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The Back Room – The Sale

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The only mouse you’ll find in the back room of the Farm Barn is one that scurries away from the light and the sound of a poker game that runs late night once a week – no computers, no internet poker, no electronic gadgets allowed.

Moustache Mary and I were dry fitting the corner booth pieces together when Seamless wandered through the front door of the shop.

“Seamless!” I greeted him. Mary gave a short wave, said she was ready for a break anyway. So we downed tools and headed for the Fridge.

Handing Seamless a beer, I asked him where he’d been and how it was going for him and why away for so long.

He told us he’d been to Oakenburg and Shortend and had been spending nights as days and he needed a van. It seemed he’d picked up this piece of equipment and this and that and it was, he said, “beginning to feel like a traveling band dragging all this stuff around.”

“So,” I said, “your new career as a traveling Tournament Director is paying off for you?”

“How,” Seamless asked, “did you know so much about other games in other towns and who to contact? I had no idea so many people wanted dealer games, or tournaments.”

I grinned. I don’t get to tell the story often, maybe once in 10 years or so: “Well, way back when, I knew a bunch of State Cops. About five of them were to be sent to a neighboring State for a “coordination” meeting, arranged by their Chief.”

“These five guys got together and one was asking what they’d do for entertainment. Another told him they could just ask the other bunch and they’d be taken care of. A third said hang on a minute; and reached into his blouse and pulls out a small black book. He said: The chief gave me this and said it needs up dating, so I called down and made some corrections. We’re good to go. It has all the names and numbers we need.”

Mary looked at me, shaking her head and Seamless turned a crooked grin, and asked: “So who was your Chief and why’d you give me the little black book.”

“Well, my predecessor gave me his and I’ve kept it updated. But what makes you think I gave you my little black book, and not a copy of some of it?” I asked him.

Mary opened her mouth to say something but Seamless got there first. “I think, Lum, I need to change my ways.”

“The fight between work and play giving bad results?” I guessed.

“Yeah,” he said, “how’d you know?”

“I’ve been running The Back Room for some time, Seamless. You get tired and start to make mistakes. It’s like a Vegas dealer working for eight or ten hours and swapping the box for a seat.”

“The other night I really lost badly.” Seamless mutters, “I was up at the College putting on a tournament and got involved in the spillover cash games. I lost just about all I expected to make from the night.”

Mary asked him: “The Young Guns?”

“Naw,” Seamless said, “a bunch of middle aged guys. I think they were the teachers at the school or something. One of them took me with a bluff for a stack and a half.”

“Seamless, old buddy, old buddy. That school isn’t a real college. It’s a JUCO for the College up at the Capital. The one you were near concentrates on Salesmanship and techniques end of the business, not the nuts and bolts of running the backend.” Mary explained.

“You mean I got took by a bunch of salesmen?” Seamless choked.

“Poker,” I chuckled, “isn’t poker without bluffing, that misrepresentation of your hand. The exchange of information and misinformation through betting between opponents. The mine is bigger than yours stuff.” I said.

“It sounds like you got out salesman shipped, Seamless. At least it was the teacher and not the student.” Mary told him through her laughter.

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