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Get a Hunch, Bet a Bunch

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There are a lot of reasons to watch poker in the rear view mirror, one fun one is like the title of this article - sayings from the good old days - when poker had just begun to sweep across the land, back when California couldn't spread hold'em but they could spread lowball; Atlantic City WASN'T (as far as poker that is); Foxwoods wasn't a glimmer on the horizon; and poker had not been introduced anywhere other than BIG yearly poker tournaments (around 7 or 8 of those a year) and Las Vegas was the place that poker ran 24/7. 

That was then, most of us know what’s happening now, but taking a front row seat in a game and getting involved in the growth of poker will help insure that you have a choice in the direction it takes. 

The future of poker isn't even a question.  Poker isn't going away.  More and more people are being exposed to it through the media, learning to play, and vying for all the cash that's lying around in big casino tournaments and in cyber coffers stashed around the world as bad beat jackpots build and guaranteed tournaments kick off every minute.  Every day finds a new promotion, a new way to bring excitement to the game, and more records are broken everywhere. 

Many online poker tournaments build the player base for casino based tournaments everywhere in the world by allowing a player a freeroll or cheap seat shot in a satellite that feeds the big tournaments. The biggest poker tournament ever held just took place and who can possibly fathom how big they will eventually become or if they will ever stop growing? 

One of the most amazing aspects of poker’s development is the ability to find an education laid out for the player – without all the hard knocks – as the pros offer advice - and strategy is found everywhere.  And programs that track your play and help you plug the leaks in your game and understand pot odds, implied odds, and hand value from certain positions.  These are tools that you don’t even have to struggle to find, and they continue to progress.

The old poker road has turned into a silver streak that circles the world with new stops appearing every day. Even in the good old days people of all ages and sizes played poker.  Not much has changed there with the exception of a few million or more people admitting openly that they play poker – and they enjoy it. 

Poker really hasn’t evolved.  The way the world views and interacts with it has.  Poker is a timeless classic, just waiting for two or more players to sit down and fire up the action, and even though some of the old sayings are classics, new ones spring up all the time, but one that never seems to wear thin or fall out of date is, “Shuffle up and deal!”

There’s another World Series of Poker waiting, another pair of Aces to be cracked, another guaranteed tournament, another reload bonus, and many, many more great games of poker waiting to be played that all roll into one long game.  Regardless of the US Governments all-in move on banning internet gambling, everyone is still going to play poker. 

Whatever you do, don’t miss the ride as the past disappears in the rear view mirror and poker opens up the universe in front of you.  Poker may be an Olympic Sport one day soon.

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