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Lubo “crazydonkinc” Day 1C WSOP Main Event

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PokerWorks recently interviewed Lubo – “crazydonkinc” on Full Tilt Poker – after he arrived in Las Vegas for the WSOP Main Event.  Lubo won a $14,000 dream package playing on which required four months of almost nonstop online poker.  Lubo did not go into the contest lightly; he assessed the situation completely before deciding to attempt the massive feat of playing 5,500 hands of online poker a day.  Read the full interview.

Lubo’s quest for gold started in the Amazon Room, table 360 red, seat 1, on day 1C.  During Lubo’s first day of play, he updated PokerWorks with text messages periodically to track his progress.
An hour or so into play he picked up Q-Q and raised to 350 and got three callers.  The flop hit with an Ace and a King and he check/folded.

Another hour of play found him stacking a big pot when he picked up Q-Q again and raised to 250.  He got six callers with a flop of 7-8-x and a female lead bet 500.  She had been doing that a lot and one hand where she had a monster; she checked/called the flop.  Lubo wanted to isolate her and raised.  She reraised but told the dealer it was an accident as she only wanted to call.  The turn was low and she bet 5,000; the river brought an 8 and she bet 5,000 again. Lubo tanked and then made the call based on pot size and his read on the flop that she didn’t have a monster.  She turned over 9-9 and he was up to around 45,000.

At dinner break Lubo had around 35,000 (starting stack 30,000) as he had to lay down trip 7s when the river brought a flush and two guys were interested in the pot.

Lubo bagged 37,325 around midnight on July 7th.   He lost 5k in the last hand with A-Q vs. K-Q.  He will be playing again on Friday, the 9th, Table 323 red, in the Amazon room.
PokerWorks will be updating with Lubo as he plays the Main Event and wishing him the best of luck and great decision making at the right time.  GO LUBO!

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