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Poker Plus – Curses, Charms and Fairies

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The world of poker is fraught with dangers.  Bad luck, hexes and curses await the unsuspecting player, lurking in the shadows or maybe under the poker table. Don’t doubt for a minute they are there, just waiting to pounce as soon as you let your defenses down - because they are.

Yes they all live in glorious color - at least in our minds.

A very high percentage of gamblers are superstitious and poker players are included in that lot. If players could bring their lucky charms to the tables online like they do in B&M poker rooms, no telling what we would see. While many poker players are dead serious about the luck they know their rabbit’s foot, lucky chip or crystal elephant brings them, for others it is just a fun card capper.

Okay, I admit it, I have one. A reminder of the biggest streak of poker luck I ever had is pink chip with a smiley face drawn on it. And yes, at times while losing I dug it out and used it as a card capper. Did I really think I would start winning once my lucky chip saw the light? Of course not, but it did give me hope in some odd way. And maybe that is really where luck lives - in the “hope portion” of our minds. If we think we are lucky, then just maybe we will be lucky.

Want to feel lucky? Maybe some of these will do the trick:

•    Carrying a snake's tooth – Gives protection against fever and luck in gambling. But will it ward off getting steamed while playing?

•    Peacock feathers – They are considered lucky (and good luck finding a Peacock to pluck)

•    Cutting your hair during a storm – Considered Good Luck in Europe (if lightening doesn’t strike your scissors)

•    Sleeping facing south will supposedly bring Good Luck

•    Sleeping on un-ironed sheets is lucky (I should have more luck than I can handle).

•    White heather- Brings Good Luck

•    Before traveling, a person should sit on their luggage for good luck (only applies to travel in Russia apparently)

•    Alligator teeth are said to bring luck to gamblers in Africa (have fun getting those!)

•    Elephants – Considered very lucky in India and Thailand, the rage then spread to the United States, Canada, and Europe.

•    Black Cats – With their tail up are thought to be lucky. Black cat figural candles are burned for luck in gambling.

China has more than their fair share of lucky numbers, signs and symbols:

•    Red Bats - Red bats are considered lucky and are thought to ward off evil. Five red bats can also represent the "five good fortunes" of health, love, longevity, love, wealth and virtue.

•    Tigers - Tigers are considered lucky in Chinese astrology and considered a protector against certain evils including theft and fire.

•    Number 8 – Ba, the ultimate lucky number.  On 8/8/08 Beijing saw 9,000 couples get married. A Chinese Airline paid $300,000 for the phone number 8888-8888. Does this mean Chinese poker players always raise with 88 in Hold’em?

•    Red- THE lucky color. Red Chinese Lanterns are a big symbol of luck in the Chinese culture.

•    Buddha- Get a statue and rub his belly for good luck before you play.

•    Bamboo- A gift of bamboo is considered good luck

Then you can add the common ones we all know like the Horseshoe (with the curve down of course), the four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot and lucky penny.  And, if your chosen charm is not so lucky, you can buy a Mantra online to bestow on it, to infuse it with lucky vibes.

If all these things are lucky, then there has to be curses, hexes and unlucky things too. If you are having bad luck lately, maybe you are guilty of:

•    Placing a hat on the bed is bad luck in South Carolina
•    Placing keys on a table is considered unlucky in Sweden

Real, imagined or misplaced blame and hope, superstitions have been around for centuries and will continue to live on.

When I have a bad run playing online it is fun to blame the card fairy, a witches curse or Lady Luck. But the truth is I do know there is no such thing, well except for the curse…..

A popular online poker legend or myth is the Cash-out Curse. Hey, I happen to believe in this one - but I also think it is somehow self- inflicted. It has happened to me many times, as soon as I cash out I can’t win a hand. Do I play worse and take too many chances trying to win back what I cashed out? Do I play too long when the cards are cold instead of quitting and trying again later? I don’t know, all I know is I couldn’t win a hand if I was heads-up against myself.  So just to be safe, I cash out just before I go on vacation, so I won’t be playing for awhile to let the hex wear off. The problem with going away is I have to get someone to water my bamboo and white heather while I am gone and feed the elephant and tiger. Of course I could just stay home after I cash out and burn a black cat candle while sleeping in red pajamas on my un-ironed sheets facing south.

I have no clue what brings good luck – all I know is I don’t have any.  There is an old gambler saying, “no matter what your luck is – it’s bound to change” and I take heart in that, as mine has to change for the better. There is no way it could get worse…..damn Card Fairy.

Now I am off to find a Peacock and some red bats – and I hope they are hiding in a field of four-leaf clovers.

Grab a chair…see ya there!

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