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WSOP Sights and Sounds Day 18: Ladies Event Controversy, Bellande Prop Bet

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Despite the Ladies event being over for nearly 24 hours, tons of controversy still surround the event.  Just taking a brief walk around, numerous conversations are still taking place on the subject.  One guy, who found himself between two women in the $200 daily tournament, got an ear full from both sides after he announced to the table he thinks “woman only events are stupid.”  Almost simultaneously the ladies took turns berating the guy.  One woman, more vocal than the others, told him that “men are stupid for playing in the event” while the other pointed out that the event is designed to help bring women into the game, and hopefully make them feel comfortable.  

Each person, man or woman, is entitled to their own opinion regarding the event, and one man who decided to show his opinion of the event was Shaun Deeb.  It’s been well documented that Deeb came to the event dressed in drag, and that he, along with other men who opted to play in the event, have been threatened with being suspended the WSOP.  Deeb decided to address those matters in a YouTube statement, which has gotten a ton of responses already.  

In the video Deeb explains that he dressed in drag because he lost a bet.  He said when he decided to play the event he was harassed by security, looking for any reason to throw him off the property, and he said while he supports women in poker he does not support gender segregated events.  He went on to say that many women, including Annie Duke, supported his decision to play in the event.  


The $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo-8 or Better Champion is currently down to 13 players, and by the end of the night a champion will be crowned.  Despite Omaha hi-lo being a bit harder to follow for the average railbird, it hasn’t stopped people from filling the rail to near capacity.  Of course, it also helps that this event attracted a virtual “who’s who” in the poker world.
Although many of the top names have already been sent packing, a few recognizable names remain.  Sammy Farha with his unlit cigarette is currently sitting in 6th place.  Farha has been recognizable since he first appeared at the main event final table with Moneymaker, and has arguably become just as recognizable as the man who created the “poker boom.”  Farha is going for his third WSOP bracelet, with the other two also coming in Omaha.  Farha is certainly a man who likes to take a gamble, as evidenced by all of his appearances on high stakes poker shows, and the game of Omaha hi/lo certainly fits that mold.

Also still hanging around is “The Voice of Poker” Mike Sexton.  Sexton has drawn quite a few railbirds because they recognize him from providing commentary on World Poker Tour events.  However, it seems most of them don’t know that Sexton has been cashing in WSOP events for over 25 years, including winning a bracelet in the $1,500 Seven Card Stud Split event in 1989.  One gentleman in the crowd asked his friend, “Who commentates the event if Sexton wins it?”  The question brought laughter from a few people, with one pointing out that he works for the WPT, and the WSOP is on ESPN, which won’t be televising this event.  That left the man who made the original comment to then add “Well, I guess ESPN doesn’t have to worry about that with Norman Chad.”  Ouch.

The current leader is James Dempsey, but Abe Mosseri is right behind him.  The winner will nab $488,241.  Additionally, any event in the WSOP with a buy-in of $10,000, or more, is considered a “World Championship” event.  


Jean-Robert Bellande is broke.  At least that’s what he would lead us to believe.  On his Twitter account he updates his daily ups and downs about his struggle with living life as a broke poker player.  However, do broke people make $25,000 prop bets?  Apparently they do.  

Prop bet details are making the rounds that JRB is involved in a $25,000 weight lifting prop bet against a man named Paul Soucy.  Soucy, a very large man, is spotting Bellande 185 lbs. in a bench press prop.  The men will compete in the prop at the end of the WSOP.  If Bellande can come within 185 pounds of what Soucy can lift, he will win $25,000.  Many people feel Bellande has the advantage on this, as he is not a small man himself.  Many feel if Bellande works out for just a few weeks he should be able to complete this task easily.

In other JRB news, Bellande became even “less broke” as he just cashed in the $10,000 Omaha hi/lo event for just over $21,000.  Which again poses the question, how do broke people buy into $10,000 event?  Additionally, he has recently leaked a video of him playing at “Bobby’s Room” at the Bellagio, the highest stakes poker room known to man.  If that’s living the broke life, count me in.


A number of other events are also taking place around the Amazon and Pavilion rooms.  Day two of the $1,000 No Limit Holdem event is now in the money.  Jose “Nacho” Barbero, the winner of back-to-back LAPT titles, has made his first cash at this year’s WSOP.  Barbero is obviously one of the hottest poker players in the world, so his progress has drawn excitement from the rail.  Also still hanging around is Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, but he is very short stacked.  As mentioned, Dwan is set to become an even richer man if he can win just one bracelet at the WSOP because of a number of prop bets he has with a number of high rollers.  Right now a man named Herman Eisele is in the lead.

Two other events started today:  The $ 2,500 No Limit Holdem Six-Handed event and the Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better event with a $1,500 event buy-in.  In the six-handed event about half of the 1,245 entrants remain, with Chris Moorman leading the way.  Other recognizable names in the top ten are Jerry Yang and Scott Seiver.  The stud event has just started, and no players have yet been eliminated.  

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