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Super Poker Sunday 09/12: Full Tilt Awards 133K to crf88 for 750K Guarantee

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It was the second week of the World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars, meaning that the regular Sunday lineup was a bit light once again as four of the Stars tournaments that usually graced the Sunday schedule were removed to give players the chance to get into WCOOP action. In addition, Full Tilt Poker was hosting its 17th running of MiniFTOPS, the smaller buy-in version of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, thus pushing its Double Deuce tournament into hiatus until that series wraps. A light Sunday, indeed.

Several big names ran well in the big tournaments still on the schedule, as two Full Tilt pros went deep in the Sunday Brawl, Somyung Sim just missing the final table with an 11th place finish, and Trond Eidsvig finishing on that table in eighth place. But it was on UB Poker that the table was filled with big names, most notably UB-sponsored pro “Hollywood” Dave Stein, who finished in seventh place, but also Matt Vengrin who took sixth and Faraz Jaka who left in fourth place. It was a solid night for the railbirds who followed their favorite players.

As far as the payouts, the most sizable one came in the $750K Guarantee on Full Tilt, as crf88 won the tournament without a deal in place and took home nearly $133K for the victory. Several sites paid out five-figure sums, and many players found bankroll-changing money in their accounts. For all of the details, see below:


Sunday Warm-Up

Players seeking their Warm-Up were once again unable to find it on the regular Sunday lineup, as WCOOP opportunities made it unnecessary and provided alternatives. And those alternatives had bigger guarantees and more at stake, so most players were happy to get in on the WCOOP action. It was set to return, however, after the series concluded at the end of September.

Sunday 1/4 Million
One of the two big Sunday events remaining on the schedule through the month of September was the ever-popular Quarter Million tournament, where a $10 + $1 buy-in offered up a solid $250K guarantee. Though registration was typically around the 30K mark for this event, it seems that MiniFTOPS options on a competing site captured the attention of some players, as only 28,687 signed up for this one. Even so, the prize pool soared well above the guarantee to a respectable $286,870, enough to pay out the standard number of 4,500 players. When it was all said and done, the top four players made a deal for the four five-figure payouts, and moe_bills_jr ended up defeating Random_Acts to take down the top negotiated prize of more than $18K.

1st place:    moe_bills_jr ($18,691.25)
2nd place:    Random_Acts ($18,442.61)
3rd place:    orock99 ($15,716.22)
4th place:    samy alejo ($13,694.77)
5th place:    Schlammosser ($7,171.75)
6th place:    LOUKURA777 ($4,303.05)
7th place:    J FREE ($2,868.70)
8th place:    Ace_Brasil ($2,151.52)
9th place:    Kasson-DCd ($1,434.35)

D.N.G. Sunday Special
The other special Sunday tournament that was allowed to run through the WCOOP weeks was the DNG Sunday Special, which offered a unique option of a $300K guarantee for a lower-than-usual $50 + $5 buy-in. This week, there were 6,778 interested players, and that number pushed the prize pool up to $338,900, out of which the top 990 players were paid. When the tournament finally came to an end more than 12 hours later, it was darrenelias who took out Iteopepe88 in the heads-up portion of the tournament to win more than $42K.

1st place:    darrenelias ($42,362.50)
2nd place:    Iteopepe88 ($28,738.72)
3rd place:    ship_it_cfb ($19,317.30)
4th place:    TranquilMind ($15,589.40)
5th place:    vegi87 ($12,200.40)
6th place:    3aHocKancmy ($8,811.40)
7th place:    carrycakes ($5,930.75)
8th place:    Turbo565 ($3,897.35)
9th place:    ded3000 ($2,372.30)

Sunday Million

The second of four PokerStars events on hiatus during WCOOP left many players unable to find their favorite Sunday Million event. But the ever-popular $1.5 million guarantee was promised to return after the conclusion of the tournament series that offered more than $50 million in guarantees to satisfy those hungry for massive prize pools.

Sunday 500
The high-stakes tournament that attracts many well-known players each Sunday was also on hold until the end of WCOOP, but with options like the $530 NLHE WCOOP event with a $3 million guarantee, most players were likely not complaining. The Sunday 500 also promised to return in several weeks.

Sunday 2nd Chance
Lastly, the Second Chance event was the final of four major tournaments to be put out to pasture while the WCOOP events play out through the month of September. But as with the others, it promised to return with its weekly guarantee and interesting fields once WCOOP wraps on September 27.

Full Tilt Poker

The Sunday Brawl

Despite the MiniFTOPS tournaments running, the higher buy-in events like the Brawl remained on the regular Sunday schedule. That meant players had the chance to buy-in for $240 + $16 to take a chance at the $40 bounties on each player and the $400K guarantee offered to all. The prize pool swelled to $557,000 when 2,785 players signed up to participate, though only the top 279 finishers took any of that prize pool home. When the final table neared, two Full Tilt pros were still in the running, though Somyung Sim exited before the final table in 11th place and Trond Eidsvig finished in eighth place. When it was all over, though, evenkeal777 was able to destroy delrayorange and claim the top $113K prize.

