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The Back Room – DD’s Tells

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The only mouse you’ll find in the back room of the Farm Barn is one that scurries away from the light and the sound of a poker game that runs late night once a week – no computers, no internet poker, no electronic gadgets allowed. 

I was re-stocking the Fridge the other day. I like the micro-brews we have around the area. We’re blessed with three locally owned, “We don’t ship across the Great Divide,” breweries.

They offer a wide selection of tastes in their brews. DD (I had to stop and think here. I’d forgotten his real name and stepped outside to look at the sign over his business. Raven is his real first name. He runs the custom jewelry place down and across the street.), DD is short for Da Dude. He’s in his eighties. DD likes the wheat brew from White Cedar Brewery. That’s a place up on Salty Dry. Salty Dry is a creek about 10 miles or so toward Nevada.

DD’s one of those sneaky poker players. He likes to tease with small bets (not mini bets, just small bets) and check-raise you all-in. He’s a real pisser when it comes to Omaha 8.

I asked him one time: “DD, how is it that you clean the board so often in Omaha 8? What’s the secret?”

DD sticks the tip of his tongue in the top of his beer bottle and tips it back. I’m not at all certain why he does that, probably likes the bite of the malt on his taste buds. But he does it. Come to think of it, he does that when he’s playing poker, too, usually just before he rakes a good sized pot.

Now that I’m on the subject, DD doesn’t drink all that many beers at the table either.

DD lowers that bottle and rubs it some, and then he says: “Most of you guys don’t play the game very well. I can make some money off you by playing Nut Low Draws pretty aggressively. Rather than making the nut low on the flop or turn and checking to flush out the High, I’ll bet it out. You guys are pretty passive after the low shows on the board.”

“Okay, Doyle,” I say, “what other pearls do you want to drop on me today?”

“Are you laughing at me, Lum?”

“No, no! Actually, you’ve given me three tells on yourself today. I’m just looking for more.”

“Oh! I’ll not ask what those are – unless you want to tell me.”

“No, you don’t, DD. They’re mine now and you’re in for a ba-a-a-d time next week.”

“ ‘ats okay,” he says, “if you think you’re able. And I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of Doyle playing much Omaha 8.”

“Well, I don’t know. I’m not sure I have either. But, back to you’re Omaha 8 game. How do you handle a draw?”

DD grins. “Still looking for tells?” he asks.

“Of course, I am.”

He muses a bit, and tells me: “I got to package a necklace and get it into the UPS, Lum, so I’ve got to run. But, remember, our game is a passive game, and checking the turn, in some cases, when you’re playing a draw or even calling isn’t the right thing. Raise it up.”

“Later, DD. Are you going to pay for the beer?”

“How many tells have you collected from me today?”

“See you, DD”

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