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Feel the RUSH at Full Tilt Poker with Poker Pro Howard Lederer

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Are you an online poker player who is looking for the fastest action poker games on the planet? If so, you need to rush on over to Full Tilt Poker and jump in the Rush poker game action!

To start 2010 off with a bang, Full Tilt Poker added a new and exciting poker game to their extensive roster of game varieties. The concept was simple - keep players on the edge of their seats without any down time between hands.  Billed as the world’s fastest poker game; Rush Poker lives up to its name, by delivering the most exciting high-speed poker game to be found anywhere. When you play Rush Poker there is no time to be bored! If you get a hand you don’t want to play, just click the ‘quick fold to any bet’ button and you are whisked away to the next table to get a new hand and face off against different players.

Players new to Rush Poker may find this new game a little hard to get used to at first, which is why Full Tilt Pro Howard Lederer aka ‘The Professor’ has offered some tips on playing this new fast-paced game. By following Howard’s advice in the Pro Tips section of Full Tilt Poker, you will be sure to get the most fun and profit from your Rush Poker experience.

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When joining a Rush Poker game, instead of having a seat in a six or nine-handed game, players will find themselves in a game with hundreds or even thousands of players.  But the biggest difference between normal poker and Rush Poker is that players are allowed to play about 300 hands per hour instead of the usual 80 hands per hour played at a normal poker table, which means if you play too many hands - your bankroll will suffer.

One of Howard’s tips is regarding your opponents. Because you will meet a different group of opponents for each hand, adjustments will need to be made to your normal ring-game strategy to be successful in the Rush Poker game. First, Howard says to avoid the first big mistake of playing too tight and spending your time waiting for only premium hands. Because you can quickly move on to the next hand, it’s too easy to fold marginal hands with the prospect of a much improved hand just a second away. Playing too tight will allow the blinds to eat away at your stack, therefore Howard suggests “opening a few speculative hands” such as suited connectors in middle to late positions in an effort to “steal a few blinds.”  But he also cautions that you “should give any three-bet a lot of respect,” because players likely will not three-bet with nothing knowing a new hand is only seconds away.

The next tip Howard points out regards table image. In Rush Poker, unlike regular ring games where you are playing against the same players every hand; there is no table image. Playing among a different group of opponents nullifies the need for a table image, due to the fact that the only person who will know how you are playing - is you. In Howard’s words, “players should be ruthlessly exploiting basic strategy and punishing what should be the more predictable hand ranges of your opponents.”

Howard finally adds that “playing good poker is all about making the proper adjustments to your strategy, given different playing conditions.”  The conditions presented in Rush Poker differ greatly from those in a regular ring game; making adjustments in your strategy will keep you on top of your game, therefore making sure you reap the most fun and profits while playing the fastest online poker game on the planet! Grab a seat and get ready to experience the ultimate poker rush – Rush Poker only at Full Tilt Poker!

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