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Online Poker Room Roundup: WSOP Wearing Thin But Offers Are Still Hot

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You know, in a way, the World Series of Poker is sort of like the Olympics.

Though it does come every year, it sure SEEMS like it takes four years to get here. And so at first, as a result, you're watching all of it just like you watch the Olympics. You probably don't miss a second through a poker news update site like, well, Poker News. Durr's heads up for a bracelet! The Grinder's redemption!

But as the Olympics starts to wear you down, those hours of bobsledding, ice dancing and endless touching interviews about yet another athlete who draws inspiration from a long-lost brother who has toe cancer, all start to catch up to you, and eventually you start to change the channel. You might even miss something like, gasp, speed skating!

The WSOP is the same way. You've watched Pot-Limit Omaha, endless Holdem tournaments and even the Razz event, and now it's starting to get to you a bit. I know you'll regain your momentum in time for the Main Event. But let's take a break.

I'm not writing one lick about the WSOP.

That's right. I'm not mentioning anything about PokerStars' big event this Sunday, June 20, when the Sunday Million will be replaced by a World Series Mega Satellite with a buy-in of only $370 and 200 seats guaranteed.

OK, I guess I just did. But I PROMISE no more WSOP stuff, OK? There's a lot of other stuff going on in the online poker world, and let's mention just a few of them.

For instance, there's a simple, $1,500 freeroll you can play on PartyPoker, and to play in it, all you have to do is sign up and make your first deposit. You can do that right here through PokerWorks, just like you can with any other online poker room listed here (or many others). You'll also get $25 free just for signing up!

The WSOP - I'm just using an example here, I'm not breaking my promise - can be intimidating to beginners, so a freeroll like this one can really help give you some confidence and teach you that, yes, there are still many, many donkeys you can dominate.

If you want to be a donkey - or at least by someone like Phil Hellmuth's standards - you can overplay Seven Deuce on Ultimate Bet. 7-2. The worst hand in poker.

That's what it is, supposedly, but if you've watched those high stakes games on shows such as "High Stakes Poker," you've probably seen Seven Deuce played. It's simple. You get the worst hand, and you play it like Aces. If you win with it, and that means getting everyone to fold OR winning a showdown, you win a juicy side pot that others pay into.

The nice thing is it's possible that people WON'T fold when you ARE holding the nuts (not 7-2 by the way even if we are talking it up here) because they might think you are just trying to get everyone to fold because you have Seven Deuce. Got it? Maybe? You'll catch on fast. The one thing you can be sure of is the game usually produces some big pots, and you can see why.

Remember my ban on the WSOP? I'm lifting it right now, but there's a really good reason. Actually 50 of them. UB's also hosting a huge WSOP satellite that will give away at least 50 seats to the Main Event. That event, a $530 buy-in, is also scheduled for Sunday, June 20. Play that one and the PokerStars tourney and it's almost like a $12,000 seat package is being handed to you.

In fact, UB IS handing you a seat. The site is running a series of daily freerolls until June 27 that will lead to a WSOP freeroll, and the prize at the end? You guessed it. A Main Event seat.

OK so I cheated there but you have to admit that's pretty cool.

And if you still want to be on TV, you don't have to get there by being on the WSOP coverage. Full Tilt's offering not one, but two new poker shows, and neither one have anything to do with the WSOP.

The first is the Poker Million, one of Europe's most widely televised tournaments, and you can get there by playing one of the qualifier tournaments for your $32,000 prize package. Satellites to the $600 + $40 qualifier start at just $24 + $2, which is just a token.

The second is Late Night Poker, and again, that's another one of Europe's biggest tournaments. You can win a $12,000 prize package that you can again get into by winning a satellite or the $300 + $22 direct qualifier.

The WSOP is starting to wear on me, too, but let's all hang in there. It's only a few weeks until you'll be wondering when the next one will be here.

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