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Super Poker Sunday 08/22: PokerStars Awards Four Six-Figure Paydays

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The Sunday schedule of online tournaments for August 22 was as normal as could be. After several weeks of missing Full Tilt Poker events due to FTOPS XVII and despite the current running of UB Poker’s UBOC5 series, all of the major events were in full swing on Sunday afternoon.

For some reason, many of the PokerStars events saw registration decreases this week, in the hundreds for some tournaments, though all of the events still surpassed their guarantees. There are numerous live events going on around the world at this point, but no other cause seemed evident at first glance. Even so, though, Stars still awarded the biggest prizes of the week, as the Warm-Up gave more than $104K to YogiohPro for the win, and the Sunday Million had six-figure payouts for its top three players, though pvas2 walked away with nearly $234K for the win.

Full Tilt had issues of its own, as neither the $750K Guarantee nor the Double Deuce were able to meet their guarantees, so overlays were on tap for those players. The $750K ended up awarding the biggest prize of the FTP Sunday anyway when sasodiits took more than $83K for first place, and TMoney209 grabbed more than $75K for the Sunday Brawl victory.

All of the final table results, registration numbers, and prize pools are listed below.


Sunday Warm-Up

The first of the Sunday events on PokerStars is always one of its most popular, and though the numbers were still impressive this week, registration numbers dropped several hundred from the previous week. Even with the decrease though, the $750K guarantee drew 3,984 players to the tables, all with a hefty $200 + $15 buy-in at hand to enter (or the equivalent that they won through satellites). And that number shoved the prize pool up to $796,800, well over the guarantee and enough to pay out the last 585 players standing with a six-figure payout reserved for the winner. And though the top three players came to a deal before playing on, it was eventually YugiohPro who beat the others and still walked away with more than $104K for the feat.

1st place:    YugiohPro ($104,060.64)
2nd place:    alimali63 ($90,000.00)
3rd place:    BrandanZ ($90,000.00)
4th place:    247cat ($45,816.00)
5th place:    Spec4u ($33,864.00)
6th place:    I EyeDeA I ($25,896.00)
7th place:    mshabububu ($17,928.00)
8th place:    nazze84 ($9,960.00)
9th place:    Kocherov ($6,374.40)

Sunday 1/4 Million
Players from around the world looked forward to this event each week, and this running of the Quarter Million was no different. It is one of the best buys on the internet, offering a $250K guarantee for the low buy-in of only $10 + $1. And registration showed that there were 30,003 players looking to turn their bankrolls upside down with a huge win this week, and that pushed the prize pool up to $300,030. The top 4,500 players did walk away with some payout for their efforts, but it was the top three players who split the bulk of the money before HeyGuyRH ultimately won the tournament and took home more than $25K for the victory.

1st place:    HeyGuyRH ($25,151.18)
2nd place:    xx303xx ($17,284.76)
3rd place:    Kuca :P ($16,655.38)
4th place:    jonasdan ($10,501.05)
5th place:    MamutatumaM ($7,500.75)
6th place:    ChaozMasterz ($4,500.45)
7th place:    Rowniwn ($3,000.30)
8th place:    MSTONE6996 ($2,250.22)
9th place:    John_66646 ($1,500.15)

D.N.G. Sunday Special
One of the best buys of all of the Sunday majors with their massive guarantees is the special weekly edition of the Daily Nightly Grand, though even this event saw a bit of a downturn this week. The $300K guarantee only requires players pony up $50 + $5 to enter, which is substantially lower than most other Sunday events. The final number of players was still solid when it came in at 6,491, as the prize pool still crept above the guarantee to $324,550. And as the tournament played on, 990 players were paid and the final two players came to a payment agreement before Sacre belge! defeated JohnFR to grab the win, though JohnFR still took home more money with his $36K prize.

1st place:    Sacre belge! ($31,899.81)
2nd place:    JohnFR ($36,194.60)
3rd place:    ShipTheFlip ($18,499.35)
4th place:    ship_it_cfb ($14,929.30)
5th place:    thewh00sel ($11,683.80)
6th place:    Rognpose ($8,438.30)
7th place:    jasper2321 ($5,679.62)
8th place:    JackdaRabbit ($3,732.32)
9th place:    sdunsm ($2,271.85)

Sunday Million
The monstrous Sunday Million tournament hit its stride once again after the WSOP, with steadily rising registration numbers. This week, however, there was a decrease of nearly 500 players from the prior week. Even so, the $1.5 million guarantee brought 7,798 players to the field with their $200 + $15 buy-ins, and that still brought the prize pool up past the guarantee to where it landed at $1,559,600. The final 1,170 players were paid from those funds, and three six-figure payouts awaited the top three finishers. And they played it out with no deal even discussed, and the quick heads-up match found pvas2 victorious over PremiumStud. Pvas2 took home nearly $234K for the win.

