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Super Poker Sunday 09/19: Special $1 Million Guarantee Gives 4 Full Tilt Players Big Payouts

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One could safely say that many players were beginning to miss their regular tournaments missing from the PokerStars Sunday lineup. It was the third weekend that the 2010 World Championship of Online Poker was playing out, and with one more to go, many online poker fans were almost ready to see their regular Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million back to their regular time slots. But the WCOOP was providing some excellent rail opportunities, as the biggest players in the game were winning bracelets and making history.

As for the other sites, all of their events were in full swing, including the Full Tilt Poker Double Deuce tournament that took a one-week hiatus last week for MiniFTOPS festivities. But with that series wrapping up on Sunday, September 19, the Double Deuce was back in its rightful place beside the other major events of the day.

Full Tilt outdid itself with its occasional special $1 Million Guarantee event, where the usual $750K Guarantee ups the buy-in to $600 + $40 and offers more in the way of its guarantee. And the players were up for the challenge. The top two places of the event paid substantial six-figure money, but the top four players worked a deal to ensure all of them took home at least $100K. But in the end, second place finisher KJulius10 grabbed the most - $163K - and winner justgobroke took home more than $150K. They were by far the biggest winners of this Sunday.

One player to who did an outstanding multi-tabling job this weekend was Lyzardos. Not only did he make it to the final table of the Full Tilt Double Deuce event and finish seventh there for $4K, but he went on to win the UB Poker $200K Guarantee for nearly $45K. Two final tables, one of which is a win, in one night deserves special kudos.

For all of the action that took place outside of the WCOOP and MiniFTOPS this Sunday, take a look at the results below.


Sunday Warm-Up

The third week in a row without the Warm-Up gave players more opportunities to compete in some of the 62 events that were a part of the month-long WCOOP lineup, and many of them had better guarantees than the usual $750K of the Warm-Up. Even still, players would be glad to see their weekly favorite return, which will likely happen on the first Sunday in October.

Sunday 1/4 Million
The best buy of all of the Sunday tournaments is always the Quarter Million event, where a $10 + $1 buy-in garners players the chance at a $250K guarantee. A few hundred fewer players sidled up to the tables this week, but the field still evened out with 28,230 players, which boosted the prize pool well beyond the guarantee to where it landed at $282,300. The top 4,500 players were paid from that sum, and when the tournament found its final table and played through, the top three players decided to make a chip-chop deal. And when they finished their play, danipesis defeated PisaKot to take the title and nearly $23K in prize money.

1st place:    danipesis ($22,824.30)
2nd place:    PisaKot ($17,509.45)
3rd place:    SIXHCP ($15,270.62)
4th place:    glux55 ($9,880.50)
5th place:    crowdedcabin ($7,057.50)
6th place:    AcesrCracked ($4,234.50)
7th place:    Battles_100 ($2,823.00)
8th place:    M4JI[AA]XXX ($2,117.25)
9th place:    enjoyin_nyc ($1,411.50)

D.N.G. Sunday Special
The other of the solid investments on the Sunday schedule was the DNG Special, the Sunday version of the daily tournament that offered a $300K guarantee for the lower-than-usual buy-in of the day of only $50 + $5. Attendance for this event was down only slightly from the week before and found 6,634 players at the tables, which ultimately resulted in a prize pool of $331,700. When the money bubble burst, the top 990 players were guaranteed money for their play. And upon completion of the entire tournament, fish2013 out swam all others, including heads-up opponent RateLIE_dAtE, to win the tournament and the $41K first place prize.

1st place:    fish2013 ($41,462.50)
2nd place:    RateLIE_dAtE ($27,128.16)
3rd place:    tzilla ($18,906.90)
4th place:    titcar ($15,258.20)
5th place:    diwisek84 ($11,941.20)
6th place:    pithikos ($8,624.20)
7th place:    grizzu1 ($5,804.75)
8th place:    xCptHookx ($3,814.55)
9th place:    Cookie_Dent ($2,321.90)

Sunday Million
Players looking for their Sunday Million found the same option - a $1.5 million guarantee for a $200 + $15 buy-in - in WCOOP Event 41. But those looking for the real Sunday Million deal would have to wait until the series wraps next weekend for it to reappear on the schedule. It will do so when WCOOP options have run their course.

Sunday 500
The high-stakes Sunday option of the Sunday 500 had an even higher stakes option in Event 42 of WCOOP with its $1K buy-in, and the $3 million guarantee certainly outdid anything that the Sunday 500 normally offers. The Sunday 500 is one of four tournaments that will resume its normal appearance on the schedule when WCOOP concludes.

Sunday 2nd Chance
No second chances were available for players this weekend, and the final of four major events removed from the Sunday schedule was enjoying a well-deserved break. The Second Chance, along with others, would remain on hiatus until the September 27th conclusion of the 2010 running of the WCOOP series.

Full Tilt Poker

The Sunday Brawl

The only big Sunday tournament to offer knockout bonuses is the Brawl, and the $240 + $16 buy-in offers players the chance at $40 for each player eliminated as well as a shot at part of the $400K guarantee. And when 2,637 players signed up to play, the prize pool soared to $527,400, a number which would be divvied between the last 279 players standing. The first place prize was looking to pay more than $100K, but when the final two players came to a chip-chop agreement, the top prize ended up being just under that number and going to dmon188 for defeating diamondnuts to take the title.

