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Play Double Hold’em at Party Poker

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Holdem, Holdem, Holdem, the whole world is hooked on No Limit Holdem, or so it would seem.  Two cards down, play position, and adapt to the ebb and flow as you look at hand after hand in online poker where you can see as many as 100+ hands an hour when you are single tabling.  Imagine multi-tabling and looking at upwards of 500+ hands an hour.  How many 9-4 and 7-2 combinations are in a deck?  (Sixteen for each just in case you really wanted an answer).
Two card Holdem got you down?  And you aren’t ready to try Omaha or Deuce to 7 Triple Draw or any poker variant that could leave you really twisted?  The answer is easy, take a spin in Party Poker’s Double Holdem and get ready to come back for more.

Double Holdem is really simple to play and gives you so many more opportunities to make a hand.  Psssst!  It also means you need to be aware that other players make hands too.

Here’s how it’s played:

Party Poker Double Holdem
Party Poker Double Holdem

Everything about the play of the hand is exactly as in Holdem, players post the blinds, the button moves around the table, each player acts in turn…whoops…did we forget to mention you get three hole cards to start?  Otherwise the pre-flop action is the same as Holdem.  

Once the Flop is out (three community cards on the table), you set your point card.  The point card moves to the middle and the card on either side of it can play with the point card but the two side cards cannot play together.  If you don’t select your point card within a specified time, the software will select it for you by choosing the highest card as the point card. If you have two high cards and the third card has no suited match with one of the high cards, then the highest card in face and suit value is considered.  Suits do come into play in Double Holdem when the software is choosing your cards, the values are [s]-[h]-[d]-[c].  Example: {K-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}, the software will choose the {K-Hearts} as your point card.  If you have two high cards and a suit related card, the software will choose the suited high card as your point card.

Once the point card is set – it remains the same throughout the remainder of the hand - you have the same options as in a regular Holdem hand, you can check, fold, or raise.  The remainder of the hand is played out and your hand value may change as the Turn and River are displayed according to your point card and one of the two side cards.

Just like Holdem, right?  Yes, with double the excitement, double the fun, and a new way to enjoy the game of poker.  Swing on over to Party Poker and get started!  And get $50 FREE when you open a new player account.

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