1st place:  pvas2 ($233,943.87)
2nd place:  PremiumStud ($171,556.00)
3rd place:  eleach86 ($116,970.00)
4th place:  BWFCLEE ($78,603.84)
5th place:  johnnylodden ($62,384.00)
6th place:  RichGilliard ($46,788.00)
7th place:  joeywhatsup ($31,192.00)
8th place:  Dmitrych77 ($17,935.40)
9th place:  Chancew ($12,086.90)

Sunday 500

It was the last of all of the Sunday majors to wrap up, though in fairness, it was one of the last to get underway. The Sunday 500 was the high-stakes version of the weekend tournaments, offering the $500K guarantee only to players who could buy-in (or satellite in) for the $500 + $30 price tag. This week, registration brought only 1,001 players into the mix, which just barely beat the guarantee and brought the prize pool to $500,500. The top 144 players were paid, and the final table saw Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul finish in eighth place. The last three players made a financial deal before Tulkaz went on to beat supadphat to take home more than $74K in first place cash.

1st place:    Tulkaz ($74,185.22)
2nd place:    supadphat ($61,322.92)
3rd place:    FIREintheSUN ($63,090.26)
4th place:    siola ($35,535.50)
5th place:    xthesteinx ($25,025.00)
6th place:    RaineTech ($20,020.00)
7th place:    Seanlawn ($15,015.00)
8th place:    stevejpa ($10,010.00)
9th place:    szusza84 ($5,755.75)

Sunday 2nd Chance
It was the last chance for players to get in on some of PokerStars big guarantees and major tournaments for the day, and there was a $250K guarantee atop the Second Chance event to boot. With a buy-in of $200 + $15, the field grew to 1,442 players, which pushed that prize pool past its set amount to $288,400. Once the final 162 players were paid from that cash, the final table players fought for the $52K first place prize, which ultimately went to goodvibe1 for defeating Mailman76 in the heads-up match to decide the tournament.

1st place:    goodvibe1 ($52,142.72)
2nd place:    Mailman76 ($37,780.40)
3rd place:    TheEcLaiMEer ($28,840.00)
4th place:    cdbr3799 ($21,630.00)
5th place:    kenos03 ($15,141.00)
6th place:    Mr. Sparco ($12,257.00)
7th place:    Betudontbet ($9,373.00)
8th place:    yoshi-jp ($6,489.00)
9th place:    BBOY3110 ($4,037.60)

Full Tilt Poker

The Sunday Brawl

After a two week hiatus from the regular schedule due to the 17th running of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, the ever-popular Sunday Brawl was back on the docket. The $240 + $16 buy-in offers $40 bounties on each player in the tournament, giving a refreshing change from the usual events of the day. And the $400K guarantee isn’t anything to be discounted either. Players were ready to resume their Brawl duties, and there were 2,529 players up for it, which boosted the prize pool beyond the guarantee up to $505,800. That set up payouts for the top 279 players, and when the final table began to play down, the top three players came to a financial agreement. Ultimately, TMoney209 was able to beat his two opponents and grab more than $75K for the win.

1st place:    TMoney209 ($75,270.43)
2nd place:    D1rtyR1v3r ($71,056.30)
3rd place:    callyoudownn ($71,673.07)
4th place:    driverseati ($36,923.40)
5th place:    jimmymofo ($25,795.80)
6th place:    Udaff76 ($17,197.20)
7th place:    ultraslan28 ($11,633.40)
8th place:    Avril Sharapova ($8,092.80)
9th place:    dancfc ($6,069.60)

$750,000 Guarantee
The second tournament that took a two-week break during the FTOPS XVII events was the $750K Guarantee, and though players were glad to have the FTOPS opportunities, many of them were likely glad to get back to their regular routines. The $200 + $16 buy-in drew 3,421 players to the virtual tables this week, and when Full Tilt had to kick in some money to ensure that the prize pool reached $750,000, players also received a nice overlay. The playdown saw 522 competitors make it into the money, and at the final table, the last four survivors made a chip-chop deal. And when they played it out, sasodiits was able to grab the win and the $83K in prize money.