1st place:    dmon188 ($99,963.45)
2nd place:    diamondnuts ($76,188.15)
3rd place:    grtwhitehoop ($51,157.80)
4th place:    theDING ($38,500.20)
5th place:    metfan4590 ($26,897.40)
6th place:    ShuMoneyTonite ($17,931.60)
7th place:    Panda3000 ($12,130.20)
8th place:    little chief17 ($8,438.40)
9th place:    Stokes003 ($6,328.80)

$1 Million Guarantee
Every once in awhile, Full Tilt offers a special on the weekly $750K Guarantee tournament. The buy-in is raised to $600 + $40, and the guarantee is upped to $1 million. While the regular $750K has been finding itself in overlay territory for weeks, the $1 Million Guarantee was more popular, as the 2,082-player field made its way past the mark and landed at $1,249,200. That was enough to pay out the top 306 players, and the final table found quite a bit of action, as the top four players came to a financial agreement that allowed all of them to take home six-figure payouts. Ultimately, though, even though justgobroke won the tournament for $150K, second-place finisher KJulius10 secured a hefty $163K before finishing the event.

1st place:    justgobroke ($150,130.72)
2nd place:    KJulius10 ($163,222.53)
3rd place:    dwf1029 ($100,000.00)
4th place:    BustedWadZ ($123,802.75)
5th place:    doubledave22 ($56,214.00)
6th place:    LangnerBR ($40,224.24)
7th place:    Civelus ($29,356.20)
8th place:    jcmoussasux ($23,110.20)
9th place:    jornx ($17,488.80)

The Sunday Mulligan
The very regular event that is the Mulligan brings relatively the same number of players to the tables each and every Sunday. The $200 + $16 buy-in and $200K guarantee is a staple on the lineup, and this week, there were 1,337 players in the event, which shoved the prize pool up to $267,400. When the tournament played on, the top 135 players found themselves in the money, and the top two ultimately made a financial arrangement for the remaining prize money. Wolf_holdem ended up winning it, though, and taking home more than $52K for it.

1st place:    Wolf_holdem ($52,264.00)
2nd place:    kingsofcards ($44,000.00)
3rd place:    philbort ($27,074.25)
4th place:    bodoggood82 ($21,726.25)
5th place:    d3rv0gel ($16,391.62)
6th place:    Gator93 ($12,033.00)
7th place:    departure ($7,754.60)
8th place:    TEANfilas ($5,615.40)
9th place:    Hellzito ($4,011.00)

$200K Double Deuce
After a one-week hiatus for MiniFTOPS festivities, the ever-popular Double Deuce was back on the regular schedule this week. Though its popularity has diminished of late, as the $20 + $2 doesn’t attract the numbers it used to. The $200K guarantee wasn’t met with the 8,598 players in the field, and Full Tilt had to contribute to the prize pool to give players an overlay and make the number an even $200,000. That gave 1,350 players the opportunity to cash out, and the top two players ended up chopping the remainder of the money before wsopchamp91 went on to defeat Cocqeau and win his prize of nearly $28K.

1st place:    wsopchamp91 ($27,725.83)
2nd place:    Cocqeau ($24,274.17)
3rd place:    ilutchenko ($14,800.00)
4th place:    prostocheck ($10,640.00)
5th place:    lancer0410 ($7,800.00)
6th place:    LeBroHbKA ($5,600.00)
7th place:    lyzardos ($4,000.00)
8th place:    MoneyGetBack ($2,860.00)
9th place:    unta8 ($2,022.00)

UB Poker

$200K Guaranteed

The most well-known of the Sunday night events on UB Poker had its share of big names in the field this week for the $200K guarantee. Still, the tournament didn’t make that guarantee with the 924 players and their $200 + $15 buy-ins, meaning a significant overlay was given to those players as UB contributed money to the prize pool. When the $200,000 was distributed, the top 90 players were paid from it. Headed to the final table, UB-sponsored pros DEBO34 and ROOTHLUS just missed their opportunity to make that table, finishing in 15th place and 13th place respectively, but it was the top four players who ended up coming to an undisclosed financial arrangement for the majority of the prize money. LYZARDOS seemed to have come out on top for the win in the end, though, defeating KELWOOD for the title.

1st place:    LYZARDOS ($44,920.00)
2nd place:    KELWOOD ($26,900.00)
3rd place:    WALTERPBOOTS ($18,300.00)
4th place:    TROOPALOOP ($12,900.00)
5th place:    LPAPER ($10,900.00)
6th place:    SIHIRBAZ3 ($8,900.00)
7th place:    JENNYCUTIE ($6,900.00)
8th place:    DEADHORSE86 ($4,900.00)
9th place:    JDOGG11 ($3,400.00)


$100K Guaranteed

For a second week in a row, the big Bodog Sunday offering had a solid number of players in its tournament and required a minimal donation from the site to cover the $100K guarantee. When the $150 + $12 buy-ins were calculated, the 603 players still received an overlay with their $100,000 prize pool, and the top 90 players were paid from that money. When the final table did play itself out, Justin Lenhert was the champion, and by destroying The Destroyer to claim the title, he also took home more than $23K for the effort.

1st place:    Justin Lenhert ($23,600.00)
2nd place:    The Destroyer ($13,600.00)
3rd place:    VAFLZ ($9,100.00)
4th place:    skeptix ($7,000.00)
5th place:    BigPopwell ($5,700.00)
6th place:    Swordfish123 ($4,500.00)
7th place:    jason0802 ($3,300.00)
8th place:    ph33sh1nGT1mE ($2,200.00)
9th place:    stuman1044 ($1,300.00)

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