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The Back Room – Follow Up

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The only mouse you’ll find in the back room of the Farm Barn is one that scurries away from the light and the sound of a poker game that runs late night once a week – no computers, no internet poker, no electronic gadgets allowed.

If I remember it correctly; Clovis and I were discussing routine city things and settling the problems of the local religious world while I cut away all the things on the side panels of the chest I was working on that were not what I saw in the wood.

Clovis was just asking about the patch of untouched wood in a corner when DD entered with Rimshot.

“Lum,” Rimshot said without preamble, “I’m going to kick your ass!”

Well, now!

“Rimshot,” I shot back, “here I stand. In my left hand I have an eighteen inch chisel which I spent thirty minutes putting an edge on sharp enough to press through a three-quarter inch board. And in my right hand I have a wooden mallet heavy enough to raise a welt on an elephant’s brow. Now, how, exactly, are you proposing to kick my ass?”

The look that came over Rimshot’s face was, thinking about it all this time, something I wish you could capture somehow.

“Ah ….” came dribbling from his mouth as DD busted out laughing.

“Ease up, Lum,” DD told me, “We’ve been talking about bluffs and running bluffs and stealing blinds. I put him up to hitting you cold like that knowing how you’d probably react. Now I can teach him something.”

I just glared at DD.

“So? Who am I suppose to be more pissed at DD?” I flared. “You? Or the sheepherder here?”

DD shrugged, venturing, “That’s up to you. Got a beer?”

“Look,” he continued, “ever since Rimshot got that book of bluffs, he’s fallen in love with it. He’s been losing his butt, too, but hasn’t really understood.”

“So why’d you sic him on me today, DD?” I asked. I was still mildly high on the fight aspect of flight.

“Well, we were working on the Bluffs are fine thing, which is what Rimshot here is practicing, but what are you going to do after you make the bluff. That seems to be a really bad area in his game.” DD explained.

I twisted down the grin that had started to sprout on my face and downed the tools.

“So, tell him, Lum, how many re-bluffs you’ve used to take his bluff steals from him.” DD said over his shoulder as he gave Rimshot his beer.

DD is an opponent you don’t really want to play. The guy is good. Good enough, in fact, to make a living on poker if he wanted. Good enough to have broken The Back Room game if he desired.

But I wasn’t about to give him more than he earned at the tables. “A couple, DD. Just a couple.”

DD turned to Rimshot and asked: “Now, do you understand what I was saying?”

Rimshot shook his head. “No. I don’t think so, DD. I’d never have offered to fight Lumbar in the first place like that, and I sure as hell didn’t expect him to do what he did.”

“If you think about it, that is one of the things I’ve tried to tell you, Rimshot. You can bluff sometimes, but you’d better know the player and you’d better have a good grasp of continuation betting aspects of a bluff, which you do not have now.” DD almost lectured. If you fire a shot, either be ready to fire the second or put the gun away. Checking or calling after your bluff is not an option, which is what you’ve been doing, and which is why Lum re-steals from you so often.”

“A couple of times, DD. Only a couple of times.” I mumbled.

DD just grinned at me and looked at Rimshot. He asked Rimshot, “Now, knowing what reaction Lum gave you, would you tell him you’re going to kick his ass again as a bluff?”

Rimshot rumbled out: “But, DD, smiling would give away the bluff.”

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