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The Back Room – Finding Information

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The only mouse you’ll find in the back room of the Farm Barn is one that scurries away from the light and the sound of a poker game that runs late night once a week – no computers, no internet poker, no electronic gadgets allowed.

“What do you mean you don’t know what we’re talking about?” Clovis asked.

“Look,” the casual said as I counted out his chips for the rebuy, “You guys talking about Loose, and Loose-Aggressive, and other things are blowing wind as far as I’m concerned.”

“I see,” Clovis said.

The casual re-counted the chips I pushed him and stacked them. “Deal!” He says.

“You have the button, friend.” I told him. He looked somewhat surprised.

I’m Lum. That’s short for Lumbar. I run the game in the Back Room. Clovis is the manager of the Farm Barn Siding. The Farm Barn owns the building where The Back Room is located. We pick up the stray train or truck driver in the game. The casual tonight was one of those.

So the casual picks up the deck Mary had shuffled and placed ready for him and he deals out Hold’em. The way it works on the odd call by me is: the deal remains the same for a complete orbit of however many players are in the game (up to 10). Personally, I don’t really like the game changing every hand, so the one orbit of one game stays when we play dealer’s choice. We play that when the small blind gets to the dealer, the big blind calls the next game.

Seamless, sitting in the three seat, which is an arbitrary designation in dealer’s choice, but workable, asks the casual: “You keep a notebook of other players, friend?”

The man lays out his last card and shakes his head. “Like I said, half the time I don’t understand what you guys are talking about.”

Seamless looks over the table at me and I just shrug. So far no one has taken advantage of this guy, but I was beginning to see eyes starting to tighten up around the regulars. A couple of them had taken walks with serious faces – more serious than normally seen in the game.

Even Eddie the Droop had both arms up his sleeves looking at the guy. Eddie caught Seamless looking at me and gets a stupid grin on his face like he could see it coming.

But I hadn’t a clue as to which would take this guy. So far the table was about evenly stacked except for the causal being down two rebuys.

About the time one of the local casuals was asking where the guy came from, DD walks in.

“Want to play, DD?” I asked him.

“Why not?” DD asks. “How about me just buying you out, Lum. You look like you could use the break.”

So we did it that way and DD sat. I kept half an ear on the game while I squared away the rack and made the counter right.

We learned, by first one and then another asking the casual visitor about himself, which he was from two counties over East and he was driving a truck; married, with no kids and his wife worked.

He’d been to the local Juco but hadn’t finished and when he used the wrong word in reference to DD’s color, how he thought about that.

There was a pause when the guy came out with that word and we waited for DD to flatten him. But he didn’t. DD has some very good instincts.

We got the guy to tell us he played a lot of poker over in his home county, and as he was making his fourth buy-in, I asked over his family; inquiring as to his brothers or sisters.

He told us his sister was married to his home county prosecutor and his brother was the Sheriff.

The game broke up soon after that.
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