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Turn the Worst Hand into the Best Hand to Win Big at UB Poker

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Every poker player knows the worst hand in Holdem is a 7-2 even if it is so-o-oted, but right now at UB, the worse hand in poker is your lucky hand to catch if you are playing at the new Seven Deuce tables!

When UB introduced their new Seven Deuce tables, it was an event that changed the game of Holdem and has quickly become all the rage in the world of online poker. With the addition of a side pot meant to sweeten the deal, you will enjoy a more intense playing experience than ever before, as only UB Poker can offer. And in typical UB style, they guarantee the game of Holdem poker at the Seven Deuce tables to offer more action, larger bets, bigger pots and provide more intense competition! Wrap this all up in this fresh new perspective on Holdem and you will find it leaves the majority of regular Holdem games sorely lacking in excitement.

Revolving around the absolute worst hand known to poker, this is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat by delivering the thrill of colossal side pots that will make the competition fierce!

Here is how it works: Whenever you choose to jump in a Holdem game at a Seven Deuce table, you must contribute to a side pot, but there is no further contribution to the side pot required until a player takes the pot with a 7-2 in the hole. And if you should decide to leave a Seven Deuce table, your side pot money is returned to you so long as someone does not manage to win it before you make your decision to walk away. And what keeps this game even more interesting is that playing to win while holding a 7-2 does not mean that catching it must lead to calling all raises and hoping for good luck on the river. This is a game that requires poker skill and savvy that will ensure that even as you play the worst hand in Holdem, you have to play like a seasoned pro and exhibit patience and downright nerve to do what it takes to win!

To grab the cash by winning the side pot, all you need do is to take down a pot with 7-2 at any point in a hand! And since you will be required to show your hand as proof of your feat, showing your opponents how you won with the worst hand in poker will be half the fun! With hotter action, more extreme play and more cash on the table to be won, the Seven Deuce tables bring a new thrill to online poker play that players will find both challenging and exciting. With the side pot on the line, players will bluff more often which makes for more action and bigger pots!

Grab a seat at a Seven Deuce table today at UB and turn the worst hand in poker into a big payday!

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