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Win More With Titan Poker’s Poker Mentor

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Ever wish you had your own personal poker coach to tell you when you are holding the winning hand? Now you can improve your poker skills and increase your winnings by using the Titan Poker Mentor!

Titan Poker wants to help their players win even more cash at the online poker tables, so they are offering the Titan Poker Mentor, which is a simple and effective free poker calculator tool that will provide you with the correct ratio for every poker move you make. This online Poker Odds Calculator is designed to actually attach itself to your active Titan Poker Texas Holdem Poker Room table to instantly display all Odds and Game Information needed for assisting your play and helping to improve your game.

Because the game of poker consists of the elements of skill and probability, acquiring the knowledge of how odds apply on each poker hand can help you to both maximize and maintain long term profit at the online poker tables. Knowing when it is mathematically appropriate to call or fold can make all the difference in winning or losing a hand! And now, when you use the Titan Poker Mentor, your cards are automatically scanned and intricate algorithms are then used to calculate the odds of your current hand. This offers you a clear and concise understanding of your cards, while recommendations of how to proceed are made in real time, based on the cards, your position, folding depth, and poker playing style.

When you start to play, the Titan Poker Mentor program will launch automatically giving you quick access to the variety of features at your disposal to display and use. That includes all of the monitors providing information regarding your hand that can be dragged and dropped, which allows you to create a suitable personalized interface. In the center of the Main Bar you’ll notice a colored strip that gives you an easy reference to the strength of your hand. This strip changes in color and length, becoming a long green strip to indicate a strong hand, and a short red line to indicate a weak hand.

There is also a very valuable Win diagram that shows your winning percentages based on all players remaining until the end of the hand. This percentage is based on your hole cards, the community cards, and the number of players in the hand. The Outs diagram shows your odds for drawing a card on the Turn or the River. And located on the left side of the bar will be a white ticker that will provide you with tips and alerts. You will receive a tip during your play if you have a straight draw, flush draw, or other good draw, and you will get an alert to warn you about a flush or straight draw your opponent could make.

Other tables include the You vs. Best table that displays your calculated odds for a potential hand vs. your opponents’ odds for a potential hand.  The Pot Odds table displays the total amount of money in the pot and makes recommendations regarding the maximum amount you should call based on a mathematical point of view. The Outs table displays any unseen card that will improve your hand to one that is likely to win, if drawn. In addition, it displays the odds of drawing such a hand. Other options are available in the Titan Poker Mentor to help you perfectly customize the application to suit your game needs.

Everything you need to win more cash is right at your fingertips at Titan Poker. Give the Titan Poker Mentor a try and you will be amazed at how it will improve your game and pump up your bankroll!

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