1st place:    evenkeal777 ($113,071.00)
2nd place:    kelrayorange ($72,967.00)
3rd place:    0m3rta ($54.029.00)
4th place:    TheAssassinato ($40,661.00)
5th place:    Buckguy2200 ($28,407.00)
6th place:    Ravn Jahn ($18,938.00)
7th place:    walchy ($12,811.00)
8th place:    Trond Eidsvig ($8,912.00)
9th place:    fishfinder22 ($6,684.00)

$750,000 Guarantee

The biggest regular guarantee of the week came via the $750K Guarantee, and the $200 + $16 buy-in offered players a chance for an overlay, something that was becoming a weekly occurrence for this big tournament. This week was no different, as the 3,417-player field required Full Tilt to add $66,600 to the prize pool to meet the guarantee, which translated into a sizable overlay for the players. The top 522 finishers were paid from that stash of cash, but it was crf88 who defeated numerous foes, including Pechorin in second place, to win the tournament and grab nearly $133K, the only six-figure payout of the Full Tilt evening.

1st place:    crf88 ($132,787.50)
2nd place:    Pechorin ($80,250.00)
3rd place:    666Upswing666 ($52,500.00)
4th place:    ApesAreFun ($41,400.00)
5th place:    BSCHOOO ($31,050.00)
6th place:    grostic007 ($23,025.00)
7th place:    notre_damer ($17,250.00)
8th place:    gardyone ($13,500.00)
9th place:    SPIN101 ($10,050.00)

The Sunday Mulligan

The Mulligan seems to have a loyal group of players each week for its $200 + $16 buy-in and $200K guarantee, and this was no different. Registration showed that 1,351 players came to play, and that number boosted the prize pool up to a healthy $270,200. Play moved along as the last 135 competitors found themselves in the money, while sonagrl ended up going all the way, defeating johne147 in the last match of the night to take down the title and more than $59K for the win.

1st place:    sonagrl ($59,444.00)
2nd place:    johne147 ($37,828.00)
3rd place:    DPalma44 ($27,357.75)
4th place:    not2u ($21,953.75)
5th place:    ItsTime2Win ($16,563.26)
6th place:    diamondnuts ($12,159.00)
7th place:    coldsmoke1 ($7,835.80)
8th place:    MorZ ($5,674.20)
9th place:    gautchos ($4,053.00)

$200K Double Deuce
With the Double Deuce being the low buy-in option of the Sunday majors on Full Tilt, it needed to be put on hold during the 17th running of MiniFTOPS, as the series offered similar buy-ins and more opportunities to get in on big guarantees. The tournament looks to be on hiatus for about two weeks before the series wraps and the Double Deuce can return to its regularly scheduled programming.

UB Poker

$200K Guaranteed

The big Sunday event on UB Poker struggled last week and didn’t make the guarantee, and this week came closer but still didn’t hit that $200K number. The $200 + $15 buy-ins of the 991 players who did come to play were added up to come close to the guarantee but still forced the site to cover the difference and offer an $1,800 overlay. With the prize pool at an even $200,000, the top 99 players were given payouts for their deep runs. And speaking of deep runs, UB Poker pro “Hollywood” Dave Stein made his way to the final table this week, ultimately finishing in seventh place. Well-known Matt Vengrin finished sixth and Faraz Jaka finished fourth, but the ultimate victory went to LUCKY89BLUNT, who took home more than $44K for the win.

1st place:    LUCKY89BLUNT ($44,660.00)
2nd place:    BAGOFBOOM ($26,700.00)
3rd place:    RCRANE082985 ($18,100.00)
4th place:    THE-TOILET ($12,900.00)
5th place:    SEBBAU ($10,900.00)
6th place:    MATT_VENGRIN ($8,900.00)
7th place:    HOLLYWOODDAVE ($6,900.00)
8th place:    JKNACK10 ($4,900.00)
9th place:    LISA798111 ($3,400.00)


$100K Guaranteed

Sometimes, a serious upswing or downswing in registration for an online tournament simply cannot be explained. Thus was the case for the big Bodog tournament this Sunday, as the $150 + $12 buy-in and $100K guarantee attracted 613 players to the tables, nearly 100 more than the prior week. While there was still an overlay for the players of more than $8K, the increase in the field was impressive. Even so, the $100K prize pool was in effect, but it was able to pay out the top 90 players. And in the end T4eburashka took down Dirky in the final heads-up match to take home well over $23K for the win.

1st place:    T4eburashka ($23,600.00)
2nd place:    Dirky ($13,600.00)
3rd place:    kevin mac ($9,100.00)
4th place:    Tsmizzle26 ($7,000.00)
5th place:    bearbeer ($5,700.00)
6th place:    rjrat84 ($4,500.00)
7th place:    MR12Fifteen ($3,300.00)
8th place:    OptionsTrader ($2,200.00)
9th place:    scclemen ($1,300.00)

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