1st place:    sasodiits ($83,307.23)
2nd place:    The_Crocop ($75,957.12)
3rd place:    buttsauce33 ($74,365.58)
4th place:    mattg1983 ($73,307.57)
5th place:    DagobertDyck ($31,050.00)
6th place:    BummBummAllin ($23,025.00)
7th place:    BKBaddog ($17,250.00)
8th place:    syyyke_mann ($13,500.00)
9th place:    BkF1nest ($10,050.00)

The Sunday Mulligan
The Mulligan stayed on the schedule during FTOPS and came out swinging after it. The $200K guarantee for a $200 + $16 buy-in attracted 1,272 players this week, which boosted the prize pool up to $254,400. It was substantial enough to pay the last 135 players standing, but with sizable payouts at the final table, the last four players were careful to lock up some amounts before playing on. The four-way deal ended up paying the second place finisher, aurli, more than matfrankland who won the tournament, but both players took home more than $36K.

1st place:    matfrankland ($36,342.94)
2nd place:    aurli ($36,824,81)
3rd place:    S_Dot111 ($32,567.12)
4th place:    cprease ($32,277.13)
5th place:    MegaB1te ($15,594.72)
6th place:    realproudofya ($11,448.00)
7th place:    czGLoRy ($7,377.60)
8th place:    Civelus ($5,342.40)
9th place:    redbullracing ($3,816.00)

$200K Double Deuce
It is the best buy that Full Tilt Poker offers as part of its big Sunday lineup, as players can get in on a $200K guarantee for the low, low price of $20 + $2. The tournament has experienced a rough time of late, however, in pushing past that guarantee, and this week was no different, as the 9,176-player field forced Full Tilt to contribute to the prize pool to make it an even $200K and give players an overlay in the process. That was good for the 1,350 players who cashed in the event, and when it came down to the final table, zuckersuesse pushed past the rest to take down the $31K in first place money.

1st place:    zuckersuesse ($31,000.00)
2nd place:    blood33 ($21,000.00)
3rd place:    shaybuda ($14,800.00)
4th place:    Prickly Pete1 ($10,640.00)
5th place:    Bob Marlie1 ($7,800.00)
6th place:    the next moon ($5,600.00)
7th place:    PAPA SNO ($4,000.00)
8th place:    Pibkas ($2,860.00)
9th place:    PRIMO76 ($2,022.00)

UB Poker

$200K Guaranteed

Some websites take their most popular weekly tournaments off the schedule when running a big series like the UBOC5, but UB Poker made the decision to leave it open to players. And the plan worked, as the UBOC continued to get solid turnouts for the events and encouraged more players to compete in the weekly $200K guaranteed tournament. There were 1,160 players willing to put up the $200 + $15 this week for the opportunity, and that made for a prize pool of $232,000. It was enough to pay the top 108 finishers, and it was at the final table that TELOC39 was able to beat CASTELLIMICH to grab the title and more than $51K in prize money.

1st place:    TELOC39 ($51,016.80)
2nd place:    CASTELLIMICH ($30,090.40)
3rd place:    IM_MPREST ($20,764.00)
4th place:    MOSSIFIED84 ($14,964.00)
5th place:    J_HASTHENUTS ($12,412.00)
6th place:    EMBROIDME ($10,092.00)
7th place:    MISTERX76 ($7,772.00)
8th place:    UNCLEGRINGO ($5,568.00)
9th place:    VAKA_3 ($3,944.00)


$100K Guaranteed

Attendance for the big Bodog Sunday offering stayed strong this week, though it lost a tad bit of ground and did not make it over the $100K guarantee again. But the $150 + $12 tournament did find itself with a solid group of 624 players, and they found themselves with an overlay when Bodog contributed to the prize pool to make the number an even $100,000. It was good enough to pay the top 90 players, and there were some substantial payouts awaiting the top finishers. It all ended when redman7027 was able to eliminate PocketAids to grab the top prize of $23,600 to go with the title.

1st place:    redman7027 ($23,600.00)
2nd place:    PocketAids ($13,600.00)
3rd place:    mikeyh06 ($9,100.00)
4th place:    michael172 ($7,000.00)
5th place:    timosy ($5,700.00)
6th place:    HoleInOne24 ($4,500.00)
7th place:    Pat4ak2 ($3,300.00)
8th place:    the spankster ($2,200.00)
9th place:    sir boxington ($1,300.00)

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