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Bad Beat Jackpot over $950K Now at Absolute Poker

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Every poker player has had a bad card run at the tables from time to time. You know it well, no matter what hand you make - it gets beat, seriously damaging your chip stack and bankroll. The next time you seem to be on the losing end of every hand, why not play where you can actually win more by losing? That is exactly what can happen when you play at Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables!

And if you think it can’t happen to you, think again!  As of February 28th, the Jackpot is ripe for the picking because it is up over a whopping $950,000! So just how do you win a Bad Beat Jackpot on Absolute Poker? Just lose with quad eights (8’s) or higher at one of Absolutes Bad Beat Jackpot tables and you're in the money – one small thing to remember, both cards must play in both player’s hands!

Absolute Poker's Bad Beat jackpot tables are famous for their huge jackpots where losing could actually be a life changing experience! Bad Beats are usually the stuff of legends and personal nightmares and at any poker room, you can hear hundreds of Bad Beat tales a day. But thanks to Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables you could turn your worst nightmare into your sweetest dream when you end up getting the shaft by Lady Luck!

The Bad Beat Jackpots balloon by the minute when a small portion of the pot is taken for each hand and added to the Bad Beat Jackpot. When a Bad Beat hits, not only does the loser win the biggest portion of the massive Jackpot, but other players at the Bad Beat tables of the same limit and game format also will snag a share of the winnings! Just being in the right place at the right time can pay off big- even if you are not the Bad Beat victim!

The pay-out works like this: 50% goes to the Bad Beat victim, 25% goes to the winner of the hand, and $1000 goes to every other player at the Bad Beat table. Out of the remaining balance, 25% rolls over to the next Bad Beat Jackpot, 10% goes to Absolute Poker and the rest is divided up among every player who is playing the same game type and stakes when the Bad Beat Jackpot is cracked.

So how do you know if you qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot?
•    You must be playing at a Hold’em Jackpot or Turbo Jackpot table
•    A Jackpot rake must be collected in the hand you are playing
•    You must use both hole cards
•    You must lose in a hand where you have four 8's or better (or beat four 8’s or better to be the winner of the hand)

And to qualify for the $1,000 bonus by being at the table where the Bad Beat hits, you must be playing at the same limit and game format Holdem Jackpot or Turbo Jackpot table where the Bad Beat Jackpot hand occurs and you must be sitting in (been dealt in the hand) when Bad Beat hits.

To qualify for the remainder of the Bad Beat Jackpot that is divided among all players at the other tables, you must be playing at a Hold’em Jackpot or Turbo Jackpot table of the same game type and stakes level where the Jackpot was hit. You also must have been dealt in the Bad Beat hand, have played in at least one hand at that table where a Jackpot rake was collected and you must have contributed to that pot. And most importantly - you must be sitting in when the Bad Beat occurs! So you better be fast when you take those breaks from the table, or you could miss out on a windfall of free cash!

Get over to Absolute Poker now and grab a seat in a Bad Beat Jackpot game; you never know how much you could win by losing!

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