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How to Care for an Oscar

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How do you care for an Oscar?  No, not a statue that is awarded for an outstanding movie performance, a fish.  Oscars can grow quite large and live up to 8 to 10 years if properly cared for.  And Oscars are one of the easiest fish to breed.  Imagine having a B-I-G fish that breeds easily and brings in a lot more fish…the picture is growing isn’t it?  The common terminology now for a loose/live player is ‘newb’ or ‘donkey’ but it all comes down to the same simple equation since the newb and donkey evolved from ‘fish.’   

If you’ve been playing for awhile, you already know that someone that isn’t grinding for a living and likes to play poker may or may not be the live one.  Some of the grinders and self professed pros are more live than a new player ever thought of being and even if you play as good as you can possibly play, you are still at the mercy of the deck—you run into variance in a tidal wave of rapidly crashing bad cards and when you grab a big hand as a life raft, variance manages to punch a gigantic hole in it and send you to the bottom…right down to the bottom feeders as you sink past the Oscars and all the other tier level fish that proclaim you are the ‘newb.’  

Being at the bottom can give you a new perspective on poker and what your goals are for playing the game.  Everyone wants to swim back up to the level they were at, or even swim higher to try and make up for what was lost.  What if you’re having bankroll issues and problems funding one?  Go directly to PokerWorks freeroll pages and check daily for new freerolls.  You can play poker for free and make real money.  

If you know an Oscar or a bunch of little Oscars that want to learn to play poker, send them an invite to play on your favorite online poker sites; that way they will receive free bonus money for signing up through your invitation and so will you.  Never underestimate the power of the freeroll, or refer-a-friend promotions, or frequent player points; all of them can be turned into real, hard cash, and not only that, you may find yourself playing a live event in an exotic place with you as the main TV table poker star.  

So, how do you care for an Oscar?  Never call him names or act like he doesn't know what he's doing, invite him to your game, put him on your buddy list, nurture and care for him by pointing him to PokerWorks Freerolls!  Freerolls ROCK!

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