


The $10,000 Deuce to 7 Lowball Championship Event had an absolutely stacked field when play resumed with 10 remaining today.  At one of the tables of five, three of the players were John Juanda, Daniel Negreanu, and Erik Seidel.  At the other table of five, three of them were Eric Cloutier, Andy Bloch, and David Baker, making it pretty good odds that a fairly well known player will be hoisting a bracelet by the end of the night.  

The first of the big names remaining to be eliminated was Andy Bloch, in 9th place, just missing the final table.  The next star to hit the rail was Daniel Negreanu, falling just short of the final table in 7th place (Deuce to 7 final tables are 7-handed).  This was Negreanu’s first cash of the WSOP, and he appeared relieved.  Although “Kid Poker” fell short here, he is hoping this sets him in the right direction for more final tables, and hopefully a bracelet, as the series continues. 

Currently David Baker leads the way with five players remaining.  Baker has been at or near the top of a lot of leader boards the first two weeks of the WSOP, but hopes to finally ship gold tonight.  The order of the remaining players is Cloutier, Doug Booth, Juanda, and George Danzer.  The winning player will be taking home a paycheck of $294,314.

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